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Business Analytics and Data Science

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July 20, 2024

Business Analytics Insights

About this program

70-90% instructor-led live classes

7+ portfolio projects and case studies

Workshops on industry-trending topics

Build Your Own Product capstone project

Hands-on learning through expert guidance


Our recipe for your success

Batch starts

July 2024


10 months

Total effort

470+ hrs

70-90% instructor-led live classes

7+ portfolio projects and case studies

Workshops on industry-trending topics

Build Your Own Product capstone project

Hands-on learning through expert guidance

Data analysis through GenAI

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Learners saw positive career growth


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Experience the difference with live learning

Real time engagement withlive classes

Learn at your pace, on your schedule

Enhanced outcomes through more than 80% live and experiential learning

Our holistic learning philosophy

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Live learning

Interactive classes with industry experts for hands-on learning

Case studies

Real-world tasks to solidify knowledge and prep for industry challenges.

1:1 counselling

Personalized mentorship for career navigation and professional decisions.

Seasoned faculty

Guidance from leading industry experts to ensure top-tier learning.

Capstone projects

Final projects that blend learning with real impact in your field.

Doubt clearing sessions

Targeted sessions to ensure clarity and readiness for next steps.


Induction and Introduction to Analytics

  • Define Analytics and its significance
  • Explore different types of analytics: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive
  • Discuss various data sources for analytics
  • Introduce problem-solving using data
  • Understand CRISP-DM methodology for managing analytics projects
  • Learn about analytics tools and their applications

  • Navigate and handle cells, ranges, and data
  • Utilize functions for data handling and summarization
  • Create basic visualizations like charts and graphs

  • Master advanced functions like lookup, text, and date functions
  • Learn data forecasting, consolidation, and pivot tables
  • Explore advanced features like data security, what-if analysis, and macros

  • Record, play, and customize macros
  • Understand VBA concepts like variables, loops, and conditional statements
  • Create user forms for enhanced functionality

  • Explore Power BI interface and connect to data sources
  • Apply data transformation using Power Query Editor
  • Learn about joins, relationships, and model views

  • Dive into DAX queries for calculated columns and measures
  • Build reports, create charts, and publish to Power BI service

  • Hands-on workshop on Power BI usage and presentation

  • Explore advanced Tableau features like LOD and forecasting
  • Learn dashboard creation and storytelling with data

  • Master storytelling techniques and presentation design
  • Understand data visualization best practices

  • Learn SQL fundamentals like databases, tables, and basic commands
  • Understand SQL operations like CRUD and constraints

  • Explore advanced SQL concepts like joins, nested queries, and analytical functions
  • Learn to optimize queries and manage indexes

  • Master Python syntax, data types, and control structures
  • Dive into functions, data structures, and loops

  • Explore Pandas and NumPy modules for data manipulation
  • Learn advanced data handling techniques and date-time operations

  • Understand central tendency and dispersion measures
  • Learn data visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn

  • Explore probability concepts and frequency distributions
  • Learn to compute distributions from data

  • Conduct exploratory data analysis using Python
  • Analyze data distributions, correlations, and relationships

  • Learn statistical tests like T-tests, ANOVA, and Chi-Square
  • Understand hypothesis testing and model diagnostics

  • Explore statistical models and machine learning techniques
  • • Understand supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Learn about ML methodologies and evaluation metrics

  • Predict continuous and binary variables using regression and logistic regression
  • Explore clustering techniques like K-means and hierarchical clustering

  • Work on projects demonstrating ML applications in real-world business scenarios
  • Create presentations summarizing analytics findings and insights
Business Analytics Insights

Unlock valuable insights

5-star rating by 97% of students.

Discover the outcomes of the program.

Explore the custom-curated learning path.

Master industry-relevant tools

Power BI
Scikit learn

Poise yourself for superior learning outcomes

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Master data analysis: turn raw data into actionable insights, compelling visual narratives for informed business decisions.


Develop solid understanding: predictive modeling, data exploration, machine learning to solve diverse business problems effectively.


Gain interdisciplinary skills: hands-on exercises, industry projects, tackle real-world data challenges, drive business innovation.


Enhance strategic decision-making: apply math, stats models in marketing, finance, operations for data-driven insights in business.

Launch projects, leap forward

User Recommendation

User Recommendation

With a continuous influx of new users, the challenge lies in determining the most suitable song recommendations for them. These new users may have an initial listening history of merely three songs, and it becomes crucial to curate recommendations based on this limited data.

Inventory Analysis

Inventory Analysis

The aim is to achieve an all-encompassing comprehension of the inventory data, incorporating aspects such as sales trends, product demand, customer behavior, and shipment statuses. This analysis will facilitate the development of a user-friendly platform.

Resource Utilization

Resource Utilization

Empower the Hospitality Minds team to optimally harness their resources through data analysis and visualization tools. These tools will unearth key insights into hotel booking patterns and preferences, ultimately serving the objective of more effectively meeting customer needs.

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Our faculty, your mentors

Sanjoy Paul

Sanjoy Paul


Program Director, Hero Vired | 13+ YoE


Program Director at Hero Vired, Sanjoy has 13+ years in tech and edtech entrepreneurship. He specializes in generative AI, full-stack development, DevOps, and data analytics. Co-founder of myELSA, he has also worked as Head of Product at Retail360, and has held roles at Cognizant and TIAA-CREF.


MBA in Business Administration and Management from ICFAI Distance Education

Visit LinkedIn Profile
Shakul Malik

Shakul Malik


Associate Faculty, Hero Vired | 10+ YoE


Shakul Malik, a Senior Faculty at Hero Vired, specializes in Python, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Spring Boot, Docker, Jenkins, and web security. With a Master's in CS from Maharishi Dayanand University, she has also worked with Primed Talent and TCS, delivering full stack development training.


BSc. in Computer Science , Computer Science from MDU

Master’s in Computer Science , Computer Science from MDU

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Personalized career mentorship

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CV and LinkedIn profile building

Enhance personal branding, fostering better discovery and shortlisting.


Interview preparation

Equipping candidates with the right skills and confidence to crack interviews.


1:1 Career coaching sessions

Personalized mentoring to empower individuals to chart their professional journey.

Data Science jobs are on the rise

By 2025, over 90% of companies believe Data Science & Analytics will be essential to their strategic decision-making.

Are you ready to meet the demand?


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Business Analyst


Data Analyst


Data Engineer


Marketing Analyst


Operations Analyst


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Real stories, real success

Maurya, faculty member, stands out for being not just nice but also remarkably helpful. The support system is praiseworthy, offering round the clock assistance. The team consistently exceeds expectations, going the extra mile to provide comprehensive support. This commitment ensures a positive experience for individuals enrolled in their programs.

Devi Prasad

Devi Prasad

The faculty at Hero Vired has been instrumental in making my learning journey truly enriching. Their expertise in the field is evident, and they go above and beyond to ensure that students receive the guidance and support needed to succeed.

Chintan Vanel

Chintan Vanel

The seamless integration of theoretical concepts with practical applications has not only enhanced my analytical skills but has also prepared me to tackle real-world challenges in the business analytics domain.



The faculty at Hero Vired have been exceptional in their commitment and expertise. Their hardworking nature, coupled with extensive knowledge in the field, has significantly contributed to my learning experience.

Vishal Parmar

Vishal Parmar

Buzzing on social media

Dhanvantari N B Pammi
Dr. Neha Raval
Vivekanand M.

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Moleculor Biology to Data Science | Making of a data scientist

Personalized learning allowed Shivsagar to upskill faster

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Accelerator Program in

Business Analytics and Data Science

Aligned with


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₹6,416/ month

Price: ₹2,50,000 + GST

What you will get:

70-90% instructor-led live classes

7+ portfolio projects and case studies

Workshops on industry-trending topics

Build Your Own Product capstone project

Hands-on learning through expert guidance

Data analysis through GenAI


10 Months

Apply by

July 20, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Accelerator Program in Business Analytics and Data Science Course?

A data science and business analytics course is a highly valuable course in India. While a business analyst course focuses on the statistical study and practice of business-centric data to gain valuable B2B insights, a data science course focuses on the study of data leveraging technology, algorithms, and statistics. For business analytics study, you’ll mainly use structured data. However, you must use unstructured and structured data for a data science course.

Today, business analytics has become integral to various organisations and domains. With its growing importance across multiple disciplines, business analytics has become a popular and demanding field for professionals.

From the private sector to government-based organisations, from healthcare to eCommerce, from finance to social media, Business analytics, and data science plays a key role everywhere.

Thus, enrolling in a data science and business analytics course is the right choice to advance to various career paths. A business analyst course can help you acquire these highly sought-after and future-centric skills to enjoy a lucrative career ahead.

The data science and business analytics course from Hero Vired is available online. Our expert faculty will assist you throughout the learning journey via live online classes. Our online business analytics course will extend to a duration of ten months. With industry-focused projects and case studies, this business analyst course will help you gain hands-on training on all its subjects.

View more

Data Science & Business Analytics Course

We at Hero Vired offer one of the best courses for business analytics and data science. This is an ideal online course to uncover the techniques and concepts of data visualisation, predictive modelling, and data analytics.

By learning how to use SQL, advanced Excel, and Python, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights from data in no time. The other benefits of pursuing the best courses for business analytics from us include the following:

→ Learn From World-Class Faculty

The data science and business analytics course from Hero Vired makes learning more interactive, engaging, and simpler with its world-class faculty members.

Our highly qualified and well-experienced instructors will help you understand the depths of all course topics and resolve any queries during the live interactive classes.

→ Work on Real-World Projects

By enrolling yourself in one of the best business analytics courses in India at Hero Vired, you can execute your theoretical knowledge in real-world industry case studies and projects.

Get practical hands-on experience of all your learning through this business analyst course.

What are the Languages and Tools covered in this Data Science & Business Analytics Course

The data science and business analytics course from Hero Vired covers the following languages and tools:

  • Python
  • Tableau
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Power BI

If you already have some knowledge about these tools and languages and want to enrol in a more comprehensive online program, check the Data Science, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence course from Hero Vired.

When to do a Business Analytics and Data Science Course?

There is no age restriction to enrol in a data science and business analytics program. You can start right after finishing your undergraduate or high school degree. An online business analytics course also allows you to enrol at any time after you have gathered a few years of professional work experience. Working professionals – no matter their professional domain or expertise – mostly enrol in business analytics certification courses to add value to their resumes and boost their pay scale. As a working professional, enrolling in a certificate course in business analytics will help you stay ahead of the curve with hands-on knowledge and expertise in the ever-evolving technologies and trends.

Multiple factors, like work experience, educational background, age, nationality, career aspirations, etc., play a key role in determining whether a business analyst course is the right choice

Learn with Best the Data Science and Business Analytics Course Offered by Hero Vired

Want to explore the world of data science and business analytics to make a career out of it?

Enrol in the best business analyst course from Hero Vired and equip yourself with all the relevant knowledge and skills needed to outshine in this field.

If you are looking for the best business analytics courses in India, this is it. Apply for this course today and advance towards a bright career tomorrow!

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