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Cloud Engineer Salary in India for Freshers & Experienced

As organisations globally race to stay agile and ahead, the cloud emerges as the catalyst, remoulding the IT infrastructure landscape. Gone are those days of reliance on local servers and rigid hardware constraints. Cloud computing is the new answer, giving an elastic and scalable paradigm, transcending boundaries and excelling us into a new age of efficiency and accessibility.


As per the reports of Grand View Research, the global cloud computing market surged to $266 billion in 2019. Nevertheless, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the surge in remote work trends escalated the adoption of cloud services, resulting in a massive 59% growth.


This surge has reshaped business operations and sparked a particular interest in Cloud Computing careers. Cloud Engineers, the architects of this virtual arena, find themselves on a hunt for commendable salary packages. Additionally, as businesses transition to public, private, and hybrid Cloud Infrastructurethe role of a cloud engineer becomes increasingly critical. Read along to understand Cloud Engineers and Cloud Engineer salaries in India for freshers. 


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Who exactly is a Cloud Engineer? 


A cloud engineer serves as an IT professional handling all technical activities within an organisation in terms of Cloud Computing services. These professionals encircle planning, designing, managing, and organising the firm’s Cloud services. Remarkably, a cloud engineer plays an important role in storing all databases in a cloud system and is accountable for the potent management of the implementation of the new system. 


Multitasking is amongst the most important facets of a cloud engineer’s role, necessitating a paramount comprehension of technical skills. Beyond technical proficiency, the Cloud engineer must have the ability to negotiate with numerous suppliers along with vendors, ensuring the establishment and maintenance of data security while grappling for optimal results throughout the process. The vast and dynamic positions in an organisation that fall under the umbrella of a Cloud Engineer include:


  • The architect is responsible for designing the Cloud system.
  • The engineer supporting the database.
  • A Security Engineer tasked with maintaining data security.
  • A network engineer handling the network system.


As technological innovation accelerates the imperativeness of cloud engineers, their demand has surged, mirrored in substantial Cloud Engineers’ salaries even at the entry level. Now, let’s dive deeply into the factors influencing cloud engineers’ salaries in India.


Cloud Engineer Salary in India: Influenced by Role and Experience


When considering the Cloud Engineer salary in India, the years of overall work experience and the specific role undertaken play great roles. Accumulated years of experience and anticipating a critical role in an organisation are the two most significant factors contributing to the Cloud Engineer salary structure. Individuals with a notable track record and roles & responsibilities important to the company’s operations are likely to receive pay scale in comparison with their counterparts in a Cloud Computing sphere. Below outlined are numerous roles within the corporate domain, along with their corresponding salaries:


  • Solutions Architect

    The salary of a Solutions Architect commands high confidence worldwide, with an average cloud engineer’s salary in India reaching Rs. 26,17,500 lakh per annum with a minimum experience of 5-6 years, as per the data shared by Glassdoor.


  • DevOps Engineer

    The average base salary for a DevOps engineer stands at Rs. 8, 24,000 lakh per annum. While a senior Cloud engineer’s salary has surpassed this figure, freshers/beginners and those with minimum experience in Cloud Engineering can expect this salary structure, as reported by Glassdoor.


  • SysOps Engineer

    The average salary of a SysOps engineer is said to be Rs. 8, 87,872 lakh per annum, needing a minimum experience of at least 4 to 5 years. However, this salary is predicted to see a surge in tandem with getting experience in the corporate landscape.


  • Cloud Architect

    The national average base salary for a cloud architect impressively stood at Rs. 19,79598 lakh per annum. Not to mention, even for freshers, this profession proffers a high-paying salary, and as experience accumulates, the salary continues to escalate.


  • Cloud Software Developer

    A Cloud software developer bags a salary of Rs. 11, 88,548 per annum. The demand for Cloud Engineers ensures that salaries encounter a soaring trajectory once individuals start to progress in their careers.


Cloud Engineer Salary in India: Influenced by Employer/Company


The average monthly Cloud Engineer salary experiences massive variations, which typically depend upon the company of employment. Let’s dive deep into the average Cloud Engineer salary in India offered by some of the world’s most reckoned d Giants.


1. VMware


Senior Cloud engineers at VMware bag an average salary of Rs. 15.8 lakh per annum. This US-based firm, broadly recognised across the globe, possesses a high pay scale for its employees.


2. Amazon


Known for its extraordinary customer experience, Amazon is expanding its commitment to employee satisfaction with a high pay scale. Cloud Engineers at Amazon take home a salary of 12,00,000 lakh per annum.


3. Cisco


As an eminent player in the IT sector, Cisco offers its Cloud engineers a salary of Rs. 19 00,000 lakh per annum, even for beginners with minimal experience. Additionally, a Senior Cloud engineer’s salary in India at Cisco is relatively high.


4. Accenture


Senior Cloud engineers at Accenture earn a salary of Rs. 8, 00,000 lakh per annum, demonstrating the firm’s commitment to offering its employees well. Freshers at Accenture bags slightly lower salaries. This renowned IT Firm has a reputation for offering competitive compensation to its seasoned Cloud engineers.


5. Microsoft


A leader in software services for multitudes of applications, Microsoft sets a whopping salary of Rs. 17, 00, 000 lakh per annum for Cloud Computing engineers with minimal experience. The pay scale for lead Cloud engineers at Microsoft mirrors a higher pay range, resonating with the firm’s standing in the industry.


Cloud Engineer Salary in India: Influenced by Skill Set:


The cloud engineer’s successful career hinges on his ability to manage various tasks and master specific skill sets. To flourish in this ever-evolving field, a Cloud engineer ought to have a range of skills, including:


  • Proficiency in Linux
  • Expertise in database-related skills
  • Programming language proficiency
  • Networking skills
  • Understanding of DevOps principles
  • Familiarity with various Cloud providers
  • Knowledge of security and recovery measures
  • Competence in virtualisation and containerisation


An expert equipped with some or all of these skills can assume an average salary ranging from Rs. 8.7 Lakhs to Rs. 46.8 Lakhs per annum at Google as per the Ambition Box, with the potential for an increase with accumulated experience. It’s worth noting that salary levels may see variations based on the employing company.


Cloud Engineer Salary in India: Influenced by Certifications


As the demand for Cloud engineers is continuously soaring, proficiency in numerous areas becomes prudent for upscaling careers. Those willing to make a crucial impact in the industry should contemplate acquiring the following certifications, as these certifications will help you secure a job abroad.


  • Cloud security certification
  • Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Cloud migration and deployment course completion
  • Mastery of serverless architecture concepts
  • Database knowledge and relevant certification
  • Proficiency in modern programming languages
  • Web services and APIs certification


A cloud engineer entrusted with these certifications may bag a starting salary of Rs. 75, 95, 402 with the potential for further increases based on work experience and performance. (Data source: PayScale USD converted to INR)


Cloud Engineer Salary in India Based on Educational Background


A Cloud engineer must hail from a scientific background, holding an undergraduate degree in computer science, software applications, or engineering. Other domains of study with in-depth knowledge and skill sets may also be contemplated. Some organisations additionally prefer Cloud engineers to have a master’s degree in CSE (Computer Science and Engineering).


A Cloud Engineer fulfilling all the required educational requirements may bag e a position in a firm with an initial salary of Rs.11, 03,559 lakh per annum. As an individual gains work experience and enhances his/her skills, the salary is prone to surge.


Factors Impacting Cloud Engineer Salary in 2024


Undoubtedly, the surge in data-centric technology has intensified the imperativeness of cloud engineers in every organisation. The evolution of technology has necessitated the presence of cloud engineers in almost all firms, which eventually contributes to the initial high starting salary for Cloud engineers.


Several factors influence Cloud engineer’s salary in India, including:


1. Experience


When it comes to Cloud Engineers, climbing the corporate ladder and accumulating experience can only result in higher salaries. Senior Cloud engineers bag significantly higher salaries in comparison to entry-level professionals.


2. Location


In determining the salary of a Cloud Engineer, the geographical location plays a substantial role. IT hubs such as Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi in India offer good salary packages for Cloud engineers, with variations depending on demand. Locations outside these cities may see comparatively lower pay scales.


3. Job Role


Cloud Computing roles vary, with specific designations such as cloud architect, DevOps engineer, SysOps engineer, etc. These roles are often contingent on the certifications obtained, such as the AWS online Assessment Solution Architect certification for expertise in Cloud Architecture.


4. Skillset


The salary of a Cloud engineer in India is typically based on skill sets. Prowess in specific skills and in-depth knowledge of the domain contributes to higher salaries in comparison to peers with a less relevant skill set.


5. Organisation


The recruiting firm also significantly determines a Cloud engineer’s salary in India. Established organisations with global recognition and higher turnovers usually offer more competitive pay scales compared to startups or smaller companies.



To Make the Long Story Short


Cloud engineers can expect to have a secure and promising future, with hybrid Cloud engineer salaries ranking amongst the highest pay scales worldwide. Consider registering for the Hero Vired DevOps and Cloud Computing certification program in collaboration with Microsoft to make sure you have a thriving career in the field of Cloud Computing. Attain in-depth knowledge about Cloud services and gear yourself up for a successful career in this dynamic and rapidly evolving industry.





Cloud engineers need to have coding knowledge and expertise in programming languages as they develop precise codes tailored to be in line with advanced technologies.
Starting a career in Cloud engineering is a highly advantageous choice with promising prospects in the foreseeable future. Cloud engineers can anticipate a good salary package in this thriving field.
Cloud Architects stand out as the highest-paid professionals when it comes to the cloud domain. Their responsibilities include designing the entire structure of the Cloud system and undertaking complex tasks that contribute to their elevated compensation.
For novices without prior cloud experience, AWS proves to be the easiest platform to learn. There are abundant study materials and resources available online, which include videos, facilitating a smoother learning curve for AWS.

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