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Top 18 Highest Paying Technology Jobs in 2024

In such a fast-paced world, job sectors are vastly dynamic and constantly evolving. In the upcoming years, there are some job sectors that will be prioritized over others and certain skills that will be more in demand.


With everything becoming infused with technology, it’s a given that the job sectors most in demand will be technology-based. For example, a data science and analytics course will lead you to jobs that will hire a data scientist or a data analyst and jobs that will boom even further in the upcoming years.


Understanding which professional courses after graduation will help you garner the skills that will let you go for high-paying tech jobs that will be in demand for the next 5-10 years is of significant importance. After deciding on what you want to pursue, honing the skills for years, a deep knowledge of your subject, as well as field experience are what will set you apart. Opting for an artificial intelligence course because you have an aptitude for it will put you in a better position than someone doing it just for the sake of securing a good job.


Taking into account payments, some of the best jobs one can go for are a software development engineer, data scientist, and AI engineer among several others. A good job opportunity must provide the applicant with beneficial working hours, a sufficient salary, and a future full of prospects. With several job-oriented courses after graduation, this article will assist you with everything you need to know about high-paying tech jobs in 2024.


18 High-paying Tech Jobs in 2024


Being an exponential sector as it is, technological jobs offer a variety of scope and different positions that are suited to all preferences. Following are the jobs that will be high in demand and job-oriented courses after graduation that you can pursue:


  1. Software Development Engineer

    A software developer is someone who develops the system and software through different agencies of programming to create applications that will suit the need of the people required to use that application. Like in Google sheets, how it works, its designs, and so on are all taken care of by the software developer. It is one of the most demanding & high paying jobs.


  2. Cloud Architect

    In this profession, one creates cloud storage by buying it for some companies from another, and further adapts, monitors, and manages the same storage to make it as useful as possible. It is one of the most demanding & high paying jobs. Read more about Cloud Computing Architecture in detail here.


  3. Computer and Network Security Engineer

    This security engineer looks through applications, websites, and data to search for potential bugs and to eliminate them. The four vital steps of this job are protection, detection, response, and recovery.


  4. Full-stack Developer

    Much like a web developer, this job involves creating the front-end or the client-end which is basically what we see on the top of a webpage, and the back-end or the server-end which is the stored data and in a larger sense, the entire design of the website. Any web developer course will provide full guidance towards this job. It is one of the most demanding & high paying jobs.


  5. AI Engineer

    An artificial intelligence course, as high in demand as it is, will guide you towards what AI is, which is nothing but certain branches of computer science like machine learning algorithms and neural networking that allows an engineer to create AI models, which in turn makes an appliance that will ultimately result in the reduction of human labor.


  6. Data Architect

     A data architect gathers, analyses, and optimizes the data according to the application; he/she works on databases along with other technologies such as AI, ML, etc. It is one of the most demanding & high paying jobs.


  7. Data Scientist

    A data scientist works on data, SQL software, pattern, and statistical analysis. He/she operates on data to make the crude data into a readable form, kind of like a report. Although data scientists don’t need a lot of programming knowledge, they need mathematical and statistical analysis knowledge.


  8. Blockchain Developer

     A blockchain developer will create an app structure based on the blockchain structure and provide protocols for the same. Blockchain, much like the name suggests, is a system that enables safe transactions in a system that cannot be hacked. For such jobs, offline or online courses, websites, etc. will help in garnering knowledge about blockchain architecture and necessary computer languages. It is one of the most demanding & high paying jobs.


  9. IoT Solutions Architect

    In this job, we have a person who provides solutions and apps to control various devices, based on Internet of Things solutions. For example, this job can require you to design a smart home, with facilities that will no longer require human communication. Read more about Exciting IoT Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners


  10. Mobile App Developer

    With our smartphones being indispensable, a mobile app developer is someone who creates and programs a digital application, runs it, tests it, and maintains it, with even up-gradation of the same. It is one of the most demanding & high paying jobs.


  11. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer:

    An AI engineer being one of the highest paying jobs, is responsible for developing algorithms and machine learning models to automate tasks and build intelligent systems. In India, the average salary of an AI engineer is around INR 1,500,000 per annum. This makes it one of the highest paying jobs and the best jobs in the India market of IT industry.


  12. Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect:

    An IoT Solutions Architect is responsible for designing and implementing IoT solutions for businesses. They are highly skilled in the integration of various hardware and software system, also one of the highest paying jobs. In India, the average salary of an IoT Solutions Architect is around INR 2,000,000 per annum, making it top the highest paying jobs and one of the best jobs in the India market. It is one of the most demanding & high paying jobs.


  13. DevOps Engineer:

    A DevOps Engineer is responsible for developing and maintaining the IT infrastructure. When it comes to highest paying jobs, the average salary of a DevOps Engineer is around INR 1,500,000 per annum. Check out DevOps Engineer Skills required for a bright career.


  14. Programming Architect:

    A Programming Architect is responsible for designing and developing software solutions, managing teams of developers, and ensuring efficient delivery of projects. In India, the average salary of a Programming Architect is around INR 2,500,000 per annum, making its entry in the highest paying jobs list. It is one of the most demanding & high paying jobs.


  15. Data Engineer:

    A Data Engineer is one of the highest paying jobs in tech industry, and one of the best jobs in the India market with an average salary of INR 1,200,000 per annum.


  16. Machine Learning Expert:

    A Machine Learning Expert has made an entry into the highest paying tch jobs list with the average salary of INR 1,800,000 per annum. It is one of the most demanding & high paying jobs. Read more about Machine Learning Projects Ideas for Beginners.


  17. Blockchain Developer:

    A Blockchain Developer is responsible for designing and implementing blockchain-based solutions, with the highest paying jobs offering around INR 1,600,000 per annum.


  18. Mobile App Developer:

    In India, the average salary of a Mobile App Developer as highest paying jobs is around INR 700,000 per annum. It is one of the most demanding & high paying jobs.



Why are These Jobs in Such High Demand?

The best Tech jobs have always had their fair share of demand, but the pandemic was like a catalyst that spurred that need twofold. With the entire world gone online, technical skills were required for offline businesses that needed immediate online transformation to continue operating. And as things keep moving towards an increasingly digital age, the demand for tech jobs will only rise.


With smart car innovators like Tesla, the growth and invention of wireless activities, smart security, and healthcare as well as Virtual Reality developments, tech jobs appear to be more and more in demand because of our society’s acute need for technology in every sphere of life. All technical jobs require you to know some computer languages and programming, which then shifts into a more particular sphere according to the job you apply for.


The Scope of Hight paying Tech Jobs in the Next 10 Years

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that careers in software development are said to reach a boom of 22% in the coming 10 years while the IT sector will see a growth of 45%. Data science on the other hand is one of the fastest-growing sects and will have 11.5 million jobs in the next 5 years. BLS also predicts a 31.4% rise in AI jobs and several other sectors associated with the same. 


With blockchain and cloud architecture also being on the rise, network security developers and full-stack developers are also expected to boom in the next 10-20 years, and mobile applications will never cease to be important. With technology being this crucial, selecting a job in any of these spheres will guarantee a safe future, with many important courses after graduation that will adeptly prepare you. 


How These Jobs and Their Associated Skills Contribute to Business Growth

Technology assures perfection, perfection assures accurate results which in turn account for economic growth. If you’re acquainted with technical skills, then you will have a vast range of options to choose from, as well as thrive in the job sector with a secure future.


Let’s say you have garnered the required skills in Python, one of the most important programming languages – you will then become eligible to a certain extent for a data scientist, AI engineering, or full-stack developing jobs. You can then choose the direction you like and acquire the rest of the skills needed for that particular area. A data science course or a web developer course will definitely provide you with everything you need to know before applying for your job.


Since technology is an essential part attached to every existing business in the world, technical skills will never go to waste, and such jobs will always offer success.


Who Should Learn Which Skills?

This depends on your aptitude, interest, experience, knowledge, etc. Selecting the sphere of technology where you want to settle can be tiresome, but there are certain strategies to go about it. Listed below are the skills required for the high-paying tech jobs in the coming years:

  • Software Development Engineer
  • Computer Programming and Coding
  • Object-oriented Design 
  • Software Testing and Debugging
  • Cloud Architect
  • Knowledge of cloud computing architecture 
  • Knowledge of cloud platforms (Google, Dropbox)
  • Database skills, machine learning, cloud security, AI knowledge
  • Computer and Network Security Engineer
  • Knowledge of networks, hardware, and software
  • Eye to detect bug
  • Logic and Reasoning
  • Full-stack Developer 
  • Basics of web development
  • Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript along with knowing the frameworks like AngularJS or MongoDB
  • Knowledge of programming languages and database management systems
  • Knowledge about Cloud and DevOps
  • AI Engineer
  • Knowledge of required algorithms and data structure
  • Knowledge of programming languages
  • Knowledge of AI, IoT, neural networking, etc.
  • Data Architect
  • Knowledge of applied statistics and mathematics
  • Knowledge of Database Management Software 
  • Ability to visualize, migrate, and model data
  • Knowledge of Hadoop technologies, cloud computing, and data lakes
  • Data Scientist
  • Knowledge of coding languages
  • Understanding of business and yielding perfect solutions
  • Knowledge of machine learning
  • Ability to design data models
  • Blockchain Developer 
  • Acute understanding of the blockchain technology
  • Knowledge of security systems and cryptography
  • Knowledge of at minimum one significant programming language

IoT Solutions Architect

  • Knowledge of programming languages, machine learning, and AI
  • Knowledge of UID and sensors, cloud computing and security
  • Knowledge of Node.js and big data

Mobile App Developer

  • Knowledge of app store functioning
  • Basic knowledge of web development and analytical skills


This list, combined with comprehensive online professional courses after graduation, can help you understand which career path you should pick. If your aptitude lies elsewhere than your interest, then it might pose a clash, but your interest will ultimately lead to gaining experience and skills which will take you to success. Since tech jobs have a semblance of similarity, like programming, coding, and web development, you can sometimes change your path.


Job security is also an aspect one considers, so going for a job that offers more guarantee than others is always justified, but it is important to combine that with your aptitude, knowledge, and experience. With online learning made easy and online degrees being equally valuable, it’s a helpful tool that aids you to decide your future.


How And Why One Should Learn These Skills?

With plenty of opportunities for both offline and online learning, learning technical skills prepares you for an impeccable journey; tech job sectors have a credible future, a variety of different jobs, have flexible working styles, and are the most in-demand out of any job sector in the world. To thus formulate oneself, being able to process the field and learn the skills is imperative, and what better than online degrees that will provide you with the necessity from the comfort of your home?


Although it’s necessary to have field experience while working on any job, tech jobs have an advantage because of the online courses, websites, etc. Since tech jobs require computer skills, most commonly – so learning online won’t be a problem in this case. 


Coming to why you should learn technical skills, besides having a good resume, you guarantee anyone with employment certainty because of the relationship with our society and economy. With tech jobs growing faster each day and promising futuristic growth and conventions with a reliable salary, technical skills will place you in the most sought-after jobs. In a digitized era, these skills thus stand extremely important.


Keeping in mind the endless advantages and opportunities tech jobs pose to anyone, you should definitely consider enrollment in online programs and job-oriented courses that will help shape your ideas and expertise.


Hero Vired offers exemplary courses in data science where certificate programs in business analytics and data science and data engineering are available, as well as courses in technology where you can apply for certificate programs in cloud engineering and DevOps.



These highest paying jobs are in demand due to the unique skills and expertise required for these roles. In the age of digital transformation, businesses are looking for skilled professionals for technological jobs who can help them stay competitive in the market, thus justifying the title of highest paying jobs. The demand for these highest paying jobs is expected to grow in the coming years as businesses continue to adopt new technologies and automation tools. 


In conclusion, the highest paying jobs are some of the best jobs in the India market of the IT industry. These technological jobs require specialized skills and expertise in emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, DevOps, Programming Architecture, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Blockchain Development, and Mobile App Development. These highest paying jobs offer attractive salaries and are in high demand due to the growing need for digital transformation in businesses. If you are looking for a career in the IT industry, it is advisable to pursue courses in these fields to enhance your skills and improve your chances of landing in one of the highest paying jobs.




Product manager is considered as one of the highest paying technology jobs.
Engineering offers highest paying jobs for freshers.
Doctors, CEO’s and CA’s hold the highest paying jobs in India.
Data scientist, blockchain engineer and data marketing specialist are the most trending and highest paying jobs of 2023.

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