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Why is MERN Stack Popular for Web Application Development?

Companies require a combination of technologies to build and run an application smoothly. This combination of technologies in use is called a technology stack. It can be assumed that without these stacks, it is impossible for any company to complete a web application development project successfully. These technology stacks generally comprise of libraries, frameworks, languages, databases, front- and back-end tools, etc.to build a project.

MERN which stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node, is an essential technology stack in full stack development. Technology stacks help different companies fulfill their project requirements according to their product roadmap. 

The primary objective of MERN stack development is to help companies deal with difficult projects with the help of JavaScript-based tools. It helps achieve accuracy in the projects with the help of programming languages and with the coordination between the frontend backend development processes.

A MERN stack developer is adept at using all tools and technologies to build stunning applications. 

Web Application Development: Principles, Concepts, and Methodologies

Web application development deals with building applications that exist on remote servers and are rendered on clients’ (or end-users) browsers or devices. Mostly, it is not necessary to download web applications as they can be accessed from browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari.


A web application is stored on a remote server as a program and is delivered over the internet browser interface. Web applications can be used and designed for various uses and – can be utilized by companies or individuals. Web applications may  also provide subscription-based services.

Web application development is an important aspect for companies nowadays as it helps them to propagate information and spread awareness  through various browsers over the internet. Sincethe internet is used by many people, it is easy for companies to make their projects known to the public through web application development.


It is important to follow certain rules and guidelines while developing a web application. These guidelines help the right process of web application development . 
These principles can be stated as follows:

1. Multiple deployments can be accommodated by one code-base during the process or cycle of web development.

2. Explicitly declare and isolate dependencies such as external libraries and services that have been used for the software.

3. All the various types of services that run on your web have to stay detached.

4. Each software development stage has to be built and run separately.

5. Make processes that can store the data and information outside the web application.

6. Use port binding to export services and keep the software self-contained.

7. The fast launching and shutting down process should be applied to make the application more sustainable.

8. Keep the development and production stages of the application similar and intertwined with each other.

9. Manage the admin activities as a separate department from the web application development process.

Therefore, these are the principle guidelines that should be kept in mind whenever anybody is  developing a web application.


Various companies or individual developers opt for a variety  of methodologies so that it is easier  for them to develop a web application that the public can understand and for any company to use and accommodate in their project. All web application development activities have become an integral part of the business world nowadays. It is important to keep in mind that the web application development process should carry out the most convenient and effective methodologies for individuals and companies.

What is MERN Stack Development?

It is an umbrella term used to describe web application development using the following key tools:

  • MongoDB (non-relational database technology)
  • Express(.js) (JS-based framework for Node.js)
  • React(.js) (front-end technology)
  • Node(.js) (back-end framework)

MERN stack development uses an open-source JavaScript-based technology stack that is used for building dynamic web applications. Faster and easier deployment and development of full stack applications in projects are key features of MERN stack. 

MERN stack is also great for building native applications as one has the option of using React Native along with React. The prime objective of using MERN stack is to develop applications with only JavaScript-based libraries and frameworks. 

Why is MERN Stack Popular?

MERN stack is very popular for creating different projects as it provides -quick scalability and helps work within tight deadlines. React makes it easy to build great front-end interfaces and the technology promotes the reusability of code and components.

There are plenty of entrepreneurs and companies who are aware of the various tech stacks but choose MERN stack out of the lot for its impressive performance through these years in delivering good quality projects at the right time.

Advantages of MERN stack

As a fully JavaScript-based stack, MERN stack is widely used by many companies and individual developers.

The various advantages of the MERN stack can be stated as follows:

1. It provides scalable document-oriented storage for databases which makes it ideal for e-commerce websites as it requires real-time scalability.

2. The use of MongoDB in the stack provides much more flexibility than other databases when developing a project.

3. The documents need not be in  uniform structure when dealing with MERN stack. The data can be as dynamic as possible.

4. A wide range of data types can be supported as default and will not be ruled out by MERN stack. This is because user-defined kinds of inputs are available.

5. It is easy to handle complex data sets with the help of superficial keys because the value-based structure is given prime importance.

Therefore, these are all the major advantages of using MERN stack in a nutshell. No matter if a company is trying to use it or an individual developer, MERN stack proves to be an effective tool for web page development using open-source JavaScript.

Disadvantages of MERN Stack

Though MERN stack is very useful for companies in developing projects, it has its fair share of limitations as well. The benefits cannot be overlooked but at the same time, the disadvantages of using MERN stack should be considered as well. 

The disadvantages of MERN stack are as follows: :

1. It can be assumedthat the online documentation system of MERN stack is somewhat outdated which makes it a bit difficult to keep up with the projects that require new technologies.

2. The setting up of the production server in MERN stack is a bit challenging and time intensive. 

3. The developers who use MERN stack should learn a new approach for structuring the data and information as it is simple. For some users, this simplicity is not rewarding  as it does not provide any uniqueness to the project.

MERN stack has its share of pros and cons and that is why, it is said that companies or developers should analyze the core objective of their project and what they are trying to portray. Only after an in-depth understanding of the requirements, you should select your approach and decide whether you require the use of MERN stack or not.

How to Become a MERN Stack Developer?

Anyone can become a MERN stack developer if he/she has curiosity to learn and abide by these simple steps.

1. Learn the foundational languages such as HTML and CSS. Learning JavaScript is also essential.

2. Learn how to use the front- and back-end technologies.

3. Website designing is also an integral part of building a web application. Hence, learn the basics of website designing.

4. Learn how to use React, which is an open-source front-end library.

5. Keep up the practice of understanding these concepts to constantly improve your skills.

6. Anyone can opt for full stack development with MERN and cloud computing by Hero vired to become a full stack developer.

These are the basic requirements of becoming a MERN stack developer and anyone who wishes to become one can explore and achieve success in this profession.

By and Large

Like any other technology stack, MERN stack provides a user with the option to build the application he/she wants and it is quite liberating in its methods. It is dynamic and has multiple  web interfaces.

If you wish to learn more about this web development stack and have detailed knowledge about the same, then the full stack development with MERN and cloud computing program by Hero Vired is for you.

MERN should be the technology stack of choice for developers, especially in this modern age where one needs flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. Become a skilled MERN stack developer and build beautiful web and mobile apps!

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