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20 Most-in-Demand DevOps Engineer Skills to Mater in 2024

There are now significantly more businesses investing in DevOps. The majority of businesses have begun implementing DevOps methods, making DevOps Engineer one of the most sought-after positions in the IT industry today with a very competitive compensation. In this blog we will learn about some of the in-demand DevOps engineer skills. You can ace in this field with our DevOps Engineering Course and the right devops skills.


DevOps engineer skills are in greater demand. The DevOps methodology emphasises reducing departmental silos, bridging the gap between software development teams and operations teams, and accelerating the pace at which software is created and distributed. Because of this, DevOps specialists and service providers are in great demand to assist firms on all levels.


DevOps is a concept that mixes development and operations with the goal of enhancing internal communication to boost productivity and efficiency in enterprises. DevOps engineer skills are highly sought after and the job market is expecting an upwards trend. Learn more about what is DevOps. Let us look at some of the DevOps engineer skills:

devops engineer skills

15 DevOps Engineer Skills: Most in-Demand DevOps Skills

In demand DevOps engineer skills are automation, coding, scripting, cloud, testing, configuration, version management, proactive monitoring, communication, collaboration, mentorship, knowledge of tools, In depth understanding of tools such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Clod Platform (GPC) and Microsoft Azure make up part of the DevOps engineer skills. Want to get a highly paid opportunity in DevOps engineering. Then you would need to excel in the following areas that make the powerful DevOps skillset.


Technical DevOps Engineer Skills

Here is the list of top 12 technical DevOps engineer skills to become proficient in your career.


  1. Linux Fundamentals and Scripting

    Linux fundamentals is basic DevOps skill, including file handling, system administration, text processing, and process management, are essential knowledge for a DevOps engineer. They should also be familiar with Linux server administration and scripting languages like Python. Here is more about DevOps Engineering.

  2. System administration

    A DevOps engineer should be proficient in automating every step of the DevOps pipeline, such as CI/CD cycles, infrastructure and configurations, app performance monitoring, and others.

  3. Experience with DevOps tools

    Devops engineer skills involves being familiar with include version control, continuous integration servers, configuration management, containers, and deployment automation. You can learn more about DevOps tools here.

  4. Configuration Management

    Infrastructure and configurations, CI/CD pipelines, app performance monitoring, and other topics must be well understood as these come under the purview of the DevOps engineer skills.

  5. Containers and Container Orchestration 

    Containerization is a method for packaging a programme to enable quick and simple deployment. One of the important technical skills needed for DevOps engineers is frequently carried out using containers like Docker. Learn more on DevOps training what to look for.

  6. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment 

    A DevOps recommended practise called continuous integration (CI) enables developers to merge software updates many times a day into the main branch. The ability to automatically integrate code updates from numerous developers into a single software project comes under DevOps engineers skills to possess. You can look up for more on cloud-vs-devops-what-to-know-for-your-next-career-move

  7. System Architecture and Provisioning

    DevOps personnel can benefit greatly from infrastructure as code (IAC) and provisioning. DevOps engineer skills also include familiarity with workflow operating systems and the project management lifecycle.

  8. Familiarity with coding and scripting

    Coding and scripting are some of the other DevOps engineer skills. DevOps engineers should be familiar with Node.js as well as Java, Javascript, Ruby, Shell, Bash, and PHP computer languages, which are part of the DevOps skills.

  9. Automation DevOps Skills

    Infrastructure and configurations, CI/CD pipelines, app performance monitoring, and other topics must all be understood by all DevOps engineers. It’s also crucial to be familiar with open-source automation tools like Ansible and source code management (SCM), and are included in the DevOps engineer skills Read up more on why-devops-matters-and-how-it-compares-to-full-stack-development.

  10. Security DevOps Skills

    All IT professionals, but notably DevOps engineers, require security expertise. Code analysis, change management, threat analysis, security education, and vulnerability assessment are just a few of the DevOps engineer skills.

  11. Testing DevOps Skills

    Virtualization expertise is a need as DevOps engineer skills, as is proficiency with testing technologies like Puppet, Chef, and Docker. Additionally, they should be able to link Jenkins and Selenium, as well as run tests for a whole DevOps automation pipeline.

  12. Learning Proactive Monitoring

    DevOps engineers need to be proficient with monitoring tools like Nagios and Splunk. They also need to be able to identify production system bottlenecks, apply security updates, and upgrade system versions, and are a must in the devops engineering skills. 

Important Soft Skills for DevOps Engineers

Apart from all the other technical skills, DevOps engineers needs soft skills, flexibility, self-motivation too. DevOps engineers to be the major stakeholder in discussions, assessment, and identification of improvement areas, awareness about business goals. Following are the key soft skills that are required in the DevOps engineers skillset.

devops engineer skills

  1. DevOps Engineers Skills in Communication

    DevOps engineer skills include both technical and soft skills to be successful in their position because of the collaborative nature of the DevOps culture. The following are a few soft skills that all effective DevOps engineers should have:

  2. Communication and Collaboration

    The success of a DevOps ecosystem depends on effective communication. Make the team’s other members feel at ease so they may ask questions and share ideas.

  3. Collaborative management

    The silos between the Dev and Ops teams can be broken down through collaboration, which is a key component. It integrates DevOps culture cross-functionally and lines up the aims of both teams with the business goals.

  4. Self-organization

    Self-organisation helps a person to function without any micro-management, and creates an environment of freedom and creativity. This is one of the important devops engineer skills. 

  5. Mentorship

    Collaboration and teamwork are crucial for task completion. DevOps engineers with the required soft skills are strong communicators and listeners along with mentorship abilities.

  6. Commitment

    One needs to devote themselves to a project in order for it to succeed. Having high level of commitment are one of the necessary devops engineer skills for a successful DevOps engineer. 

  7. Customer-focused Approach DevOps skillset

    Engineers working in DevOps must constantly keep the customer and their demands in mind. They must pay attention to the customer’s needs in order to achieve this. Also, they must be able to communicate with customers in a way that they can understand.

How to Develop DevOps Engineer Skills?

DevOps engineer skills include follow extensive research, the main competencies that employers seek in a DevOps Engineer are those that are stated above. Although the list of DevOps skills may appear to be quite long and exhausting, this is not the case. You’ll gradually learn more about what’s happening in the DevOps sector as you start to become proficient in the aforementioned DevOps Engineer skills (such as different tools, frameworks, languages, etc.). You can use this information to launch your career as a DevOps Engineer, but never forget that “no efforts, no results” applies.


Some of the top DevOps engineer skills are Linux, configuration management, deployment automation etc.
The five pillars are Automation, Cloud-Native, Culture, Security, and Observability.
One can improve their DevOps skills through research, cross-training and constantly updating their knowledge.
One of the crucial DevOps tools for developing projects is Maven. Apache Maven is more than just an automation build framework, in contrast to the ANT build system. In this stage of development, Jenkins is one of the most used DevOps tools: Jenkins: Jenkins is an open-source Java application.

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