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Decoding Data Analyst Salaries: A Comprehensive Guide 2024

The role of a data analyst is one of the highest-paying jobs in the industry. But you will have to regularly update your skills to remain relevant in the industry and qualify for data analyst jobs. Dive into this article to explore more details about data analyst salary and the skills they need to develop.


Table of Contents:


Who is a Data Analyst?

Data analysts are professionals concerned with translating numbers, statistics, figures, and other data into something more easily comprehensible. These professionals are required to extract valuable information from heaps of data to prepare detailed reports. Data analysis is a great career choice with adequate knowledge in math, statistics, and computer science.


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Data Analyst Salary in India

The data analyst average salary in India is Rs 6,00,000. The average senior data analyst salary in India can be as high as Rs 12,00,000. The data analyst salary for freshers in India is around Rs 1.6 lakhs. Therefore, a data analyst salary for a fresher could be a good start. The salary of a data analyst depends upon many factors like experience, skills, location, and employer that we will be discussing later in this article.


Importance of Understanding Data Analyst Salaries

When you have an idea about the data analyst salary, you will be able to negotiate well with your employer. It will ensure that you are getting paid right according to your skills. Remember that the field offers lucrative earning opportunities if you continue to upskill yourself and become acquainted with the latest trends. 

Data Analyst Salaries by Company

Here is the list of the data analyst salaries basis on the different companies: 


Name of the Company Annual Data Analyst Salary
Tata Consultancy Services Rs 4,28,000
Cognizant Technology Solutions Rs 5,21,976
Accenture Rs 6,09,819
Capegemini Rs 4,09,350
Infosys Rs 4,99,789
Amazon Rs 5,40,000
Deloitte Rs 6,39,097
Wipro Rs 4,50,000
IBM Rs 6,25,525
Myntra Rs 10,00, 000

Key Factors Influencing Data Analyst Salaries

Several factors influence the data analyst salary in India. Some of those factors are as follows:

Data Analyst Salary: Based on Skills

The data analyst salary for freshers purely depends on their skills because they don’t have experience. That’s why upskilling is crucial to qualify for a high-paying data analyst job. Apart from getting a degree, you can also enroll in various individual courses to acquire special skills. For instance, you can enroll in a SQL or Microsoft Excel course apart from getting a data analyst degree. 


Data Analyst Salary: Based on Experience

Experience is one of the crucial factors that influence the salary of a data analyst. As you become more experienced in the field, you will be able to acquire more extensive knowledge for handling complex projects. Therefore, the junior data analyst salary won’t be as high as that of a senior. Usually, you will need more than 3 years of experience to get the role of a senior data analyst. 


Data Analyst Salary: Based on Geographic Location

The data analyst salary in India will also vary according to the city you are working in. It will be influenced by the cost of living in the city and the demand for the role. For instance, a fresher in Mumbai will earn the same amount as a data analyst in Kolkata with three to four years of experience. The data analyst average salary in some of the top cities in India are as follows:

  • Bangalore: Rs 6,00,000
  • New Delhi: Rs 5,87,500
  • Mumbai: Rs 5,44,938
  • Chennai: Rs 6,16,779

Industry-Specific Variations in Compensation

The need for data analytics professionals is prevalent in multiple industries. From the telecom to the media and entertainment industry, data analysts are in demand in all industries. 


The responsibilities of data analysts also vary according to the industry. For instance, data analysts in the healthcare industry are required to streamline the daily operations and administrative workflow in hospitals. 


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Data Analyst Job Roles and Responsibilities

Now, we have covered major part around data analyst salaries. Let’s now have a look at the key responsibilities of a data analyst.


  • Leveraging automated tools to collect data from primary and secondary sources
  • Eliminating corrupted data and debugging coding errors and related issues
  • Analyzing data to assess its meaning and quality
  • Filtering data by reviewing reports and performance indicators
  • Leveraging statistical tools to identify, evaluate, and interpret patterns and trends 
  • Allocating numerical values to important business functions
  • Analyzing local, national, and global trends relevant to the organization and the industry
  • Collaborating with programmers, engineers, and managers to formulate data governance strategies
  • Preparing analysis reports for stakeholders


Skills and Qualifications Required for Data Analyst

Some important skills required to become a data analyst are as follows:


  • Knowledge of Data Analytics: If you want to excel in a data analytics career, you will need extensive knowledge about business variables. Data analytics professionals also need the ability to make business decisions. Additionally, you should have comprehensive knowledge of different business processes to become a data analyst.
  • Mathematical and Statistical Skills: Data analysts need strong mathematical and statistical skills to make crucial decisions with logic. These skills are also necessary for developing effective solutions for different business problems. Additionally, these skills are necessary for extracting valuable information from data and making predictions by analyzing past data. 
  • Technical Skills: Data analytics professionals need extensive knowledge of programming languages like SQL, R, and Python. These technical skills are necessary for comprehending complex datasets and extracting valuable information from them. 
  • Other Skills: Data analytics professionals also need to be proficient with various visualization tools like Tableau and QlikView. Apart from that, you will need efficient communication skills to effectively convey valuable information from datasets in an easy-to-understand language for non-technical stakeholders.

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Popular Career Paths for Data Analysts 

Some popular career paths for data analytics professionals are as follows:


  • Data analyst: A data analyst is required to extract data for an organization and transform them into meaningful patterns, trends, and insights. Data analytics professionals can help with communicating data to formulate business decisions and strategies. 
  • Data scientist: Data scientists can utilize different algorithms to identify trends and relationships in datasets. They need to possess knowledge of math, statistics, and programming languages. 
  • Data Engineer: Data engineers can design reliable infrastructure for data scientists to use. These professionals are required to transform structured as well as unstructured data for more operational and analytical use cases. 


Demand and Growth Prospects for Data Analysts

Organizations always need to ensure that their data doesn’t become obsolete. For that, businesses will have to continue updating and understanding large amounts of data. Professionals with advanced analytics knowledge will always be in demand to adjust the business model of an organization and stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, the future of data analytics professionals is quite bright in multiple industries, including healthcare, telecommunication banking, eCommerce, and more.


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As a data analyst, you have the potential to qualify for high-paying roles. But you should know that the data analyst salary is influenced by various factors like skills, experience, industry, and location. The only way to keep earning more from this field is to upgrade yourself with data analytics skills and knowledge.





The data analyst average salary in India is Rs 4.1 lakhs.
The highest data analyst salary in India can be Rs 12,00,000.
The data analyst salary varies significantly across different industries. Data analysts in the financial sector receive the highest salary.
Some of the top-paying industries for data analysts include the financial and IT sector.
The analyst salary will be higher when their demand is high. Since the future forecasts a high demand for data analyst professionals, it will remain one of the highest-paying jobs.

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