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Top 5 Common Challenges Faced by Game Designers in India

Over the years, the scope of gaming has evolved beyond entertainment to become one of the most profitable and growing business industries in the world. 

At present, gaming is a $1.5 Billion industry in India that is expected to double its revenue in five years. The Covid-19 pandemic has further accelerated its growth, as it allowed people time to indulge in their gaming interests. 

While the industry and market metrics are indeed very promising, there are various challenges involved in game development that one should be aware of. We are listing the common problems in the gaming industry that you should prepare for if you are planning a career in game development. 

1. Difficulty in Choosing The Right Libraries and Tools

There are game engines available on the web for almost every game aspect. These engines aim to simplify the work of the game developer. However, the challenge comes when you have to choose from the plethora of libraries and tools available online. Choosing the right libraries and tools could be overwhelming at first, but it gets easy once you prepare the right checklist.

To get your checklist right, you should first list out the properties of your game. For example, if it is a single or multiplayer game, what is the required running speed, if the game logic is simple or complex, what are the system graphics requirements etc. 

Professional game design courses help you develop the skills to define and categorize the game properly. Based on the type of game you are developing, you will be able to select the best-suited engine. 

2. Maintenance of Gaming Apps

In the game development process, post-production is as important as the production and the pre-production process. The post-production process includes continuous monitoring of the game to ensure its relevancy. The maintenance of the gaming app includes regular assessment of user engagement, routine bug checks, etc. 

Additionally, the game designer is responsible for keeping a close look at the new developments that are taking place in the gaming industry and incorporating them into the game. This consistent and dedicated up-gradation increases the player retention rate.  

3. Marketing: Promoting Your App

An understated yet crucial aspect of the game development process is to map out the marketing strategy. However interesting your game plot might be, it would fail to do well in the market unless it reaches the right audience. There are plenty of marketing techniques and platforms that you can leverage for your game’s promotion. 

However, to be able to hit the right target with minimum expense, you have to plan strategically. This involves defining your target market, researching the most used platforms, and, most importantly, devising promotional creatives to get the right message across. Only comprehensive game development courses online will include the marketing aspect of game development, so it is essential to choose appropriately. 

4. Bypassing High Costs

A major challenge faced by the game developers is managing the expenses involved in the game development process. However, there are some smart tips that can help you keep your development costs in check. At present, there are plenty of free stages available in the market. 

You can adjust it to your necessities and use it in your game. This will help you save time and resources in developing that particular stage. You should ideally opt for a multi-platform developer to avoid the additional cost of writing new code for each platform. 

5. Choosing the Right Concept

As with any product or service, choosing the right concept is crucial in the game-designing process too. For the audience to get hooked on your game, it is very important to research their interest and preferences. 

With well-researched facts, you will be in a better position to tap the market potential. You can take the help of the available platforms and applications to get insights into the usage, monetisation, and lifetime value of the games. This will help you choose the right concept for your game.

Game design can be a very creative and rewarding experience. What we do suggest is that you start your gaming career with professional guidance to equip yourself better in handling these problems. 

In India, Hero Vired offers a certificate program in Game Design and Introduction to unity. The best part about the program is that the faculty members are all industry experts, which gives you an edge over other game designers with their valuable insights. 

The game designing program is developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with 70-90% live online instructor-led classes. The course duration is 3.5 months, along with a 3-month capstone project to give you hands-on experience with real industry projects. 

So what are you waiting for? Join the Hero Vired Game Design Program today!

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