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Top 14 Exciting DevOps Projects for Beginners & Advanced

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A recent development in the IT industry is DevOps. It is an approach that stresses cooperation between platform operators and software developers. The method speeds up the development, testing, and deployment cycles without sacrificing quality. Let’s examine a few of the DevOps project ideas that are currently propelling the DevOps approach. 

Before delving into this article, brush up your basics on What is DevOps!


DevOps Projects for Beginners

There are a plenty of DevOps projects ideas that you can start working, regardless of your experience level. Here are a list 9 most exciting DevOps projects ideas to begin with. Check out these interesting DevOps projects for beginners that can help you get up to speed quickly. 

  1. Git

    Among the top DevOps tools is Git – a multi-user, distributed version control system that monitors source code modifications across the whole SDLC (software development lifecycle). 

    Every Git directory on every single client computer serves the purpose of a whole code repository comprising a track of versions and complete code history in the client-server approach that Git uses. 

  2. Java Application with Gradle

    Gradle is a popular build automation tool that supports numerous languages and platforms. This DevOps project involves creating and modularizing a Java program by splitting it into smaller projects.

  3. Building a Scalable Application

    Through this DevOps project, you will learn a lot about application architecture and the factors that contribute to its importance. 

    Your primary objective is to establish a solid foundation depending on clearly defined principles to establish a scalable application.

  4. Implementing DevOps Lifecycle with AWS

    As a beginner, it can get difficult to decide where to start regarding DevOps projects. You can start with this easy DevOps project idea. Here, you’ll create a CD (continuous delivery) pipeline for a simple website application. You’ll initially leverage a version control system to store the source code. Once done, you’ll discover the ways to build a CD pipeline so that your web application gets deployed instantly whenever there’s an update in the source code. 

    Learn all about DevOps Lifecycle to get a better grasp of the concept!

  5. Jenkins

    The majority of tasks related to software: build (development), testing, and deployment are automated using the open-source automation DevOps project Jenkins. Moreover, Jenkins offers several plugins in its repository to help with the project’s creation, distribution, and automation.

  6. Ansible

    It is a well-known open-source configuration management tool that orchestrates infrastructure and automates tasks. Additionally, it can aid with rolling upgrades with continuous deployments or zero downtime. Ansible won’t need the installation of any software components or agents on the client workstation. It is one of the most interesting DevOps projects for beginners.

  7. Create a Chatbot for Customer Support

    Making a chatbot for customer service purposes is another DevOps project concept.

    This chatbot could respond to frequently asked queries or assist users in troubleshooting issues. The chatbot is developed and maintained by a DevOps engineer. 

  8. Nagios

    Nagios is an excellent DevOps project tool that is well-known for its monitoring capabilities. The tool can continuously monitor servers and apps, and in the event of a problem, it automatically notifies the team. Teams can then move rapidly to limit downtime and its effects on the business.

  9. Monitor and Log Application Performance

    Application performance must be tracked and logged to find and resolve problems. The application’s performance can be tracked and logged by the DevOps engineer. This approach can be utilized to locate and resolve application-related issues. 


Intermediate DevOps Project Ideas

There are a lot of different types of DevOps projects that one can undertake to get practical hands on. with a little experience of DevOps. Check out some examples of DevOps projects for intermediates.

  1. Using Azure DevOps & Creating a CI/CD Pipeline 

    When launching the latest software version, following a set of steps called a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline becomes crucial. SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) or DevOps methodologies for improving software delivery include CI/CD pipelines.

  2. Using AWS Cloud for Continuous Integration

    You can use a pipeline, automated builds, and deploy to Amazon EC2 instances to automate your program’s distribution. 

Want to learn how much a DevOps professional earns? Check this guide on DevOps Engineer Salary in India [For Freshers & Experienced] 2023



Advanced DevOps Projects Ideas 

Here is a list of advanced DevOps projects if you have some prior experience in DevOps. These DevoOps projects will help you refine your DevOps skills and keep up with the latest trends.

  1. Containerized Web Application Deployment 

    This DevOps project shows how to package a web application as a Docker container image and execute it on a GKE cluster or Google Kubernetes Engine. 

  2. Building Version Control System

    Teams working on software development need a version control system (VCS) to be effective. It enables developers to interact with colleagues, log changes to their codebase, and quickly go back to earlier versions. In this project you can also learn how to integrate different DevOps projects like GitHub,  Jenkins and more.  


DevOps Projects: Why Are They So Important?

Real-time DevOps projects are growing in popularity because they provide a number of advantages over conventional waterfall programs. What makes DevOps real-time initiatives so crucial, then? Let’s look at it some of the real time benefits of DevOps projects:

  • They are time sensitive and focused on the mission and vision
  • They come with infrastructure as code
  • They leverage the fundamentals of scripting and Linux
  • They ensure continuous delivery and continuous integration



Here we have explored a list of real-time DevOps project ideas for practice that will help you build up your career in DevOps. Most business enterprises and DevOps engineers leverage the following DevOps projects to put the practice into effect.  Hopefully, this guide has given you all the insight you need on DevOps projects and initiatives. If these DevOps project ideas inspire you to pursue a career in DevOps, the best way to get started is to enroll yourself in Hero Vired’s DevOps engineering course

However, if you’re confused about whether DevOps is a better career path or cloud, then you can check this article on “Cloud vs. DevOps: What To Know for Your Next Career Move.”




Among the best ways to explain any DevOps project is to develop things instead of following step-by-step instructions or watching YouTube. Simply put, start analyzing problem statements thoroughly, look for the best solution, and deploy it. You’ll learn things without even feeling or realizing anything. When describing your DevOps projects during an interview, explain only the ones you completed successfully in the past.
The main goal of DevOps is to seamlessly integrate monitoring and automation at all phases of the SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle. It ensures automation in stages ranging from integration to launch, deployment, and more. A successfully built DevOps project can deliver significant improvements in customer satisfaction, quality, and productivity of the business.
There is no precise answer, but the ideal solution to kickstart any DevOps project varies depending on the particular context and organization.  Nevertheless, you can follow these pointers to start your DevOps project: 
  • Firstly, select a component of your choice 
  • Secondly, adopt an agile methodology. One example is Scrum
  • Leverage the power of a Git-based source control
  • Integrate work tracking with the source control
  • Write the tests 
  • Finally, deploy the component by building a CI/CD process
DevOps is a collection of practices that fosters communication and collaboration between operations teams and software developers. Communication, monitoring and logging, microservices, infrastructure as code, continuous delivery, and continuous integration are some key components of DevOps.
The popularity of software development project-based courses is on the rise among students. Such projects have become a solution to educate students via organized approaches. One’s understanding of where certain principles are implemented in the actual world depends on how many projects one participates in. They improve communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities.

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