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Esports Insights

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70-90% instructor-led live classes

Diverse projects & case studies

Gamified interactive learning

Hands-on learning activities

Expert-led workshops & masterclasses


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June 2024


6 months

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268+ hrs

70-90% instructor-led live classes

Diverse projects & case studies

Gamified interactive learning

Hands-on learning activities

Expert-led workshops & masterclasses

Unity certification coupons for gaming learners

Access to Global Game Jam & competitions

Guaranteed 3-month internship

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Interactive classes with industry experts for hands-on learning

Case studies

Real-world tasks to solidify knowledge and prep for industry challenges.

1:1 counselling

Personalized mentorship for career navigation and professional decisions.

Seasoned faculty

Guidance from leading industry experts to ensure top-tier learning.

Capstone projects

Final projects that blend learning with real impact in your field.

Doubt clearing sessions

Targeted sessions to ensure clarity and readiness for next steps.


Esports Management

Overview of the Gaming & Esports

  • Discuss about the gaming basics, including genres, mechanics, ratings, and development, while also exploring esports, athlete roles, market trends, and job prospects.

Esports Ecosystem

  • Explore the esports ecosystem, including content creation, hardware requirements, tournaments, IT infrastructure, sponsorships, marketing, fan engagement, media coverage, and job opportunities.

Key Components of Competitive Gaming

  • Explain the essential components of competitive gaming, including league creation, rules, formats, game lobbies, tournaments, event production, shoutcasting, analysis, IT infrastructure, hospitality, security, team ownership and management, talent roles, public relations, community management, sales, and job opportunities.

Game Visualization & Essentials

  • Clarify game visualization and essentials, encompassing ideation methods, design principles, art fundamentals, color theory, game analysis, mechanics, level design, asset types, genre perspectives, production processes, prototyping, documentation types, and decision-making in game development.

Game Design & Development

  • Explore the game design and development, addressing reasons for game failures, studio structures, art styles, asset pipelines, modular design, asset creation and optimization techniques, programming, real-time engines, visual scripting, testing, and economy design.

Game Business & Marketing

  • Analyze game business and marketing essentials, including platforms, economy, marketing strategies, monetization tactics, and insights into self-publishing versus external game publishers.

Game Design Game Analyzing

  • Describe comprehensive insights into game analysis, covering design, metrics, hyper-casual games analysis, social media trends, fiction versus mechanics, color analysis, visual factors, game flow influences, effectiveness evaluation, balancing factors, and a case study on various games.

Game Conceptualization

  • Summarize game conceptualization basics, from avoiding common mistakes to engaging audiences, acquiring users, understanding player personas, balancing story and mechanics, considering social dynamics, deciding on single-player or multiplayer, transitioning from design to development, and outlining the game designer's role, ultimately turning ideas into playable experiences with pitch documentation.

Pre Production for games

  • Define the game design process, create game flow diagrams and screenflows, outline game progression, engage in pre-production tasks such as engineering, level design, and prototyping, establish game architecture, document the game design with GDD, and identify various job roles within the pre-production phase.

Game Business

  • Analyze game metrics, strategize game economy models, implement game monetization techniques including in-app purchases through code, freemium, premium, and more.

Visual Scripting

  • Implement visual scripting in game development, covering the basics of node-based programming, creating game logic without traditional coding, and integrating visual scripting into popular game engines.

Game Development - Programming Fundamentals

  • To provide students with a solid foundation in computer programming principles and practices, enabling them to understand fundamental programming concepts, develop problem-solving skills, and write basic programs using C#.

Real-Time Game Engine

  • To design, develop, and optimize interactive and Hypercasual games using a real-time game engine, demonstrating basics in utilizing the engine's features, tools, and scripting capabilities to create hyper casual game.

Real-Time Game Engine - Audio Integration

  • To design, develop, and optimize interactive and Hypercasual games using a real-time game engine, demonstrating basics in utilizing the engine's features, tools, and scripting capabilities to create hypercasual game & To effectively integrate audio assets into gaming environments, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Graphic Design

  • Understand the fundamentals of Graphic Design to create engaging and easy navigation using character and environment design to animation, texturing, lighting, and visual effects.

Asset Creation

  • To create 2D and 3D assets for game, demonstrating proficiency in the use of industry-standard software tools and techniques, and understanding the principles of asset optimization and integration into game engines.

Real-Time Game Engine - Game UI and HUD

  • To design and implement effective user interfaces and heads-up displays for games, demonstrating proficiency in creating visually appealing and intuitive interfaces that enhance the player experience and provide relevant feedback and information.

Real-Time Game Engine - Other Integration & Optimization

  • To effectively integrate various non-audio elements, such as graphics, physics, networking, and user interfaces, into gaming environments, enhancing the overall gameplay experience & To obtain knowledge and skills to optimize game performance and improve efficiency, ensuring smooth gameplay experiences across different platforms and hardware configurations.

Game Marketing & Publishing

  • To navigate the business and marketing aspects of the game industry, enabling them to effectively promote, monetize, and distribute games in a competitive market.

League Operations

  • Understand the selection of games for esports leagues, implement diverse league formats, establish comprehensive rulebooks, execute effective league operations, delineate various roles within league operations, and identify job opportunities within the esports league ecosystem.

Event Production

  • Learn to overview, categorize, and recognize the necessity of events, establish event objectives, understand pre-planning essentials, budgeting, execution, risk assessment, and post-event evaluation, while exploring diverse event types and opportunities within the event management sector.


  • Gain insights into hospitality, including an overview, key facts, understanding its necessity, real-time scenarios, and opportunities within the hospitality sector.

IT and Networking

  • Learn to identify types of systems and internet links, configure routers, switches, and WiFi devices, manage networks using monitoring admin dashboards and G Suite, implement content delivery and monitoring solutions, explore job opportunities, and analyze a case study in IT and networking.

Non-Live Content creation

  • Master the significance of non-live content creation, strategize and organize non-live content, utilize appropriate tools and equipment, craft captivating content, and evaluate performance to enhance and optimize non-live content effectively.

Live Broadcast Production

  • Learn the fundamentals of online production, understand the significance and roles in live broadcast production, design show rundowns, differentiate between traditional and esports broadcasts, identify hardware and software requirements, set up and utilize broadcasting software, prepare necessary assets, explore market opportunities, test hardware and software, and recognize job opportunities within live broadcast production.


  • Acquire expertise in shoutcasting, distinguishing roles like play-by-play and colorcasting, adapting casting techniques to diverse game genres, and exploring broadcast talent roles such as show hosting and expert analysis in esports events.

Public Relations

  • Learn the fundamentals of public relations, encompassing crafting effective communication strategies, managing media relations, navigating crisis situations, building brand reputation, and fostering positive stakeholder relationships.


  • Understand the importance of legal considerations in esports, including contracts, data privacy, intellectual property rights, licenses, business relationships, compliance, and dispute resolution mechanisms, ensuring legal compliance and protection within the industry.

Team Ownership and Management

  • Explore the dynamics of esports team ownership and management, covering ownership structures, revenue generation strategies, team operations, hirings, documentation, and legal aspects, to proficiently navigate and optimize team management within the esports industry.

Social Media Engagments / Community Management

  • Learn to effectively engage and manage online communities, encompassing community types, management techniques, strategies for building esports communities, leveraging platforms for promotion and marketing, and the role of a community manager in fostering community growth and engagement.

Esports Marketing

  • Gain expertise in esports marketing, encompassing the 5 Ps of marketing, SWOT analysis, consumer behavior, marketing media, brand management, target audience segmentation, communication strategies, budgeting, and identifying job opportunities, to excel in the dynamic field of esports marketing.


  • Become proficient in esports sales, encompassing best practices, revenue streams such as esports IP creation and white label businesses, sponsorship strategies, KPI measurement, brand integration, pitching techniques, ROI evaluation, and identifying job opportunities, ensuring adeptness in driving revenue and fostering partnerships within the industry.

Interpersonal Skills

  • Refine your interpersonal skills in esports, encompassing audience connection establishment, public speaking mastery, effective networking, social media leverage, adept management of marketing, sales, PR, and league operations, self-reflection, time management optimization, goal setting, and prioritization techniques, fostering higher motivation and productivity within the esports realm.
Esports Insights

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Craft compelling game concepts: by analyzing core design principles, user personas, and industry trends, ensuring clear mechanics and visuals.


Create seamless player experiences: use industry-standard tools for 2D/3D assets, integrate into game engines, design intuitive UIs.


Implement engaging gameplay mechanics with core programming concepts and visual scripting for seamless design and execution


Learn to Organize esports events with best practices for positive spectator experiences: tournaments, broadcasts, LAN events.


Comprehend esports legal/financial aspects, devise marketing strategies, manage esports organizations efficiently.


Collaborate with teams, deliver engaging esports commentary, and manage public relations for esports entities.

Launch projects, leap forward

Design a Trending Game Tournament

Design a Trending Game Tournament

Explore planning and designing a tournament, where you will work on league ops, broadcast plan,budgeting marketing plan, player management, event production, among other functions for designing an Esports event.

Create a 2D Platformer Game

Create a 2D Platformer Game

A 2D platformer game in which players control characters who jump or climb and collect various objects between different platforms on the screen using the C# programming and game engine.

Hypercasual ASMR Game Mechanics

Hypercasual ASMR Game Mechanics

An ASMR mechanics game where players could be peeling a fruit, cleaning a window, or painting a wall. The idea of the game is to fill in a selected area since it is a natural human tendency to finish something we’ve started.

In collaboration with

Nodwin Gaming

Leading esports company in South Asia, driving competitive gaming culture.

Partnered with global giants like ESL and Valve, enhancing international esports presence.

Pioneer in organizing major gaming tournaments in India, setting industry standards.


Get certified

With Nodwin's prominence in the gaming industry and its extensive experience in esports and game development, this certificate places you in an elite league of gaming professionals.

* Certificates are indicative and subject to change

Our faculty, your mentors

Srinivasan Ajay Kumar

Srinivasan Ajay Kumar


Program Director, Hero Vired | 11+ YoE


Ajay Kumar, Program Director at Hero Vired, specializes in gaming and immersive tech. He has worked across Singapore, Dubai, and India, mastering Games, Animation, AR/VR, and emerging tech for renowned brands.


Master of Computer Applications in Game Development from Jain (Deemed-to-be University)

Visit LinkedIn Profile
Shubham Behl

Shubham Behl


Faculty, Hero Vired | 5+ YoE


Shubham is an avid problem solver with proven skills in Game Design & Game Development. He has founded The Learning Recipe and has collaborated with leading Edtech firms in the past, and has now dedicated his career to knowledge dissemination.


MBA in General Management from Stoa

Visit LinkedIn Profile

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Enhance personal branding, fostering better discovery and shortlisting.


Interview preparation

Equipping candidates with the right skills and confidence to crack interviews.


1:1 Career coaching sessions

Personalized mentoring to empower individuals to chart their professional journey.

Gaming jobs are on the rise

By 2025, over 85% of companies believe Gaming & Esports will be a key driver of digital entertainment and community engagement.

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Game Designer


Game Developer




Game Artist


Level Designer


Game Writer


Game Tester


Event Manager


Partnerships Manager


E-Sports Manager


E-Sports Journalist

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The curriculum is comprehensive and the pre and post reading material provided helps to understand the concepts taught.

Utkarsh Singhal

Utkarsh Singhal


The curriculum is excellent and the faculty is phenomenal. The way the faculty teaches the program is quite unique

Pranjal Dubey

Pranjal Dubey

The curriculum provided in the Gaming and Esports Program was exceptional. It covered a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals of gaming to the intricacies of esports management.

Devendre Shinde

Devendre Shinde

With a promising curriculum and excellent faculty, this program exceeded expectations. The comprehensivepre-reads thoroughly prepared me for classes.



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Certificate Program in

Gaming and Esports



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70-90% instructor-led live classes

Diverse projects & case studies

Gamified interactive learning

Hands-on learning activities

Expert-led workshops & masterclasses

Unity certification coupons for gaming learners

Access to Global Game Jam & competitions

Guaranteed 3-month internship


6 Months

Apply by

July 20, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gaming and Esports certification course by Hero Vired?

Hero Vired offers one of the best eSports and gaming courses in India. This online certification course will provide an in-depth understanding of the rising gaming and eSports industry and the various aspects that will influence its growth and development in the future. This game development course will help you learn all about modular design, understanding game HD and UI optimization, and real-time game engines. The Esports and Game designing course from Hero Vired provides a flexible approach to developing the skills and knowledge required to outshine in this field.

Game development is the process of creating or developing games while demonstrating the game application’s design, development, and deployment. The process involves stages of ideation, design, development, testing, and deployment, similar to any application development process.

Factors like the game rewards, mechanics, level design, and player engagement play a key role in game development. In a game development course, one usually learns how to leverage the designers’ concepts and develop a playable game out of them.

Yes, game development is a great career for anyone who seeks interest in the gaming sector and has technical competency. However, you must pursue a gaming designing course to learn this industry’s duties, pros, skills, and employment prospects. The fact that the average salary of a game developer is $104,000 per year (approx) means it’s a lucrative career for anyone who holds a passion for gaming and programming.

View more

Best Gaming & Esport Course Online

Many graduates still love to play games and indulge in eSports. While some consider it a time pass, others consider it to be their passion. For those passionate about gaming and eSports, Hero Vired allows them to turn this passion into a viable career.

Hero Vired introduces one of the best eSports and Gaming courses in India. With this comprehensive eSports and game designing course, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of the evolving eSports and Gaming industry while learning the use of tools like Unity, Figma, Blender, Maya, and more.

Similar to our Data Science, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence program, this eSports and gaming course will include live interactive classes from the best-in-class faculty for the duration of six months. You’ll get to work on real-world case studies and projects that help you implement your theoretical knowledge into practical work.

What Gaming & ESport and Why Is it Important?

Students (even graduates) that play and engage in video games can become smarter, more efficient, and more employable in various fields, such as the medical industry, computer sciences, remote flying, aviation, engineering, etc.

Individuals’ strategic thinking, performance abilities, leadership, communication, collaboration, and confidence-building can all benefit from playing esports.

With more than 810 million fans, the esports business and its effects on the international economy are gradually gaining more attention. By 2023, it is anticipated that the industry will generate sales of over $1.5 billion thanks to mainstream integration, thus enhancing its prominence.

Why Should I Choose Hero Vired’s Gaming & Esports Course?

Choosing Hero Vired’s Gaming and Esports course will benefit you in the following ways:

  • The course lasts six months with flexible learning hours, making it ideal for working professionals too.
  • The course helps you get a guaranteed internship in NORDWIN Gaming.
  • You’ll learn plenty of skills, including technical, creative, collaborative, networking, and communication skills.
  • The online program allows you to venture out into the world of eSports and Gaming to find a career of your choice.
  • From a game developer and game designer to a league and tournament manager, you can choose any career role after this course.
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