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Financial Analysis, Valuation, & Risk Management

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June 30, 2024

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May 2024


7 months

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India’s only industry-focused, Finance program

70-90% instructor-led live classes

Hands-on experiential learning & projects

Career assistance sessions & workshops

Masterclasses on emerging topics like Gen AI

Covers the syllabus for NiSM certification

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Job Opportunities

Learners saw positive career growth


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Enhanced outcomes through more than 80% live and experiential learning

Our holistic learning philosophy

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Live learning

Interactive classes with industry experts for hands-on learning

Case studies

Real-world tasks to solidify knowledge and prep for industry challenges.

1:1 counselling

Personalized mentorship for career navigation and professional decisions.

Seasoned faculty

Guidance from leading industry experts to ensure top-tier learning.

Capstone projects

Final projects that blend learning with real impact in your field.

Doubt clearing sessions

Targeted sessions to ensure clarity and readiness for next steps.


Financial Analysis

  • Gain practical skills in financial analysis to evaluate business performance and financial health.

  • Learn creditworthiness evaluation through hands-on case studies and live sessions.

  • Learn art and science of financial decision making using NPV, IRR. Understand nuances of financial risk, return, cost of capital and discount rate.

  • Build and apply financial models for informed decision-making and learn enterprise valuation EV using DCF discounted cash flow

  • Explore bond valuation, yield curves, and risk management in fixed income markets.

  • Understand credit/debt markets, focusing on default risk and bond pricing. Dive into FX market dynamics, trading strategies, and risk management.

  • Understand the essentials of derivaties market including options, swaps, futures, and forwards. Understand value at risk VaR, basics of option valuation, option greeks and risk management.

  • Connect the dots to develop your own equity research report of a listed public company. Conduct historical analysis, forecast free cash flows, and perform valuation using DCF and comparables. Build your own investment thesis and present your equity research report.

  • Develop your technology skills for fin(analytical) world, gain experience with Advanced Excel, Tableau, Power BI, and use of Open AI, Microsoft CoPilot etc.
Financial Analysis Insights

Unlock valuable insights

5-star rating by 97% of students.

Discover the outcomes of the program.

Explore the custom-curated learning path.

Master industry-relevant tools

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Sharpen Financial expertise: Learn analysis, valuation, risk management from experienced industry faculties.


Connect FVR skills with Finance careers: Develop soft skills in career workshops, mock interviews for career readiness.


Gain hands-on experience: Credit analysis, financial modeling, valuation, equity research, NISM certification, enhancing your CV.


Enter the Finance domain confidently: Enter or transition into the world of Finance. Aim for roles like Financial Analyst, Credit Analyst, Equity Research Analyst etc.

Launch projects, leap forward

Credit Analysis Project

Credit Analysis Project

Do credit analysis on a company and compile a credit note with business and financial risk profile. Synthesized data from financial statements, analyzed ratios and performance trend. Conducted cash flow analysis, evaluated firm's ability to meet obligations.

Equity Research Report

Equity Research Report

Develop your own equity research report on a public company. Do historical and EIC economy industry company analysis. Develop detailed financial model, develop forecasts for revenues, costs, profits, and cashflows. Undertake DCF valuation, summarize the analysis.

Credit Risk Management

Credit Risk Management

Empower the Hospitality Minds team to optimally harness their resources through data analysis and visualization tools. These tools will unearth key insights into hotel booking patterns and preferences, ultimately serving the objective of more effectively meeting customer needs.


In collaboration with

Freo: India's Pioneering Credit-Led Neobank

Surpassed 1 million users, illustrating its scale as a financial education platform​​.

Supported by SIDBI's investment, enhancing its role in financial learning and innovation​.

Over ₹2,800 crore in transactions, providing valuable insights into consumer financial behaviors.


Get certified

With Hero Group’s decades of research of the Indian education; this certificate places you in an elite league of professionals.

* Certificates are indicative and subject to change

Our faculty, your mentors

Guru Jambunathan

Guru Jambunathan


PGDBM, CFA, FRM 18+ yrs exp Fin Services Equity Research, Business Offshoring, Eco Research


With 18+ years in business operations, financial research, and product development, Guru is a CFA, FRM, CSPO, and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. He has launched a B2B financial research platform, managed large client accounts, and leads client engagements.


MBA in Finance from TAPMI

Visit LinkedIn Profile
ShivaKumar Bavamala

ShivaKumar Bavamala


IIT M, IIM B 16+ yrs exp Fin Services Trading, Risk Mgmnt, India UK, Entrepreneur


S G Bavamala is founder of Chennai-based Tamu Tamu, which offers fresh plant-based meals and WFPB options since 2018. A part-time Financial Markets faculty at Hero Vired, he was Director at Trendline Risk, Credit Trader at Barclays, and Trader at ICICI Bank UK PLC.


PGP in Management from IIM, Bangalore

Visit LinkedIn Profile

Personalized career mentorship

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CV and LinkedIn profile building

Enhance personal branding, fostering better discovery and shortlisting.


Interview preparation

Equipping candidates with the right skills and confidence to crack interviews.


1:1 Career coaching sessions

Personalized mentoring to empower individuals to chart their professional journey.

Finance jobs are on the rise

By 2025, over 85% of companies believe Financial Analysis, Valuation & Risk Management will be critical for making informed financial decisions and managing risks effectively.

Are you ready to meet the demand?


Financial Analyst


Valuation Analyst


Risk Manager


Credit Analyst


Investment Banker


Regulatory Compliance Analyst


Portfolio Manager


Corporate Financial Consultant

Data Source: LinkedIn

What your cohort is made of






Banking & Financial Services










Real stories, real success

A particular highlight for me has been the faculty. Their unwavering motivation and deep-rooted industry experience offered an enriched learning experience. The curriculum itself is a perfect amalgamation of academic rigor and practical insights, tailored to provide a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape.

Khushbu Kikot

Khushbu Kikot

The financial market concepts taught here are invaluable. Assessments tackle difficult topics, while faculty patiently address every query. Their career-oriented approach ensures readiness for real-world challenges.

Guru Prasad

Guru Prasad

Exceptional learning experience with well-designed curriculum ensuring thorough knowledge. Cooperative faculty, industry-aligned curriculum, and focus on self-improvement make it ideal for aspiring professionals.

Nagesh R

Nagesh R

In just a month, I can confidently say that this program has not only broadened my knowledge but has also equipped me with the skills and tools necessary to excel in the field of financial analysis, valuation, and risk management.

Gagan Naik

Gagan Naik

Buzzing on social media

Ashish Sharma

Journeys of growth

400% hike


Private Equity Analyst


10% hike

Gallagher & Mohan

Financial Analyst

The Handler

Financial Analyst

25% hike

Gallagher & Mohan

Financial Analyst

ICICI Prudential

Senior Associate

480% hike


Senior Analyst



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Certificate Program in

Financial Analysis, Valuation, & Risk Management

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₹6,416/ month

Price: ₹2,50,000 + GST

What you will get:

India’s only industry-focused, Finance program

70-90% instructor-led live classes

Hands-on experiential learning & projects

Career assistance sessions & workshops

Masterclasses on emerging topics like Gen AI

Covers the syllabus for NiSM certification


7 Months

Apply by

June 30, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Financial Analysis, Valuation, & Risk Management course all about?

The financial risk management course from Hero Vired sheds light on the core areas of finance with a theoretical grounding in basic concepts of portfolio theory, time value, financial accounting, and statements. The financial risk management course covers tools like Microsoft Excel, Power BI, SQL, and more. The financial analysis course is perfect for individuals who intend to transform into fintech and pure finance roles.

Financial analysis, valuation, and risk management revolve around the inspection of an organisation's financial information to comprehend the business scenario and make effective decisions. You can enrol in the Hero Vired financial analysis course to become industry-ready with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and hands-on training. The program also acts as a financial risk management course to help professionals protect businesses from potential risks.

Anyone interested in making a career in high finance or fintech, who might come from a basic finance, business administration or technology background. Working professionals with some exposure to banking, or any finance related domain including operations, may find the program extremely useful to transition to pure finance and fintech roles.

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Financial Management Course Online

Want to upscale your career in finance and venture into fintech roles? Pursue the financial analyst course from Hero Vired to become industry-ready with the relevant skills and knowledge. Apply today and make yourself noticeable in front of employers searching for certified finance professionals!

Learn from the Best Financial Analysis, Valuation, & Risk Management Course in India

The financial analyst course from Hero Vired is ideal for getting comprehensive training in assessing a business's financial status and performance. If you are wondering what the benefits of pursuing the course are, they are as follows:

  • Learn from Top Instructors

    If you want to pursue finance certification courses under top-notch instructors, Hero Vired will come to your rescue. The leading faculty members will try to keep the live sessions interactive. They will clarify all your doubts and help you understand all the core concepts of strategic management and business essentials.

  • Work on Case Studies and Projects

    Apart from offering theoretical knowledge, the finance certification courses from Hero Vired will allow you to work on industry projects and case studies. You will get practical hands-on training in finance from the course.

What is Financial Management and Why Is It Important?

Financial analysis, valuation, and risk management refer to the assessment of an organisation's financial information to grasp the business scenario and make informed decisions. The analytical process involves managing working capital, determining profitability, and free cash flowers over a certain period. A financial analyst course teaches how to determine whether a business has stability in the market and if the business is suitable for investments.

The purpose of a financial management course is to teach how to verify a company's present and historical data to gain valuable information about a company's financial status. Financial management is crucial for forecasting the financial status of a company in the future. It supports a company in different ways, including developing strategic plans and tackling future hurdles.

A financial risk management course teaches how to start collecting data for a financial statement and examining that data with the help of analytical tools and techniques. The statements imply crucial facts about a company's financial status and performance. Performing financial analysis, valuation, and risk management is crucial for creditors, investors, and other businesses to evaluate a company's financial statements according to their requirements.

Why Should I Choose Hero Vired's Financial Analysis, Valuation, & Risk Management Course?

The financial analyst course from Hero Vired is crucial for strengthening your theoretical knowledge in core areas of finance. Similar to all Hero Vired courses in disciplines like data science, machine learning, & artificial intelligence, the financial management course also has a well-designed syllabus. If you are a little sceptical about joining Hero Vired's financial analysis, valuation, and risk management course, you should check out the following reasons:

  • Live Online Classes

    While most courses related to financial analysis include pre-recorded lectures, Hero Vired lets learners attend live online classes. The classes for the financial risk management certification are conducted by top experts from the industry to ensure that learners can grasp a clear understanding of fundamental concepts. Even though the classes are online, you will get ample opportunities to interact with your faculty and find answers to all your queries.

  • Small Batch Sizes

    The financial planning and analysis course holds batches with limited learners. It ensures that every learner can receive individualised support from the instructors. It also guarantees that the instructors remain more focused in their teaching approach.

Eligibility for Joining Financial Analysis, Valuation, & Risk Management Program

If you intend to pursue the financial planning and analysis course offered by Hero Vired, you should have a bachelor's degree. Moreover, a background in mathematics is crucial for pursuing the course. Individuals coming from a basic finance, technology, or business administration background will also find it easy to grasp the different concepts taught in the course.

Working professionals from the banking sector are perfect for pursuing financial risk management certification. Other professionals working in any finance-related domain, like operations, can also pursue this course. The financial management course is perfect for anyone willing to transform into a high finance or fintech role.

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