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Why Python & JavaScript are Loved by Developers

Python and JavaScript are two of the most popular languages for web programming . It is not too hard to learn these languages for an average programmer.

Python is a high-level programming language that one may use for scripting. Designed to make programming efficient for developers, it is the swiss army knife for computer programming.

Python frameworks assist an individual in building web design and cloud services apart from serving as an asset for machine learning (ML), data science (DS), and deep learning (DL). One can use Python to interact with any database cloud and design several APIs. 

Today, JavaScript programming language plays a key role in developing mobile and web applications. Apart from being a clear scripting language, it pairs up with Python to create robust applications. 

While the JavaScript program allows a user to interact, Python framworks aid in making the application and the user communicate well. JavaScript can be difficult to decipher, but one can make applications work to their advantage with time.

Is Python a Valuable Tool for Full Stack Development?

To understand Python, one needs to get to the roots of the scripting language. Known as one of the easiest languages for developers to learn, it allows them to keep it simple and maintain a certain standard of proficiency simultaneously.

Initially, Python was used to enhance the readability of a script but quickly became a helpful tool in automating repetitive tasks.

Python symbolizes simplicity in its approach. Since it is an open-source language, its services are free. Python’s easy accessibility is the reason why one should learn  it as a skill for full stack development alongside the JavaScript programming language. 

One of the best features of Python is the availability of built-in libraries, which significantly impact time management. It has libraries and packages for databases and regular expressions: web browsers, documentation-generation, CGI, and more.

Python is a go-to guide for building the backend of any program. One can use Python to create several programs due to all time  access to its libraries. One can modify the features with Python as it provides scope for improvement and change. 

To conclude, the Python framework is a valuable asset for application development using the full stack development methodology. 

How Does JavaScript Help You in Terms of Full Stack Development?

JavaScript is another powerful scripting language one can use to be a full stack developer. Unlike Python, which offers easy readability, JavaScript is an asynchronous programming language that operates independently. It can be used both for backend and frontend development. When it comes to JavaScript, client-side scripting is used commonly with it.

Apart from a few syntactic resemblances, JavaScript is unrelated to the Java programming language. Brenan Eich of Netscape Communications invented it in 1995 for their flagship browser, Netscape Navigator. Initially named LiveScript, they quickly changed it to JavaScript keeping in mind that they wanted to support the Java language, Sun Microsystems’ partner.

As a scripting language, no developer initially invested time into JavaScript. It was only after a few years and several improved versions of the network performance and security that developers started considering JavaScript. 

Google then created JavaScript in 2008, which changed how developers looked at the language. Soon after, Ryan Dahl released an open-source and easy-to-use platform called Node.js, which paved the way for JavaScript code.

It successfully freed JavaScript from its browser clutches and thus added to JavaScript’s popularity.

Now, one can use JavaScript to write almost every application for the four platforms – browser, desktop, mobile, and server applications. Some online giants like Facebook, Google, and Netflix use JavaScript to enable their products.


In the case of full stack development, Python and JavaScript are two vital factors and basic knowledge of either will ensure excellence in full stack development. Here are some of the features:

1. Readability – In terms of readability, Python takes the lead since the maker developed it to ensure easy code readability. When it comes to JavaScript, it conforms to ECMAScript, which is difficult to understand.

2. Frontend and backend – To develop desktop and website applications, developers created Python. It is not only used to simplify user interaction but also to provide a comfortable interface to the user. However, JavaScript only handles client-side scripting, presenting it on the front.

3. Model – Python is based on a class-based inheritance model, while JavaScript uses a prototype-based inheritance model. There are two modes in Python: script and interactive.

4. Mutability – In Python, list, dict, and set are mutable, whereas int, bool, tuple, and Unicode are immutable. JavaScript allows only objects and arrays to be mutable.

5. Language – Python uses a conservative programming pattern similar to Java, C, and C++. JavaScript carries a limited set of utility objects along with it.

Pros and cons of Python web development

Regarded as one of the most forward scripting languages of the era, Python leads the way in terms of full stack development. While it can have benefits, its other side can always pose problems for the developer.

Thus, to be an efficient full stack developer, it is crucial to know the strengths and weaknesses of Python web development. 


1. Versatility – As a scripting language, Python is easier to use and develops faster than its competitors. Apart from being neat and readable, it is well-structured. There is no specific learning curve when it comes to Python. Due to its flexibility, one can conduct complex data analysis anytime. Even though it is object-oriented programming, it allows you to actively function with the programming features. 

2. Libraries – Python is the ultimate destination for libraries if one is looking for distinct functions. You can easily create your library if you do not have one already. It can guide you in terms of web and mobile development as well as in machine learning.

3. Prototypical Feature – Python is great for prototypes. It enables asynchronous coding, allowing one to form more features with negligible amounts of coding. It aims to save time as well as costs.

4. Productivity – Loaded with powerful features, Python is competitive overall. Compared to Java, it is more concise and dynamic. It has incredible control capabilities and enhances the overall productivity of software applications.


1. Foreign Nature – Due to its non-native nature, running Python on mobile requires additional efforts, which can weigh down its advantages. Based on this, many programmers perceive Python as a weak language. Besides, Android and iOS are both non-supportive of mobile computing, keeping Python as the programming language.

2. Is simplicity a disadvantage? – Some users argue that too much simplicity can lead to a weak point which may be true for Python as a programming language. However, from the purview of a full stack developer, Python is an advantageous language.

3. Speed Limitations – In comparison to JavaScript, Python is a slow language and often lags at maintaining a time interval. It can be a massive obstacle for someone looking to complete his/her project in time.

4. Memory consumption – Python might not be the best choice for memory-intensive tasks since it consumes a lot of memory and may take-up considerable space in a device. When many objects are active in your RAM, Python slows down. High memory usage often results from poor solutions that cannot be restored.

Pros and Cons of JavaScript programming language 

 While JavaScript can serve both the backend and frontend, it can also be an uphill task at the developer’s end. Like any other scripting language, JavaScript has its merits and demerits too.


1. Speed – JavaScript on the client’s side is exceptionally fast since the client can run it immediately on its browser. Unless external resources hinder the speed, JavaScript can have no issue taking network calls on the backend server.

2. Simplicity – JavaScript uses Java’s simple syntax pattern, making it easy to learn compared to other popular programming languages.

3. Interoperability – JavaScript features usage over multiple applications and supports other languages. It is designed to be more flexible and enhance communication. Even though it uses a complex programming language, it is one of the most influential languages for full stack development.

4. Rich Interfaces – JavaScript provides the perfect interface for developers to create web pages full of catchy content. One can use drag and drop components or sliders to improve user interactivity on any page.


Client-side Security – One can see the code used in JavaScript on the outside. Since it is easily visible, people with malicious intent may use it in their favor. Anyone can use the source code without authentication or place a compromising code on the website.

1. Absence of Debugging Solutions – Unlike C/C++ editors, HTML editors do not support debugging. The available ones are weak and do not provide any good backing. It becomes excruciating for a developer to detect the problem since it does not display any error.

2. Dated Browser – Different browsers interpret JavaScript differently. It becomes a massive task as you must run the code on different browsers before publishing them. Moreover, older browsers do not support the latest functions. Hence, it would be best if they are run manually.

3. Code error – A single code error can halt the whole JavaScript code from running on the website. While browsers can be immensely tolerant of such errors, users cannot find if JavaScript is present.

Now that we have elaborated on the advantages and disadvantages of using both Python and JavaScript, it is imperative to check the applications of the two languages and figure out why one would need to know both as a full stack developer.

Where Can You Apply Python and JavaScript?

JavaScript is famous all over the web. About 97.6% of all websites use JavaScript. The functional areas where JavaScript may be applied are:

  • Web Development
  • Server Applications
  • Web Servers
  • Games
  • Art
  • Mobile Applications
  • Smartwatch Applications
  • Presentations

Coming to Python, a backend developer has an enjoyable time using the script in the following applications:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics
  • Programming Applications
  • Data Visualization
  • Web Development
  • Game Development
  • Language Development

While frontend developers assist in building a client-side interface, backend developers create the server-side core. In conclusion, a developer needs to know both to develop and keep a website ongoing.

As a full stack developer anyone can create and maintain their website. In addition, the market for full stack development is booming, with many clients relying on a full stack developer instead of assigning distinct roles.

Why choose to be an exclusive frontend developer or a backend developer when you can opt for a full stack developer?

With the full stack part-time program, you can ensure innovative and accessible learning and invest your time elsewhere.

Key highlights of the program are:

  1. Delivered in partnership with Codecademy
  2. 70+ live sessions with global and Indian faculty members
  3. 10+ industry projects and case studies
  4. Extensively covers practical aspects of programming
  5. Learn to build applications end-to-end
  6.       Program duration: 9 months

Program curriculum:

  • Introduction to full stack
  • Building web pages with HTML and CSS
  • Programming with JavaScript
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Client-side programming with ReactJS
  • MongoDB
  • Web server with NodeJS
  • Building application with MERN stack
  • SQL databases
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Web security
  • Agile and continuous development
  • Python
  • Cloud deployments
  • Mobile applications

Alternatively, if you wish to learn about full stack development on an extended basis, then you can opt for the full stack full-time program to meet your requirements.

Key highlights of the program are:

  1. Delivered in partnership with edX and from Harvard University
  2. 50+ live sessions with global and Indian faculty members
  3. 15+ industry projects and case studies
  4. Extensively covers practical aspects of programming
  5. Learn to build applications end-to-end
  6. Program duration: 7 months

Extended program curriculum:

  1. Introduction to computer science
  2. Web programming with Python and JavaScript
  3. Cloud deployments
  4. Hybrid mobile application using Flutter

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