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Accelerator Program in

Business Analytics and Data Science

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Hero Vired’s Accelerator Program in Business Analytics & Data Science is built to help you find your niche as a Data Analyst and enable you to make data-driven decisions. Here's what you can expect:

70+ Live Sessions with global and Indian faculty

Learn tools such as Power BI, Tableau, SQL, Python, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn and MS Excel

Workshops on industry-trending topics, such as Azure Databricks with Pyspark, Large Language Models (LLM), and GPT are offered

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April 2024

Program Start Date

10 months


Bachelor’s degree


20 April 2024

Application Deadline

Custom curated international curriculum

Hero Vired’s Accelerator Program in Business Analytics & Data Science lays solid foundations for machine learning algorithms, mathematical and statistical models that enable you to make data-driven decision making.

Live Learning Duration



Total Effort Required



Total Weekly Effort



Tools Covered

Power BI
Scikit learn


Program Brochure

For detailed curriculum and program structure, download the program brochure

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  • What is Data Analytics?
  • Analytics Hierarchy
  • Data Sources
  • Analytics in Business - Real World Glimpses
  • CRISP-DM - An Analytics Project Framework
  • Analytics Tools - How to Choose the Appropriate Tools?
  • MS Excel Basics
  • MS Excel Advanced
  • Macros and VBA
  • Introduction to SQL Basics
  • Data Analysis Using SQL
  • Introduction to Python Programming
  • Data Analysis Using Pandas and Numpy I
  • Performing Descriptive Statistics with Python
  • Data Visualization with Python
  • Probability Basics: Definition of Probability, Mutually Exclusive Events, Independent Events, Relative Frequency
  • Idea of Distributions: Discrete and Continuous
  • Computing Distributions from Data and Deriving Insights
  • Performing EDA with Python
  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Introduction to Power BI: Data Slicing and Dicing Using DAX Query
  • Data Visualization Using Tableau (Optional)
  • Storytelling with Data (Dashboarding and storytelling with Power BI)
  • Probability Distributions
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • ANOVA, Hypothesis Tests, and p-values
  • Modeling Overview and Industry Applications
  • Data Science and Predictive Modeling: Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Clustering
  • End-to-end application of ML in business use cases
  • Datascience Handbook Banner

    Industry Leading Faculty

    Learn from world-class faculty that will guide you through this certification program

    Kartik Mudaliar

    Kartik Mudaliar

    Associate Faculty, Hero Vired | 7+ years of experience

    Corporate trainer with Industry leading organizations in Data Science, Python and Databases. Specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Python, and Machine Learning.

    View Linkedin Profile
    Sanjoy Paul

    Sanjoy Paul

    Program Director, Hero Vired | 13+ years of experience

    An experienced edtech entrepreneur skilled in full-stack solutions, he thrives on enhancing educational businesses and empowering teachers via technology.

    Shakul Malik

    Shakul Malik

    Associate Faculty, Hero Vired | 10+ years of experience

    Proficient in several programming languages, including Python, HTML, CSS, and Java. Expertise in IT training and extensive portfolio of developing learning programs.


    Partnered with leading universities and organizations

    National Skill Development Corporation

    Integrated With

    National Skill Development Corporation

    Experience a holistic learning path

    Benefit from practical learning experiences through real-world projects sourced from some of the world's most innovative businesses. Take a glimpse into the caliber of practical experience our program offers.

    User Recommendation

    User Recommendation

    With a continuous influx of new users, the challenge lies in determining the most suitable song recommendations for them. These new users may have an initial listening history of merely three songs, and it becomes crucial to curate recommendations based on this limited data.

    Inventory Analysis

    Inventory Analysis

    The aim is to achieve an all-encompassing comprehension of the inventory data, incorporating aspects such as sales trends, product demand, customer behavior, and shipment statuses. This analysis will facilitate the development of a user-friendly platform, designed for seamless data exploration and in-depth evaluation.

    Resource Utilization

    Resource Utilization

    Empower the Hospitality Minds team to optimally harness their resources through data analysis and visualization tools. These tools will unearth key insights into hotel booking patterns and preferences, ultimately serving the objective of more effectively meeting customer needs.

    Get certified after you graduate from the program

    On successful completion of this certification program, you will be eligible for the following certificate:


    Hero Vired Certificate

    Benefit from the Hero Group’s decades of research and understanding of the Indian education and job landscape.
    * Certificates are indicative and subject to change

    90,000+ Analytics jobs in India. You can   be one of them

    can will

    Our dedicated Learner Success Team is committed to empower you with the skills necessary for thriving in roles such as

    Data Science Associate

    4,000+ Jobs

    Senior Data Science Associate

    1,000+ Jobs

    Business Analyst

    32,000+ Jobs

    Senior Business Analyst

    7,000+ Jobs

    Business Analytics Manager

    3,000+ Jobs

    Business Analytics Lead

    5,000+ Jobs

    Data Analyst

    1,500+ Jobs

    Business Intelligence Analyst

    500+ Jobs

    Visualization Expert

    2,000+ Jobs

    Data sourced from Linkedin

    Achieve your career goals through our personalized career mentorship and guidance

      CV and LinkedIn profile building

    CV and LinkedIn profile building

     interview preparation

    Interview preparation

     Career Preparedness

    1-1 Career coaching sessions


    Hear what our Learners have to say about the Hero Vired experience

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    Accelerator Program in Business Analytics and Data Science

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    Application Process

    A simple yet thorough application process that will help you learn key skills to supercharge your career

    Step 1

    Application Submission:

    Complete and review the form before submission. A meticulously filled out application aids us in evaluating your educational objectives and facilitates your seamless enrollment into the program

    Step 2

    Offer Letter Receipt:

    Upon successful application, you will receive an offer letter to enroll, encapsulating comprehensive details about the program, the associated fee structure, and the payment schedule.

    Step 3

    Block your seat:

    Secure your seat by making a nominal payment to confirm your acceptance into the program.

    *This is contingent upon specific program eligibility requirements, criteria, and any potential tests that may be incorporated as part of the enrollment procedure.

    Upskill yourself with Hero Vired

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    70% to 90% Live Instructor-led Classes
    Interactive Learning
    Discussion Forums and Community
    Industry Simulation Projects & Case Studies
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    Practical Hands-on Learning Session
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    Career Assistance and Workshops
    Business Analytics and Data Science
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    Seeking Financial Aid?
    Application Deadline:20 April 2024
    Apply early to secure your seat

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A data science and business analytics course is a highly valuable course in India. While a business analyst course focuses on the statistical study and practice of business-centric data to gain valuable B2B insights, a data science course focuses on the study of data leveraging technology, algorithms, and statistics. For business analytics study, you’ll mainly use structured data. However, you must use unstructured and structured data for a data science course.

    Today, business analytics has become integral to various organisations and domains. With its growing importance across multiple disciplines, business analytics has become a popular and demanding field for professionals.

    From the private sector to government-based organisations, from healthcare to eCommerce, from finance to social media, Business analytics, and data science plays a key role everywhere.

    Thus, enrolling in a data science and business analytics course is the right choice to advance to various career paths. A business analyst course can help you acquire these highly sought-after and future-centric skills to enjoy a lucrative career ahead.

    The data science and business analytics course from Hero Vired is available online. Our expert faculty will assist you throughout the learning journey via live online classes. Our online business analytics course will extend to a duration of ten months. With industry-focused projects and case studies, this business analyst course will help you gain hands-on training on all its subjects.

    The data science and business analytics course from Hero Vired allows you to gain hands-on learning experience by letting you work on real-time projects from the world’s most innovative businesses.

    Upon completing the data science and business analytics program, you’ll get a Hero Vired certificate that the National Skill Development Council and the Media & Entertainment Skills Council accredit. Enrolling in our business analyst course will give you access to all our relevant course videos, materials, and future updates. You’ll enjoy living interactive classes of small batch sizes for focused teaching. What makes our certificate course in business analytics unique from others is our personalised placement assistance. Not only do we provide Career Preparedness, but also Interview preparation.

    In 2020, IBM estimated that the demand for data scientists’ job roles would surge by 28%, which turned out to be almost correct. According to recent industry trends, LinkedIn alone has over 54000 vacant job positions for data scientists. The same goes for business analysts, which contributes to the rising demand for a business analyst course. Around 140,000 - 190,000 people now have business analytics skills in the US, says McKinsey Global Institute. Thus, this surging market demand for data scientists and business analysts is one of the primary reasons why enrolling in a data science and business analytics program will benefit you in the long run.

    Here is a list of the topics that will be covered in the data science and business analytics course from Hero Vired:

    1. Induction and Introduction to Analytics
    2. MS Excel Basics
    3. MS Excel Advanced
    4. Introduction to SQL : SQL Basics
    5. Introduction to SQL : Analyzing Data Using SQL
    6. Python Programming Fundamentals
    7. Probability
    8. Statistics Foundation
    9. Data Visualization with Python
    10. Storytelling in Business Analytics
    11. Visualization using Tableau
    12. Visualization using PowerBI
    13. Data Science and Predictive Modeling
    14. Business Analytics Applications

    Today, companies are witnessing an increase in returns with the help of data-driven decisions. That’s why multiple sectors are now making the most effective use of people with certification in a data science and business analytics program. Telecommunication, biotechnology, manufacturing, BFSI, eCommerce, retail, and Information Technology are the major sectors that hire individuals with business analyst course certifications. Enrolling in the best courses for business analytics will definitely help.

    Yes, a fresh graduate can easily seek employment after completing this data science and business analytics course from Hero Vired. We at Hero Vired offer Career Preparedness and personalised placement assistance to help every learner secure a job upon completing our online business analytics course.

    A certificate course in Accelerator Program in Business Analytics and Data Science from Hero Vired will help you acquire the relevant skills and knowledge to progress in managerial careers with the best-in-class analytics firms or switch the analytics job roles within your current workplace.

    To excel and master data science and business analytics, professionals will need a proper understanding of maths principles like Bayesian algorithms, calculus, linear algebra, probability, and statistics. Some prerequisite skills that can help you throughout the data science and business analytics course are language processing, classical mechanics, problem-solving, learning theory, and statistics.

    By enrolling in the online data science and business analytics program from Hero Vired, you’ll learn and acquire the following important skills:

    1. Interpersonal and communication skills
    2. Problem-solving skills
    3. Management and leadership skills
    4. Commercial awareness
    5. Organisational and time management skills
    6. Analytical skills
    7. Knowledge of computing systems and project management techniques

    As a part of this PG in data science and business analyst course, Hero Vired will provide you with the most relevant, high-value, and updated real-time projects to work on. By doing so, the data science and business analyst course helps you execute your acquired learning in real-world industry.

    This PG online program in data science and business analytics comes with numerous projects that consistently test your practical knowledge, learning, and skills to make you all set and ready for the real-world industry setup. These projects will be based on domains of insurance, banking, networking, sales, marketing, eCommerce, technology, and more.

    In-depth knowledge of business analysis tools, domain knowledge, and good communication skills are highly beneficial to master in this data science and business analytics course. Having strong analytical skills will give you the upper hand to complete this program successfully. Hence, having a programming or coding background can give you an edge, but it’s not a compulsory requirement for this certificate course in business analytics.

    After successfully completing this data science and business analytics course from Hero Vired, you’ll be granted a Certificate of Completion (Business Analytics Certification) for the accelerator program. The Media & Entertainment Skills Council and National Skills Development Council accredited this certificate course in business analytics.

    The learning materials and content in this business analyst course will be an integration of engaging lectures from both world-class faculty and industry leaders. To enhance your learning experience and resolve your academic queries, this online business analytics course features 70% - 90% live interactive classes.

    The faculty to take online classes for this data science and business analytics course are:

    1. Kartik Mudaliar – MSc in Computer Science | 7+ years of experience
    2. Manoj Agarwal – Ph.D. in Computer Science | 17+ years of experience
    3. Shilpi Taneja – MCA in Computer Science | 15+ years of experience

    This program will give you hands-on experience of working with Python, SQL & Tableau. This program enables you to visualize and model complex datasets to create robust data analysis. The program offers exposure to various business verticals such as retail analytics, marketing, sales, finance, and operations – helping you find success in these domains and get a holistic perspective of different business solutions.

    Upon completing this program, you can apply for job roles such as:

    1. Data Science Associate
    2. Business Analyst
    3. Business Analytics Manager
    4. Business Analytics Lead
    5. Data Analyst
    6. …to name a few

    This program is ideal for people with a bachelor’s degree and with 1-8 years of work experience. This is also suitable for fresh MBA graduates.

    The total duration of the data science and business analytics accelerator program is ten months. You will get access to 260 hours of live learning classes in this program. The business analyst course required only 12 hours of effort from learners every week. The total effort required to complete the data science and business analytics course successfully is 470 hours.

    To apply for this Accelerator Program in Business Analytics and Data Science course at Hero Vired, follow these steps: Submit The Online Application Form: Enter all the correct details in the online application form, review it once, and submit it on our portal. Your complete application will help us better understand your learning and career goals before enrolling in this Accelerator Program in Business Analytics and Data Science program.

    Wait For the Offer Letter: You must wait for our offer letter after submitting the application form. The offer letter will highlight details of the data science and business analyst course fee, payment options, deadline, etc.

    Book The Seat: To secure admission, you must pay a nominal fee once you accept the offer letter. After that, we will confirm your acceptance and book your seat for this certificate course in Accelerator Program in Business Analytics and Data Science.

    1. Academic qualifications: Bachelor’s degree 2. Final year students can also enrol but will receive their certificate and be eligible for placements only after graduating

    The deadline to enrol in this data science and business analytics course at Hero Vired is displayed on the program page and request you adhere to it. If you’re interested in this course, waste no time getting enrolled.

    To enrol in a data science and business analytics course, the applicant has to meet certain selection criteria:

    1. Must have completed a Bachelor's in any discipline.
    2. 1-2 years of work experience is preferable but not mandatory,

    Anyone who meets these selection criteria can kickstart their learning journey from this business analyst course. At Hero Vired, we offer seats on a ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis. As the number of seats for this program is limited, you should hurry to apply now.

    Besides the data science and business analytics course, you can also enrol in these other popular programs by Hero Vired: Certificate Program in Strategic Management and Business Essentials Full Stack Development with Cloud for Web and Mobile All these additional best courses for business analytics and outstanding programs enable learners to attend live classes conducted by world-class faculties and leading industry practitioners.

    The monthly fee for the business analyst course at Hero Vired is ₹6,416. The total fee for the Hero Vired data science and business analytics course will be ₹2,25,000 + applicable taxes.

    Yes, you can opt for a refund until five days before the program begins, however the registration amount is non-refundable. Please note that there may be other applicable charges, for example loan cancellation charges, while asking for a refund. A refund might take up to two weeks to be processed from the date Hero Vired accepts the request. But once you begin attending the courses online, you will no longer be eligible for a refund.

    The payment options for the data science and business analytics course fee include a debit card, credit card, or bank deposit. To ease the payment mode for learners seeking financial aid, Hero Vired collaborated with some of the industry’s leading loan partners. If you meet our loan partner’s criteria, you’ll qualify for EMIs with no interest for this business analyst course.

    Although no scholarship is available for this data science and business analytics course at Hero Vired, you can make payments in the form of numerous monthly instalments. `To help learners needing financial aid, we collaborated with various loan partners and made course fee payment flexible and easier for them. Connect with our loan partners to learn more about our course EMI payments.

    Data Science & Business Analytics Course

    We at Hero Vired offer one of the best courses for business analytics and data science. This is an ideal online course to uncover the techniques and concepts of data visualisation, predictive modelling, and data analytics.

    By learning how to use SQL, advanced Excel, and Python, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights from data in no time. The other benefits of pursuing the best courses for business analytics from us include the following:

    → Learn From World-Class Faculty

    The data science and business analytics course from Hero Vired makes learning more interactive, engaging, and simpler with its world-class faculty members.

    Our highly qualified and well-experienced instructors will help you understand the depths of all course topics and resolve any queries during the live interactive classes.

    → Work on Real-World Projects

    By enrolling yourself in one of the best business analytics courses in India at Hero Vired, you can execute your theoretical knowledge in real-world industry case studies and projects.

    Get practical hands-on experience of all your learning through this business analyst course.

    What are the Languages and Tools covered in this Data Science & Business Analytics Course

    The data science and business analytics course from Hero Vired covers the following languages and tools:

    • Python
    • Tableau
    • Excel
    • SQL
    • Power BI

    If you already have some knowledge about these tools and languages and want to enrol in a more comprehensive online program, check the Data Science, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence course from Hero Vired.

    When to do a Business Analytics and Data Science Course?

    There is no age restriction to enrol in a data science and business analytics program. You can start right after finishing your undergraduate or high school degree. An online business analytics course also allows you to enrol at any time after you have gathered a few years of professional work experience. Working professionals – no matter their professional domain or expertise – mostly enrol in business analytics certification courses to add value to their resumes and boost their pay scale. As a working professional, enrolling in a certificate course in business analytics will help you stay ahead of the curve with hands-on knowledge and expertise in the ever-evolving technologies and trends.

    Multiple factors, like work experience, educational background, age, nationality, career aspirations, etc., play a key role in determining whether a business analyst course is the right choice

    Learn with Best the Data Science and Business Analytics Course Offered by Hero Vired

    Want to explore the world of data science and business analytics to make a career out of it?

    Enrol in the best business analyst course from Hero Vired and equip yourself with all the relevant knowledge and skills needed to outshine in this field.

    If you are looking for the best business analytics courses in India, this is it. Apply for this course today and advance towards a bright career tomorrow!

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