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Certificate Program in

Cybersecurity Essentials & Risk Assessment

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The program is designed to build your career in the cybersecurity domain, focusing on mobile security threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigation strategies. Here's what you can expect:

A chance to learn directly from the best Cybersecurity experts

10+ Industry projects and case studies and 5+ Masterclasses with industry leaders

Help in preparing for CompTia Security+, CISM, and CEH certifications

Multiple masterclasses to understand the latest trends and technologies in cybersecurity

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Program Start Date

6 months


Bachelor's degree


To be announced

Application Deadline

Custom curated industry vetted curriculum

The curriculum takes a deep dive into the entire spectrum of IT infrastructure such as the systems, applications, websites, networks, and cloud that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and the mechanisms to defend them

Live Learning Duration



Total Effort Required



Total Weekly Effort



Tools Covered

Bash programming
ida pro


Program Brochure

For detailed curriculum and program structure, download the program brochure

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  • Introduction to Python
  • Advanced Python
  • Exploring Security Libraries
  • Introduction to Security
  • Cyber Laws and Ethics
  • Anonymity
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Cryptanalysis and Digital Signatures
  • Steganography and Quantum Cryptography
  • Introduction to Web Security
  • Attacking Cookies and Sessions
  • Advanced Web Attacks
  • Database Security
  • Introduction to Cloud Security
  • Cloud Application and Network Security
  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Risk Monitoring and Governance
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    Industry Leading Faculty

    Learn from world-class faculty that will guide you through this certification program

    Sanjoy Paul

    Sanjoy Paul

    Program Director, Hero Vired | 13+ years of experience

    An experienced edtech entrepreneur skilled in full-stack solutions, he thrives on enhancing educational businesses and empowering teachers via technology.

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    Prashant Dey

    Prashant Dey

    Faculty, Hero Vired | 4+ years of experience

    He is a cybersecurity expert holding a master's degree from EURECOM. He has experience working with various startups, new technologies, & MNC's


    Stay updated with the latest

    Top news in the CyberSecurity ecosystem

    Modi G20

    The Prime Minister's focus on Cybersecurity

    PM Modi to work jointly with G20 countries to tackle increasing cyber attacks

    E. Sai Prasad Chunduru

    India laying stress on cybersecurity, says expert

    India is in the process of bringing out a Cybersecurity framework to provide for a safer virtual and digital ecosystem through technological research and policy initiatives


    Top 10 Cybersecurity Trends and Predictions for 2024

    In the ever-shifting landscape of cybersecurity, staying ahead of the curve is not just a choice but a necessity

    Partnered with leading universities and organizations

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    Experience a holistic learning path

    Benefit from practical learning experiences through real-world projects sourced from some of the world's most innovative businesses. Take a glimpse into the caliber of practical experience our program offers

    Web Application Penetration Testing

    Web Application Penetration Testing

    In the project, a learner is expected to conduct a thorough penetration test of a web application to identify vulnerabilities and suggest mitigation strategies.The goal is to assess the security posture of the web application and ensure it is resistant to common attacks, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and cross-site request forgery (CSRF).

    Mobile Application Security Assessment

    Mobile Application Security Assessment

    In the project, a learner is to evaluate the security of a new banking application. The goal of the project is to identify potential security weaknesses and propose countermeasures to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access. Focus on areas such as authentication, data storage, network communication, and secure coding practices.

    Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis

    Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis

    In the project, a learner is expected to analyze a potentially malicious binary file (e.g.,an executable or a malware sample) to understand its behavior, identify its purpose,and develop appropriate mitigation strategies. The binary file has been discovered on a compromised system, and it is essential to determine how it works and whether it poses a threat to other systems.

    Cryptographic Protocol AnalysisS

    Cryptographic Protocol Analysis

    In the project, a learner is expected to analyze the security of a cryptographic protocol used in a real-world application. The protocol is used to ensure secure communication between two parties, and the goal is to identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker.

    Network Security Monitoring and Incident Response

    Network Security Monitoring and Incident Response

    In the project, a learner is expected to design and implement a comprehensive network security monitoring system that can detect and respond to various types of network-based attacks, such as intrusion attempts, data exfiltration, or unauthorized access.

    Memory Corruption Vulnerability Exploitation

    Memory Corruption Vulnerability Exploitation

    In the project, a learner is expected to identify and explore a memory corruption vulnerability in a real-world software application. The vulnerability can be in the form of a buffer overflow, format string vulnerability, or a use-after-free bug. The goal is to gain unauthorized access or execute arbitrary code by exploiting the vulnerability.

    Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Implementation

    Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Implementation

    In the project, a learner is expected to establish a comprehensive framework that ensures security is embedded throughout the software development process, from requirements gathering to deployment, to minimize the risk of introducing vulnerabilities and ensure the delivery of secure software products.

    Get certified after you graduate from the program

    On successful completion of this Cybersecurity Essentials & Risk Assessment program, you will be eligible for the following certificate:

    Hero Vired Certificate

    Hero Vired Certificate

    Benefit from the Hero Group’s decades of research and understanding of the Indian education and job landscape.
    * Certificates are indicative and subject to change

    60,000+ Cyber Security jobs in India. You can   be one of them

     can will

    Our dedicated Learner Success Team is committed to empower you with the skills necessary for thriving in roles such as

    Cybersecurity Engineer

    8,700+ Jobs

    Malware Analyst

    7,700+ Jobs

    Application Security Engineer

    30,000+ Jobs

    Cloud Security Specialist

    3,700+ Jobs

    Incident Manager

    2,700+ Jobs

    Data sourced from Linkedin

    Application Process

    A simple yet thorough application process that will help you learn key skills to supercharge your career

    Step 1

    Application Submission:

    Complete and review the form before submission. A meticulously filled out application aids us in evaluating your educational objectives and facilitates your seamless enrollment into the program.

    Step 2

    Offer Letter Receipt:

    Upon successful application, you will receive an offer letter to enroll, encapsulating comprehensive details about the program, the associated fee structure, and the payment schedule.

    Step 3

    Block your seat:

    Secure your seat by making a nominal payment to confirm your acceptance into the program.

    *This is contingent upon specific program eligibility requirements, criteria, and any potential tests that may be incorporated as part of the enrollment procedure.

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    Cyber Security Course

    In the present hyper-associated computerized age, where data is the new cash, shielding advanced resources from digital dangers has turned into an outright need. Hero Vired, a recognized name in the field of online schooling, perceives the basic significance of cyber security and offers an exhaustive Certificate Program in Cyber Security intended to furnish people with the fundamental abilities and skills to safeguard cyber threats from developing digital threats.


    What are the Topics that will be Covered in the Cyber Security Course?

    The Hero Vired Cyber Security Course provides a carefully designed educational plan that goes profoundly into the expansive scope of Cyber security issues. The accompanying subjects will be covered by participants, going from essential plans to state-of-the-art strategies:

    • Introduction to Cyber Security: Perceiving the essential thoughts behind cyber security, its significance, and its position in the ongoing advanced digital environment.
    • Network Security: Investigating the potential dangers implied in shielding network frameworks from potential security breaks and unapproved access.
    • Cyberthreats and Attacks: Studying about different cyberthreats, assault procedures, and guard techniques.
    • Encryption and Cryptography: Inspecting cryptography conventions, encryption calculations, and the information insurance utilizes for each.
    • Security Operations and Incident Response: Acquiring knowledge and abilities for efficiently managing security incidents and reducing their effects.
    • Web Application Security: Mastering methods for protecting online applications from vulnerabilities and potential breaches.
    • Mobile Security: Recognizing the specific issues and answers related to protecting mobile applications and devices.
    • Cloud Security: Exploring methods to guarantee the security of data handled and stored in the cloud.
    • Identity and Access Management: To prevent unauthorized access, familiarize yourself with identity verification and access control procedures.
    • Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing: Gaining insights into ethical hacking approaches and conducting penetration testing to uncover vulnerabilities.
    • Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance: Understanding the legal frameworks, norms, and best practices that regulate cybersecurity governance and compliance.

    What are the Skills I will Learn in this Cyber Security Course?

    Beyond theoretical ideas, the best Cyber Security Course' focuses on teaching students’ practical skills that are highly sought after in cyber security certification. Participants will have a wide range of skills after successfully completing the course, including:

    • Threat Detection and Analysis: The capacity to recognize potential threats and examine their traits for pro-active mitigation.
    • Incident Response and Management: Capabilities to manage security incidents, lessen their effects, and return things to normal.
    • Ethical Hacking Methodologies: The ability to use ethical hacking techniques to identify weaknesses and bolster defenses.
    • Secure Network Architecture Design: The ability to create and put into place secure network designs that guard against breaches.
    • Risk Assessment and Mitigation: The ability to evaluate risks, rank them, and put mitigation plans in place
    • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing: Proficient in carrying out exhaustive analyses and testing to spot and fix vulnerabilities.
    • Web and Mobile Application Security: Methods for protecting websites and mobile apps from typical attack points.
    • Implementing cloud security: Being aware of security controls for cloud-based data and systems.
    • Cryptography Expertise: Knowing how to protect sensitive data using encryption algorithms and cryptographic techniques.
    • Awareness of Regulatory Compliance: Understanding pertinent laws and standards to guarantee compliance within the cybersecurity environment.

    Learn with the Best the Cyber Security Certifications

    Hero Vired's Cyber Security Certifications stand as confirmation to the institution's commitment to give top-tier instruction that is not hypothetical but practical and industry-relevant. The program is planned to cater to differing learners, ranging from those new to the cybersecurity course to experienced experts seeking to upgrade their skillset.

    Learn Cyber security with the uniqueness of Hero Vired which emphasizes experiential learning. The course combines live instruction, immersive hands-on labs, interactive recreations, and collaborative ventures, empowering participants to specifically apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios. This dynamic engagement with practical challenges cultivates a more profound understanding of cyber security course standards and their viable applications.

    Hero Vired's industry associations play a significant part in improving the learning experience. Through organizations with leading cybersecurity firms, members pick up bits of knowledge from industry specialists, real-world case studies, and networking opportunities that give them important insights into the current state of cybersecurity.

    Besides, Hero Vired's commitment to personalization is clear through its support framework. Members get personalized instructions from tutors, guaranteeing that their learning experience is smooth and adjusted to their individual objectives. The tutors, often experienced experts within the field, offer insights, reply to questions, and give important exhortations, cultivating an environment conducive to learning and development.

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