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Cloud Computing vs. Artificial Intelligence: Which One Should You Choose?

The relationship between artificial intelligence and cloud computing is familial. Choosing between

the two is a tough task but artificial intelligence has been gaining popularity over cloud computing. 


You can see the prevalence of AI by the variety of services offered. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are being used with finance, libraries, and even cyber security. Machine learning and AI solutions can be seen all around us. 

Some people might see AI as the new trend and think that it too will pass like some tech trends before it, but the future of society belongs to those who understand AI and machine learning. With advances in this domain, it is important to know how AI algorithms work.

Machine Learning is, then, AI research but more cutting-edge. Regular programs are rather good for the particular task they were made for – to perform it – but have cannot be used for any other application that they are not programmed for. They’re like obsolete dinosaurs, who could chase their prey but could not drive a car. 

Data scientists are debating whether more cognitive complexity is required to make AI and machine learning intelligent. Machine learning is one way that they can achieve this. 

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the model of delivering information technology where resources are accessed through the internet. This allows businesses to access their artificial intelligence and data science and programs anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection. 

Cloud computing plays a big role in today’s computer industry; you should research this more on your own to understand it better. 

The AI and machine learning development of the cloud creates a problem for programmers, but most businesses understand and approach the new market. Today, it’s hard to tell how much things will change in the future. Modern companies need to innovate and embrace new technology to succeed, like the google cloud AI. 

One of the most important things that needs to be combined is Cloud Technology with AI. While it’s a popular belief, Cloud Tech enhances and influences AI development, just like AI pushes cloud tech forward.

We can trace back the fascination with AI to the earliest days of science fiction in novels by Asimov and Dick. The interest in creating a being that serves us and makes our lives easier shows up in popularity for AI. 

In some cases, the concept of AI may not be as fantastical as we like to think. Machine learning and artificial intelligence in banking leads to a smoother process, while machine learning and artificial intelligence in haematology reduces the chances of error. 

How AI functions

AI can solve the problem of time constraints by performing high-volume tasks in a quick and efficient manner. The key to improving AI’s work is developing neural networks as deep-learning platforms. These networks are modelled after human brains and exemplify how human intelligence has been integrated into intelligence in artificial intelligence machine for more complex tasks 

Each of the 86 billion cells in our brain are low-powered processors that work together in different layers to perform more complex tasks. Artificial neural networks, which make up AI, are nodes/neurons that each connect with other nodes/neurons in another layer. This is supported by the intelligence in artificial intelligence. 

A machine can be called artificially intelligent when it demonstrates human-like intelligence, even though its intelligence is artificial rather than natural. AI may also refer to a programming code without physical coding in cyberspace. Such machines have the ability to solve problems and prove a high cognitive capacity about certain tasks, like the google cloud AI. 

The first layer of nodes can receive raw data, such as images, and pass it to another layer. This second layer then performs computations or identifies features in images. The more complex the system is, the more layers there are stacked on top of each other. Every node has an assigned weight to it. 

Data is weighted and has a specific value. The data will pass to the next level of the model if it’s greater than the threshold assigned for that layer. All the layers work together to conclude: every unit of data is weighed and assigned a different value, to help more complex computations. 

AI and its applications

Data is being collected and used in many places across all industries, even reaching to the point where AI can learn how entire manufacturing plants or businesses work. Machine learning is able to analyse and find correlations. These ML systems help improve both efficiency and productivity. With AI, the efficiency of production and management has increased, as well as their profitability. AI depends on technologies like digital twin and IoT to function optimally. 

As AI becomes more and more commonly used, it’s changing how businesses work. With its presence, most business processes can be automated with reduced errors. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, and is good for many reasons. With new machine learning and AI solutions released all the time, this technology will lead industrial practices to the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.  The intelligence in artificial intelligence is crucial for this fourth industrial revolution. 

AI is already used to help aid in production, increase customer engagement and satisfaction, and increase ROI. It can improve operations through predictive maintenance. There are AI programs that are focused on industry such as industrial production software being offered to improve manufacturing and business practices. 

Cloud computing and its applications

Businesses now rent rather than buy hardware and networking equipment in order to optimise data storage. They do this by using cloud computing which is a business practice that allows for the renting of online computing power. 

A scalable business can grow with AI because of how quickly it deploys new capabilities at a low cost. This technology makes the system easy to use, which creates an environment where any employee from all over the world can access and publish content on the fly. As your business expands, you don’t have to worry about scaling too much. This is because cloud computing reduces the IT costs, all while providing a platform where team members can collaborate. Moreover, future updates and maintenance are all covered by the provider.

Benefits of AI and cloud computing

These technologies give businesses many benefits. They cost less to operate and also provide users with a good customer experience, as well as improving other areas of the business. Here are some examples of the benefits these technologies offer. 

Key benefits of AI

  1. Increased efficiency and productivity : AI, in the form of automation, can help businesses improve production and efficiency. It can also free up employees for more thoughtful tasks such as improving the manufacturing process. 
  2. Shorter development times : You can expand your production by testing it in a virtual environment with AI. The digital twin technology creates an entire product or service for development in a virtual environment before you invest in creating the physical product or service. 
  3. Better customer service : AI-powered products can be developed to create a tailored customer service experience. The AI and machine learning solutions are created for the  customer requirements based on their likes and wishes. 
  4. Better monitoring : One of the best benefits of introducing AI into your business is its outstanding monitoring capability. IoT sensors alert you to any problems that arise, so you can monitor every detail up close. 
  5. Human error reduction : As AI does most processes, hence avoiding human errors. Machine learning systems support Artificial intelligence and data science and the system can provide better decisions over time.

Key benefits of Cloud computing

With cloud computing you can grow your business without the need for any data. There are many benefits of moving operations to a cloud, such as: 

  1. Reduced IT costs : Once you move to the cloud, your IT costs will go down. You won’t have to worry about paying for hardware updates, maintenance or hiring more staff.
  2. Scalability : You can scale up your business as needed and easily scale the platform in order to meet your current needs. 
  3. Collaboration boost : With cloud technology, your team can all work on a project simultaneously. The cloud saves everyone’s work in one space, allowing team members to communicate and collaborate more effectively. 
  4. Automatic updates : Cloud computing reduces the costs of updating and upgrading the legacy system to nearly nothing. All updates are made remotely, so downtime can be significantly reduced. 
  5. Flexible business practices : Cloud computing is a flexible way to allow your employees and colleagues to work together, no matter where they are. 

Which skills should you learn – AI or cloud computing?

Both AI and cloud computing skills are in-demand in today’s world. And professionals who are adept at working with either of them are on top of the list for every business. 

Picking which one to learn depends on your area of interest and the direction you want to take your career in. If working on futuristic technology and its application is what interests you, then learning AI could be the right choice for you. 

If you want to work with developing applications for the cloud, then cloud computing is the one to pick.  If you want to get started with cloud computing, Hero Vired offers the Advanced Certificate Program in Full Stack Development with MERN and Cloud Computing that will  set you up for success. 

It is a comprehensive program that includes the fundamental principles of computer science, applications development, and cloud deployment. The programmed is aimed at anyone looking to learn to build end-to-end applications for both web and mobile, and be able to deploy them on the cloud. 

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