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This program is meticulously crafted to equip non-coders with core programming competencies in Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) utilizing Python to build a web application using the Flask framework. So, get job-ready in Tech irrespective of your background. Here’s what you can expect:

4+ industry based simulation projects

Learn how to code from the experts with code-along sessions

Become 10x more efficient by using Generative AI

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Program Start Date

6.5 months


Bachelor's degree


To be announced

Application Deadline

Custom curated industry vetted curriculum

The curriculum dives into the creation of Python Flask web applications, supplemented with a straightforward front end built using HTML, CSS, and JS. It is designed to help non-coders achieve job-readiness in just 5 months. Additionally, a glimpse into Generative AI for developers is provided, ensuring efficient coding practices

Live Learning Duration



Total Effort Required



Total Weekly Effort



Tools Covered



Program Brochure

For detailed curriculum and program structure, download the program brochure

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  • Introduction To Programming Language
  • Git And GitHub
  • Introduction To Python
  • Strings And Regular Expression
  • Non-Primitive Data Types
  • File Handling
  • Introduction to Object-Orientated Programming & Systems (OOPs)
  • Introduction to Modules And Packages
  • Introduction To Algorithms And Data Structures
  • Working With Linked List
  • Stacks And Queues
  • Trees As A Data Structure
  • Hashing
  • Graphs As A Data Structure
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Introduction To SQL
  • Working With SQL
  • Database Connection
  • Introduction To Flask
  • Creating API Endpoints
  • Database Integration
  • Flask Project
  • Basics of Javascript
  • Javascript Dom
  • Asynchronous Javascript
  • Introduction to AI Models and Prompt Engineering
  • Get the Hero Vired Advantage

    70-90% Live Interactive lectures
    100% Program Completion Rate
    Personalised guidance & support
    Pre recorded Lectures
    Low completion rate
    No personalised assistance

    Industry Leading Faculty

    Learn from world-class faculty that will guide you through this certification program

    Satyavrat Bondre

    Satyavrat Bondre

    Co- Founder, Thena | 10+ years of experience

    Specializes in Full Stack with skills that cut across the entire Engineering spectrum. Built multiple products and teams from scratch across domains.

    View Linkedin Profile
    Prashant Dey

    Prashant Dey

    Faculty, Hero Vired | 4+ years of experience

    He is a cybersecurity expert holding a master's degree from EURECOM. He has experience working with various startups, new technologies, & MNC's

    Shakul Malik

    Shakul Malik

    Associate Faculty, Hero Vired | 10+ years of experience

    Proficient in several programming languages, including Python, HTML, CSS, and Java. Expertise in IT training and extensive portfolio of developing learning programs.

    Sanjoy Paul

    Sanjoy Paul

    Program Director, Hero Vired | 13+ years of experience

    An experienced edtech entrepreneur skilled in full-stack solutions, he thrives on enhancing educational businesses and empowering teachers via technology.

    Subhashis Majumder

    Subhashis Majumder

    Professor and HOD, Heritage Institute of Technology | 27+ years of experience

    M.Tech in CS from IIT, he has been a full-time academic since 2003, with research spanning Social Networking, Data Analysis, and more.


    Partnered with leading universities and organizations

    National Skill Development Corporation

    Integrated With

    National Skill Development Corporation

    Experience a holistic learning path

    Benefit from practical learning experiences through real-world projects sourced from some of the world's most innovative businesses. Take a glimpse into the caliber of practical experience our program offers.

    Language Learning App

    Language Learning App

    The objective is to conceptualize and engineer a state-of-the-art Language Learning Application aimed at redefining the user experience in language acquisition and proficiency. The application should prioritize a cohesive, intuitive interface tailored to accommodate individual user progression.

    Contact Book

    Contact Book

    The aim is to design and develop a robust Contact Book application that empowers users with efficient contact management capabilities. This application should boast a streamlined and systematic interface, facilitating effortless addition, viewing, modification, and removal of contacts.

    Web Scraper

    Web Scraper

    Take on the challenge of building an innovative Web Scraper application designed to transform how users gather information from the vast expanse of the internet. Your objective is to devise a tool that extracts targeted data from specified websites,automating data collection and presenting users with an efficient method to access pertinent information.

    Music Playlist Manager

    Music Playlist Manager

    Your task is to design and implement a Music Playlist Manager that lets users create,manage, and adjust playlists using linked lists. The objective is to devise a user-friendly system allowing users to organize their favorite tracks in playlists and execute a varietyof operations on them.

    Real-Time Cryptocurrency Price Tracker using Stacks

    Real-Time Cryptocurrency Price Tracker using Stacks

    Delve into the creation of a console-based Cryptocurrency Price Tracker, set to revolutionize how users keep abreast of the dynamic realm of digital currencies. You aim to craft an application that lets users seamlessly monitor and assess real-time priceupdates for their chosen cryptocurrencies.

    Travel Review Platform

    Travel Review Platform

    Set out on an exhilarating endeavor to forge a dynamic platform where travelers can share and explore travel reviews. Your mission is to seamlessly merge aesthetics with functionality, developing both front-end and back-end components. This project aspires to transform the way users discover travel destinations.

    Get certified after you graduate from the program

    On successful completion of this program, you will be eligible for the following certificate:

    application Development

    Hero Vired Certificate

    Benefit from the Hero Group’s decades of research and understanding of the Indian education and job landscape.
    * Certificates are indicative and subject to change

    Application Process

    A simple yet thorough application process that will help you learn key skills to supercharge your career

    Step 1

    Submit Application

    Fill the form, review it, and submit your application. A fully completed application helps us assess your learning goals and enrol you into the program.

    Step 2

    Receive the offer letter

    You will receive an offer letter to enrol, along with the complete details of the program, fee and payment schedule, etc.

    Step 3

    Block your seat

    Pay a nominal amount to confirm your acceptance and block your seat.

    *This is subject to any defined individual program eligibility, criteria and test that may be included as part of the enrolment process.

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    Application Development
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you’re looking for the best App Development course, then you should take the Certificate Program in Application Development at Hero Vired.

    The Application Development course teaches you the various concepts related to app development. It covers tools like Python, Git, SQL, Flask, and more.

    Hero Vired's Application Development program spans 6.5 months, incorporating live online classes. Comprising 5 modules, the program involves completing assignments following each module to assess your understanding.

    Hero Vired’s App Development course is the best, this program is intricately designed to equip individuals without coding experience with essential programming skills in Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) using Python, specifically for constructing a web application through the Flask framework.

    For those inclined toward technology and software development, pursuing a career in application development can be a promising choice. With a swiftly expanding field, the ongoing surge in demand for mobile applications indicates sustained growth ahead. Hero Vired’s program in App Development will equip you with the skills necessary to excel in various jobs related to the field.

    You can learn app development online via the course offered by Hero Vired, which offers live interactive sessions to learners.

    The App Development Program offered by Hero Vired covers the following topics:

    1. Programming Fundamentals With Python and Git
    2. Data Structures and Algorithms
    3. JavaScript
    4. Prompt Engineering
    5. SQL and Flask

    The App Development program spans 6.5 months, demanding a total commitment of 455 hours for completion. To successfully finish the program, students should allocate 16 hours per week. This program includes 169 hours of live online classes.

    The steps to apply for the Application Development program involve the following:

    1. Fill out the application: Fill in the application form with all necessary information. Review the details meticulously before submission, aiding us in comprehending your learning objectives.
    2. Wait for our offer letter: Upon submitting your application, await our offer letter. This letter will encompass comprehensive details regarding the machine learning course, including fees, payment structure, and additional information.
    3. Block your seat: Confirm your enrollment by accepting the offer letter and submitting a nominal payment. This action secures your place in the Application Development course.

    A Bachelor’s degree in a technical field/related field or a STEM background is required to pursue the Application Development course.

    The fee for the Certificate Program In App Development starts at Rs. 5418 per month. The total fee for the course is Rs 1,90,000 plus applicable GST.

    Yes, you have the option to request a refund until five days before the program starts, although the registration fee is non-refundable. Please be aware that additional charges, such as loan cancellation fees, may apply during the refund process. Refunds could take up to two weeks from the date Hero Vired approves the request. However, once you commence attending the online courses, refund eligibility will cease.

    You have several payment options available for App Development certification, including credit card, debit card, or bank deposit. Additionally, you can explore our loan partners to facilitate payment in multiple instalments. Various loan partners offer the convenience of 0% interest EMIs for paying the course fee.
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