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Accelerator Program in

Business Analytics and Data Science

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Hero Vired’s Accelerator Program in Business Analytics & Data Science is built to help you find your niche as a Data Analyst and enable you to make data-driven decisions. Here's what you can expect:

70+ Live Sessions with global and Indian faculty

Learn tools such as Python, Excel, SQL, Power BI & Tableau

7+ Industry projects and case studies

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18 November 2023

Program Start Date

10 months


Bachelor’s degree


30 September 2023

Application Deadline

Custom curated international curriculum

Hero Vired’s Accelerator Program in Business Analytics & Data Science lays solid foundations for machine learning algorithms, mathematical and statistical models that enable you to make data-driven decision making.

Learning Duration



Total Effort Required



Total Weekly Effort



Tools Covered

Power BI


Program Brochure

For detailed curriculum and program structure, download the program brochure

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  • What is Data Analytics?
  • Analytics Hierarchy
  • Data Sources
  • Analytics in Business - Real World Glimpses
  • CRISP-DM - An Analytics Project Framework
  • Analytics Tools - How to Choose the Appropriate Tools?
  • MS Excel Basics
  • MS Excel Advanced
  • Macros and VBA
  • Introduction to SQL Basics
  • Data Analysis Using SQL
  • Introduction to Python Programming
  • Data Analysis Using Pandas and Numpy I
  • Performing Descriptive Statistics with Python
  • Data Visualization with Python
  • Probability Basics: Definition of Probability, Mutually Exclusive Events, Independent Events, Relative Frequency
  • Idea of Distributions: Discrete and Continuous
  • Computing Distributions from Data and Deriving Insights
  • Performing EDA with Python
  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Introduction to Power BI: Data Slicing and Dicing Using DAX Query
  • Data Visualization Using Tableau (Optional)
  • Storytelling with Data (Dashboarding and storytelling with Power BI)
  • Probability Distributions
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • ANOVA, Hypothesis Tests, and p-values
  • Modeling Overview and Industry Applications
  • Data Science and Predictive Modeling: Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Clustering
  • End-to-end application of ML in business use cases
  • Get the Hero Vired Advantage

    Hero Group
    70-90% live interactive classes
    100% Program Completion Rate
    Personalised guidance & support
    Pre recorded Lectures
    Low completion rate
    No personalised assistance

    Industry Leading Faculty

    Learn from world-class faculty that will guide you through this certification program

    Kartik Mudaliar

    Kartik Mudaliar

    MS, Computer Science | 7+ years of experience

    Corporate trainer with Industry leading organizations in Data Science, Python and Databases. Specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Python, and Machine Learning.

    lL& t infoys
    View Linkedin Profile
    Shilpi Taneja

    Shilpi Taneja

    MCA, Computer Science | 15+ years of experience

    She has substantial hands-on experience in Data Science, Data Analytics, and Data Mining, and is a seasoned professional in the field.

    hclbanathali university
    Manoj Agarwal

    Manoj Agarwal

    Ph.D. Computer Science | 17+ years of experience

    An expert in designing solutions using machine learning techniques. Specializes in multi-objective optimization techniques and evolutionary computations.

    czzentrixbits pilani
    Rupal Bhargava

    Rupal Bhargava

    Ph.D. Computer Science | 7+ years of experience

    With extensive research and mentoring expertise, she has mentored over 100 learners across projects, collaborating with institutions like Liverpool John Moore’s University, UK, and WiSoc Lab, BITS Pilani, India etc

     delhi university Logos-26

    Partnered with leading universities and organizations

    National Skill Development Corporation

    Integrated With

    National Skill Development Corporation

    Experience a holistic learning path

    Benefit from practical learning experiences through real-world projects sourced from some of the world's most innovative businesses. Take a glimpse into the caliber of practical experience our program offers.

    User Recommendation

    User Recommendation

    With a continuous influx of new users, the challenge lies in determining the most suitable song recommendations for them. These new users may have an initial listening history of merely three songs, and it becomes crucial to curate recommendations based on this limited data.

    Inventory Analysis

    Inventory Analysis

    The aim is to achieve an all-encompassing comprehension of the inventory data, incorporating aspects such as sales trends, product demand, customer behavior, and shipment statuses. This analysis will facilitate the development of a user-friendly platform, designed for seamless data exploration and in-depth evaluation.

    Resource Utilization

    Resource Utilization

    Empower the Hospitality Minds team to optimally harness their resources through data analysis and visualization tools. These tools will unearth key insights into hotel booking patterns and preferences, ultimately serving the objective of more effectively meeting customer needs.

    Get certified after you graduate from the program

    On successful completion of this certification program, you will be eligible for the following certificate:


    Hero Vired Certificate

    Benefit from the Hero Group’s decades of research and understanding of the Indian education and job landscape.
    * Certificates are indicative and subject to change

    90,000+ Analytics jobs in India. You can   be one of them

    can will

    Our dedicated Learner Success Team is committed to empower you with the skills necessary for thriving in roles such as

    Data Science Associate

    4,000+ Jobs

    Senior Data Science Associate

    1,000+ Jobs

    Business Analyst

    32,000+ Jobs

    Senior Business Analyst

    7,000+ Jobs

    Business Analytics Manager

    3,000+ Jobs

    Business Analytics Lead

    5,000+ Jobs

    Model Risk and Governance

    1,000+ Jobs

    Data sourced from Linkedin

    Achieve your career goals through our personalized career mentorship and guidance

      CV and LinkedIn profile building

    CV and LinkedIn profile building

     interview preparation

    Interview preparation

     Career Preparedness

    1-1 Career coaching sessions

    Application Process

    A simple yet thorough application process that will help you learn key skills to supercharge your career

    Step 1

    Application Submission:

    Complete and review the form before submission. A meticulously filled out application aids us in evaluating your educational objectives and facilitates your seamless enrollment into the program

    Step 2

    Offer Letter Receipt:

    Upon successful application, you will receive an offer letter to enroll, encapsulating comprehensive details about the program, the associated fee structure, and the payment schedule.

    Step 3

    Block your seat:

    Secure your seat by making a nominal payment to confirm your acceptance into the program.

    *This is contingent upon specific program eligibility requirements, criteria, and any potential tests that may be incorporated as part of the enrollment procedure.

    Upskill yourself with Hero Vired

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    70% to 90% Live Instructor-led Classes
    Gamified & Interactive Learning
    Discussion Forums and Community
    Industry Projects & Case Studies
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    Career Assistance and Workshops
    Business Analytics and Data Science
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    Price:2,25,000 + GST
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    Application Deadline:30 September 2023
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A data science and business analytics course is a highly valuable course in India. While a business analyst course focuses on the statistical study and practice of business-centric data to gain valuable B2B insights, a data science course focuses on the study of data leveraging technology, algorithms, and statistics. For business analytics study, you’ll mainly use structured data. However, you must use unstructured and structured data for a data science course.

    Data Science & Business Analytics Course

    We at Hero Vired offer one of the best courses for business analytics and data science. This is an ideal online course to uncover the techniques and concepts of data visualisation, predictive modelling, and data analytics.

    By learning how to use SQL, advanced Excel, and Python, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights from data in no time. The other benefits of pursuing the best courses for business analytics from us include the following:

    → Learn From World-Class Faculty

    The data science and business analytics course from Hero Vired makes learning more interactive, engaging, and simpler with its world-class faculty members.

    Our highly qualified and well-experienced instructors will help you understand the depths of all course topics and resolve any queries during the live interactive classes.

    → Work on Real-World Projects

    By enrolling yourself in one of the best business analytics courses in India at Hero Vired, you can execute your theoretical knowledge in real-world industry case studies and projects.

    Get practical hands-on experience of all your learning through this business analyst course.

    What are the Languages and Tools covered in this Data Science & Business Analytics Course

    The data science and business analytics course from Hero Vired covers the following languages and tools:

    • Python
    • Azure
    • Excel
    • SQL
    • Power BI

    If you already have some knowledge about these tools and languages and want to enrol in a more comprehensive online program, check the Data Science, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence course from Hero Vired.

    When to do a Business Analytics and Data Science Course?

    There is no age restriction to enrol in a data science and business analytics program. You can start right after finishing your undergraduate or high school degree. An online business analytics course also allows you to enrol at any time after you have gathered a few years of professional work experience. Working professionals – no matter their professional domain or expertise – mostly enrol in business analytics certification courses to add value to their resumes and boost their pay scale. As a working professional, enrolling in a certificate course in business analytics will help you stay ahead of the curve with hands-on knowledge and expertise in the ever-evolving technologies and trends.

    Multiple factors, like work experience, educational background, age, nationality, career aspirations, etc., play a key role in determining whether a business analyst course is the right choice

    Learn with Best the Data Science and Business Analytics Course Offered by Hero Vired

    Want to explore the world of data science and business analytics to make a career out of it?

    Enrol in the best business analyst course from Hero Vired and equip yourself with all the relevant knowledge and skills needed to outshine in this field.

    If you are looking for the best business analytics courses in India, this is it. Apply for this course today and advance towards a bright career tomorrow!

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