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Executive Program in  

Product Management

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This program will equip learners with the skills for designing, developing, and delivering new-age products. Here’s what you can expect:

Live Classroom Sessions by INSEAD Faculty

Certification from Hero Vired in collaboration with INSEAD

Product teardowns and INSEAD-authored case studies

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June 2024

Program Start Date

6 months


Bachelor’s degree


16 April 2024

Application Deadline

Custom curated international curriculum

Your journey in this program commences with an analysis of customer needs and a market exploration for your product. Subsequently, you will delve into the tools and technologies that will be instrumental throughout the program duration.

Live Learning Duration



Total Effort Required



Total Weekly Effort



Tools Covered

jira software
google analytics


Program Brochure

For detailed curriculum and program structure, download the program brochure

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  • The success or failure of any product/business depends on the customers and hence understanding the needs and wants of the customer is the first step for a product manager. Identifying the customer requirement helps you determine your target market and analyze the market opportunity, which will help you gauge the success of your product.
  • A product manager must align the product vision with the business vision and goals by ensuring that the business strategy cascades into the product strategy. They need to define the Objectives, Goals, Strategies, and Measures for the product to drive product strategy and execution.
  • One of the major differentiators for any product is its design, which directly impacts the way users interact with it - the user experience. Even a great concept would fail without a good design. Undoubtedly product design forms a core component of the product development cycle.
  • A product starts with an idea, which is just the beginning; the difficult part is the implementation or building. The idea is first transformed into an MVP and then through multiple iterations into the final product. Development is stretched over a long period, with thousands of factors transforming the initial idea.
  • Learn to craft the GTM strategy for maximizing market share, driving user engagement and outperforming competitors. Defining this strategy would involve for a product manager knowledge of target market, marketing channels and distribution channels
  • A Product Manager needs to track & analyze several product performance metrics along different stages of the product lifecycle to enable strategic decision-making about product positioning, user engagement, and behavior. They need to be data-driven to generate insights and improve product performance.
  • For a product to be successful, it needs to deliver value to the customer and generate revenue for the value delivered. For a product/business to be sustainable, it is critical to define the pricing mechanism for optimum revenue generation, also known as monetization.
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    Industry Leading Faculty

    Learn from world-class faculty that will guide you through this certification program

    Vibha Gaba

    Vibha Gaba

    Professor of Entrepreneurship, INSEAD | 21+ years of experience

    Vibha imparts knowledge on a range of subjects, including Corporate Entrepreneurship, Organizational Change, Leading Organizations, and Leadership.

    View Linkedin Profile
    Joerg Niessing

    Joerg Niessing

    Senior Affiliate Professor of Marketing, INSEAD | 24+ years of experience

    A globally recognized expert passionate about bridging the academic and the business world & known for his work on customer-centric digital transformation.

    Manuel Sosa

    Manuel Sosa

    Professor of Technology & Operations Management, INSEAD | 28+ years of experience

    He is a Professor of Technology and Operations Management and the Director of the Heinrich and Esther Baumann-Steiner Fund for Creativity and Business at INSEAD.

    Amitava Chattopadhyay

    Amitava Chattopadhyay

    Marketing Area Chair, INSEAD | 30+ years of experience

    Amitava Chattopadhyay is a Professor of Marketing and Marketing Area Chair at INSEAD.

    Shivakumar Gurunathan Bavamala

    Shivakumar Gurunathan Bavamala

    Faculty, Hero Vired | 16+ years of experience

    An IIT - Madras and IIM - Ahmedabad alumni with experience in the financial services industry in Trading and Risk Management roles in India and the UK..

    Aasheesh Watts

    Aasheesh Watts

    Senior Faculty, Hero Vired | 16+ years of experience

    With a distinguished career spanning 16 years in product management, Aasheesh brings a wealth of experience from diverse industries including finance, media, pharma, and travel industries from both India and the U.S.


    Partnered with leading universities and organizations

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    Get certified after you graduate from the program

    On successful completion of this certification program, you will be eligible for the following certificate:

    Product Management Certificate

    Hero Vired Certificate

    Benefit from the Hero Group’s decades of research and understanding of the Indian education and job landscape.
    * Certificates are indicative and subject to change


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    Executive Program in Product Management

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    Application Process

    A simple yet thorough application process that will help you learn key skills to supercharge your career

    Step 1

    Application Submission:

    Complete and review the form before submission. A meticulously filled out application aids us in evaluating your educational objectives and facilitates your seamless enrollment into the program

    Step 2

    Offer Letter Receipt:

    Upon successful application, you will receive an offer letter to enroll, encapsulating comprehensive details about the program, the associated fee structure, and the payment schedule.

    Step 3

    Block your seat:

    Secure your seat by making a nominal payment to confirm your acceptance into the program.

    *This is contingent upon specific program eligibility requirements, criteria, and any potential tests that may be incorporated as part of the enrollment procedure.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The product management program by Hero Vired enables learners to successfully launch and manage innovative products in the market. The course offers knowledge about product design, product development and business strategy, business goals for product managers, and more. The program also covers various tools and technologies like, Figma, Google Analytics and Jira Software.

    A product management course is perfect for learning about different tools and technologies like Figma, Google Analytics, and more. The program offered by industry experts ensures that you get a comprehensive knowledge to build a stable career in the field of product management. The program also comes with product teardowns, INSEAD-authored case studies, and immersive business simulations.

    If you are looking for product management courses in India for working professionals, Hero Vired has got you covered. If you have a bachelor's degree with 5+ years of work experience, you can pursue the program to get acquainted with the key concepts of product management.

    The product management program offered by Hero Vired is perfect for individuals willing to build a stable career in the field. Anyone with a bachelor's degree, and 4+ years of work experience can pursue the course to learn the important aspects of product management.

    The product management course offered by Hero Vired teaches learners how to develop business strategies for the successful launching and marketing of products in the market. The course covers topics like product, user and market discovery, product vision and strategy, product design and more.

    Product management is about guiding different steps of a product lifecycle. The best product management courses in India teach everything from product development to pricing. Product development is particularly concerned with delivering high-quality products with all the features demanded by customers.

    Product management is an extremely good career with high remunerations. Moreover, the demand for product management professionals in the industry is also quite high. Therefore, you should enrol in the best product management courses in India to build a stable career.

    The product management program offered by Hero Vired comes with 1:1 industry mentorship. Apart from receiving 360-degree knowledge about product management, you will also have career advancement sessions . You will receive hands-on training through case studies and projects.

    The product management course offered by Hero Vired is offered in online mode for a duration of 6 months. It covers key concepts related to product management, like customer and market discovery, product design, stakeholder management for product managers, and more.

    A product manager should have technical, communication, research, business intelligence, analytical, marketing, and management skills. The best product management courses equip you with the required skills to become a product manager.

    The product management certificate program offered by Hero Vired covers tools like Google Analytics, Miro, Figma, Jira Software, and more.

    A product management certification teaches how to set the goals and vision for developing and marketing a product. But project management is about running different projects to make the goals and visions a reality.

    A product manager earns a high salary and has various other perks. The best product management courses can help you switch your career to other roles like a product marketing manager, product lead, product strategist, and more.

    Product management is a trending topic because it helps improve the product's lifecycle. The best product management courses train professionals to meet customer demand by delivering high-quality products at lower costs and within a shorter time frame.

    Product management is worth it after the pandemic because it helps develop better products to meet client expectations. Therefore, enrolling in the best product management courses is always prudent for a stable career.

    The topics covered in the executive program in product management offered by Hero Vired are as follows:

    1. Product, User and Market Discovery.
    2. Product Vision & Strategy.
    3. Product Design.
    4. Product Development.
    5. Go To Market Strategy.
    6. Metrics and Analytics.
    7. Product Pricing, Revenue Model and Monetization.

    The Product Management course offered by Hero Vired is offered in online mode. It is a blend of live classes and self-paced learning.

    The product management course includes live classes conducted by leading industry experts like:

    1. Noah Askin: Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour.
    2. Joerg Niessing: Senior Affiliate Professor of Marketing at INSEAD.
    3. Manuel Sosa: Professor of Technology and Operations Management at INSEAD.
    4. Amitava Chattopadhyay: Marketing Area Chair at INSEAD.

    After completing the program, you can pursue the role of a product manager, associate product manager, product analyst, senior product manager, and more.

    The average annual salary of a product manager in India is Rs 16.9 lakhs.

    The total duration of the product management certification offered by Hero Vired is 6 months. Learners need to put in a total effort of 150 hours to complete the product design course. The product management program includes 90 hours of live learning. Apart from that, the program includes two hours of self-paced learning and two hours of assignments and projects. Learners will have to put in a total weekly effort of 10 hours to complete the program.

    The steps to apply for the Hero Vired product management program are as follows:

    1. Fill up the application: Enter all the required details in the application form and submit it after careful review. A completed application form will let us understand your learning goals.
    2. Receive the offer letter: After submitting the application, you will receive an offer letter to join our program. The offer letter will contain details about the program, including the payment schedule, course fee, and more.
    3. Book your seat: Once you accept the offer letter, you will be able to book a seat in the program. You must pay a nominal fee to block your seat.

    The prerequisite to joining the best product management courses is a bachelor's degree with 4+ years of work experience. The background knowledge will ensure that learners are able to get a better understanding of the concepts taught during product management courses in India.

    A bachelor's degree with 4+ years of work experience

    If you want to pursue the product management course online offered by Hero Vired, you should submit your application within the mentioned deadline date as per the program page. Hurry and submit your application because the product management certification has limited seats.

    Apart from pursuing the product management courses online, you can also enrol for the Strategic Management and Business Essentials certification. The program is offered by Hero Vired in collaboration with INSEAD. The course offers knowledge about research-based and practically tested frameworks for making informed business decisions.

    The fee for the product management course begins at Rs 11,407 per month. The total price of the product management certification will be Rs 4,00,000 plus applicable GST.

    Yes, you can opt for a refund until five days before the program begins, however the registration amount is non-refundable. Please note that there may be other applicable charges, for example loan cancellation charges, while asking for a refund. A refund might take up to two weeks to be processed from the date Hero Vired accepts the request. But once you begin attending the courses online, you will no longer be eligible for a refund.

    You can pay the fee for the product management certification using a credit card, debit card, or through bank deposit. We have also partnered with some loan partners in the country to ensure that learners can pursue product management courses online without worrying about finances. Once you receive approval from one of the loan partners, you can pay the fee through EMIs with 0% interest.

    Product Management Course Online 2024

    Hero Vired offers one of the best product management courses with 360-degree knowledge. Offered in online mode, the product management course comes with live classes conducted by industry experts. You will be able to get hands-on training from industry projects and case studies to become job ready.

    The certification earned at the end of the product management course will help validate your skills. You will be equipped with career services to help you enhance your job readiness skills. So enrol in one of the best product management courses in India today!

    Learn with the Best Product Management Course in India

    The product management course from Hero Vired provides professionals with a 360-degree understanding of the product lifecycle. The program ensures that learners become efficient at crafting business strategies to successfully launch and manage products in the market. If you are looking for the best courses for a product manager, you should check out the program offered by Hero Vired. If you are not convinced, check out the reasons to pursue the course

    • Live Classes

      Even though the program will be offered in online mode, you will get the opportunity to attend live classes. The experienced instructors teaching the product management course will keep the classes extremely interactive.

    • Well-Designed Syllabus

      The well-designed syllabus of the product management certification will ensure that you get comprehensive knowledge. The syllabus covers all the important aspects of product management to ensure that you are job ready.

    • Hands-on Learning

      Apart from offering theoretical knowledge, the product design course will also offer a hands-on learning experience. You will be able to learn from case studies and projects relevant to the industry.

    What is Product Management, and Why Is It Important?

    Product management is responsible for guiding the entire product lifecycle from conception to development and pricing. A product management course teaches how to focus on the product and its customer. The increased focus on customers ensures that product teams can develop improved and high-performing products.

    When you are trained under the best courses for a product manager, you learn to offer a smooth UX for clients and employees. The best product management certification also teaches how to keep up with the latest trends in the market. Moreover, product management is also crucial for prioritising features according to how the product was visualised.

    Why Choose Hero Vired for this Product Management course?

    While you will come across various courses for a product manager, Hero Vired offers a good one. If you are wondering why, you should pursue the product management course offered by Hero Vired, here are your reasons:

    • Top-Notch Faculty

      The product management training is offered by top-notch faculty members with years of experience in the industry. Similar to the DevOps & cloud engineering training, the classes of the product management program will be conducted live. The instructors aim to keep the classes interactive by answering all the queries of learners.

    • Valuable Certification

      After completing the product management course, you get a Hero Vired and Insead certification. The certificate of completion will make you noticeable among employers looking for trained product management professionals.

    • Small Batch Size

      Like the full stack development course, the product management program offered by Hero Vired has a small batch size. The limited number of learners in every batch makes it the best product management certification because instructors can be focused on their teaching.

    What is the Admission Process for a Product Management Course?

    The admission procedure for the product management training is as follows:

    • Fill up your application: You will have to enter all the details in your application for the product management course and submit it. Remember to submit all the relevant documents and review the application before submitting it to avoid mistakes.
    • Wait for the offer letter: After submitting your application, you will have to wait for the offer letter from us. The offer letter will come with the complete details of the product management course.

    Block your seat: After receiving your offer letter, you will have to pay a nominal fee to confirm your acceptance. The nominal amount will help book your seat in the program

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