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Certificate Program in

Technology-enabled Sales

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This program is crafted to equip learners with expertize in prospecting, persuasive communication, and effective pitching strategies, providing a technological edge in sales. Here's what you can expect:

Elevate your sales performance with our immersive training approach and interactive modules

20+ hours of hands-on workshops and industry masterclasses by LeadSquared experts

Elevate your sales process with LeadSquared's CRM module, covering user and lead management, tracking, and automation

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April 2024

Program Start Date

3 months


Professionals with 0-3 years of experience


7 March 2024

Application Deadline

Custom curated industry vetted curriculum

The program's primary objective is to empower learners to create a personalized sales playbook, tailored to their strengths and the evolving needs of customers.

Live Learning Duration



Total Effort Required



Total Weekly Effort




Program Brochure

For detailed curriculum and program structure, download the program brochure

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  • Discover the fundamental aspects of sales, including its definition, diverse sales team types, organizational structures, and the intricacies of the sales funnel.
  • Analyze the behavior of your consumer through a comprehensive understanding of their needs and wants and the various factors impacting their purchase decision.
  • Explore the world of Inside Sales, the essential skills and job responsibilities involved. It highlights the benefits of an Inside Sales career and guides you on how to establish one.
  • Level up your sales process with LeadSquared's CRM in this module where you'll explore the ins and outs of LeadSquared across multiple sections, from user and lead management to activities, smart views, tracking, and automation.
  • Track your essential business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for setting up smart goals.
  • You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the various styles of communication, allowing you to adapt and choose the most suitable approach when engaging with your target customers.
  • You will acquire the valuable skill of establishing trust and credibility when initiating exploratory or cold calls, employing the art of conversational selling.
  • You will develop the skills needed to orchestrate highly effective sales conversations. Central to this process is the art of striking a harmonious balance between active listening and skillful probing.
  • You will harness the compelling power of storytelling as a persuasive tool to captivate your customers.
  • You will dive into the art of negotiation and persuasion, acquiring a set of powerful strategies indispensable for achieving successful closures in your sales efforts.
  • You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the concept of responsible selling, emphasizing the paramount importance of adhering to ethical and lawful practices in the field of sales.
  • Get the Hero Vired Advantage

    70-90% Live Interactive lectures
    100% Program Completion Rate
    Personalised guidance & support
    Pre recorded Lectures
    Low completion rate
    No personalised assistance

    Industry Leading Faculty

    Learn from world-class faculty that will guide you through this certification program

    Soumita Mukherjee

    Soumita Mukherjee

    Faculty, Hero Vired | 14+ years of corporate experience

    Soumita Mukherjee leverages over 4 years of accomplished experience in FMCG Sales and Marketing with distinguished organizations such as Hindustan Unilever Ltd and Pidilite Industries.

    View Linkedin Profile
    Ben Campose

    Ben Campose

    Director, Act Global Trainers India | 30+ years of experience

    Ben has over 30 years of coaching experience in Sales, Leadership and professional development across industries.

    Rajiv Bajaj

    Rajiv Bajaj

    Faculty, Hero Vired | 27+ years of experience

    Rajiv has over 27 years of professional experience across business consulting, manufacturing, and service industries.He also holds an Executive MBA from ISB.

    Abhilash Krishnan G

    Abhilash Krishnan G

    Lead Training, LeadSquared | 3+ years of experience

    With a solid foundation in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), he specializes in CRM training and administration, certification program development, and Leadsquared Academy development.

    Urvashi Gupta

    Urvashi Gupta

    Senior Team Lead, Leadsquared | 8+ years of experience

    She has a proven track record of driving sales growth, aiming to cultivate and motivate sales teams to surpass customer expectations and sales targets.

    Anantha K. Acharya

    Anantha K. Acharya

    Founder, The-invERSITY | 19+ years of experience

    With a distinguished career spanning more than 19 years, Anantha has accumulated significant expertise, particularly during a decade-long immersion in the Education Industry.


    Partnered with leading universities and organizations


    In collaboration with


    Experience a holistic learning path

    Benefit from practical learning experiences through real-world projects sourced from some of the world's most innovative businesses. Take a glimpse into the caliber of practical experience our program offers.

    Creating Consumer Persona

    Creating Consumer Persona

    Conduct a comprehensive analysis of a selected company, examining its product or service portfolio, target consumer segments, and create a PowerPoint presentation detailing the consumer persona. Employ a mix of secondary and, when feasible, primary research to furnish a thorough overview of the project's key elements.

    Developing a Product Pitch

    Developing a Product Pitch

    Choose a product or service offering and craft a sales pitch script specifically tailored to resonate with its target segment. Proceed to record a professional video of yourself delivering the sales pitch, and subsequently submit it for evaluation.

    Get certified after you graduate from the program

    On successful completion of this Certificate Program in Technology-enabled Sales, you will be eligible for the following certificate:

    Technology-enabled Sales

    Hero Vired Certificate

    Benefit from the Hero Group’s decades of research and understanding of the Indian education and job landscape.
    * Certificates are indicative and subject to change

    100,000+ Sales jobs in India. You can   be one of them

     can will

    Our dedicated Learner Success Team is committed to empower you with the skills necessary for thriving in roles such as

    Inside Sales Executive

    11,700+ Jobs

    Business Development Associate

    8,500+ Jobs

    Operations Analyst (Sales)

    15,400+ Jobs

    Sales Coordinator

    10,000+ Jobs

    Customer Success Representative

    7,500+ Jobs

    Inside Sales Specialist

    20,000+ Jobs

    Data sourced from Linkedin

    Application Process

    A simple yet thorough application process that will help you learn key skills to supercharge your career

    Step 1

    Submit Application

    Fill the form, review it, and submit your application. A fully completed application helps us assess your learning goals and enrol you into the program.

    Step 2

    Receive the offer letter

    You will receive an offer letter to enrol, along with the complete details of the program, fee and payment schedule, etc.

    Step 3

    Block your seat

    Pay a nominal amount to confirm your acceptance and block your seat.

    *This is subject to any defined individual program eligibility, criteria and test that may be included as part of the enrolment process.

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    Technology-enabled Sales
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    Application Deadline:7 March 2024
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Technology-enabled Sales course aims to teach the students concepts related to this domain. The course will cover topics such as Consumer and Market Analysis, Sales Intelligence, The Art of Negotiation, etc.

    The Tech-enabled Sales program offered by Hero Vired enables students to develop a customised sales strategy guide that aligns with their strengths and adapts to the changing demands of customers. It will Enhance your sales procedures by using LeadSquared's CRM module, covering user and lead management, tracking, and automation

    Hero Vired provides a top-tier Technology-enabled program for professionals. Unlike many other courses with pre-recorded lectures, Hero Vired offers a substantial 70-90% of live interactive classes. The completion rate for the course stands at an impressive 100%, a sharp contrast to the low completion rates seen in other programs.

    Esteemed faculty members, including the following individuals, will teach the course:

    1. Urvashi Gupta (Senior Team Lead, Leadsquared)
    2. Anantha K. Acharya (Founder, The-invERSITY)
    3. Ben Campose (Director, Act Global Trainers India)
    4. Rajiv Bajaj (Strategy and Change Management Expert)

    The Technology-enabled Sales program will help you acquire the crucial ability to build trust and credibility during initial exploratory or cold calls, utilising conversational selling techniques. You'll cultivate the skills required to conduct remarkably effective sales conversations, focusing on maintaining a balanced approach between active listening and adept probing.

    After completing the certification course in Technology-enabled Sales, you will get the opportunity to showcase your abilities in job roles such as Inside Sales Executive, Inside Sales Specialist, Operations Analyst (Sales) and more.

    The following topics are covered in the Technology-enabled Sales Program offered by Hero Vired:

    1. Sales Intelligence
    2. Conversational Selling Methodology
    3. Probing and Scenario Management
    4. The Art of Negotiation
    5. Sales Ethics and Compliance
    6. Sales Automation with LeadSquared
    7. Consumer and Market Analysis and more!

    The Technology-enabled Sales program spans 3 months, demanding a total commitment of 114 hours to complete the program. To successfully finish the program, students should allocate 8-10 hours per week. This top-notch machine learning course features 64 hours of live online classes.

    Here is the sequential step-by-step procedure for applying to the Technology-enabled Sales program:

    1. Fill out the application: Provide all necessary information in the application form and carefully review it before submission. A thorough application aids us in comprehending your learning objectives.
    2. Await our offer letter: Once your application is submitted, await our offer letter. This letter will outline all details regarding the machine learning course, encompassing the total fees, payment structure, and additional information.
    3. Block your seat: Secure your position in the Technology-enabled Sales course by accepting the offer letter and paying a nominal fee. This action confirms and reserves your seat in the program.

    Professionals with 0 to 3 years of experience in the field of sales are eligible to join the program.

    The Technology-enabled Sales certification program incurs a monthly fee of Rs 3,565. The entire course amounts to Rs 1,25,000, with additional GST charges applicable.

    Yes, you have the option to request a refund up to five days before the program commencement, although the registration fee remains non-refundable. It's important to consider potential additional charges such as loan cancellation fees when seeking a refund. Processing a refund, once accepted by Hero Vired, may take up to two weeks from the date of acceptance. However, please note that once you commence attending the online courses, refund eligibility will no longer apply.
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