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Web 3.0: The Future of Internet and Web Technology

There is a new type of internet coming, one that will better understand what you mean, whether it be text, voice, or images- making it more tailored to your needs than ever before. We are at the biggest point in the change in the web. 

There are already Web 3.0, or formerly known as Web 3.0 Semantic web, applications that exist but will not be fully utilised until they are integrated into the internet’s infrastructure. 

What Is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 will change the internet by combining smart technologies, such as machine learning and blockchain technology. Web 3.0 was first called the Web 3.0 Semantic Web by World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, who was trying to create an open, intelligent internet. 

The next generation of the internet is becoming decentralised, which will involve databases being shared throughout the web. This is a huge leap forward from current databases which are stored in just one place. 

Furthermore, the incorporation of AI and semantic web empowerment will allow users and machines to interact with data. For this to happen, programs need to understand information both conceptually and contextually. These two cornerstones are what constitutes Web 3.0.

Benefits of Web 3.0

  • It is expected to be more reliable: Web 3.0 is the next evolution of the internet, offering more freedom to users than Web 2.0. With decentralised networks, Web 3.0 removes the risk of a single point of failure and also gives creators more freedom to express themselves. 
  • It will truly be for any and everyone: Web 3.0 is not controlled by a single entity and is managed by an open-source community, decentralised apps cannot be censored or restricted.
  • Increased personalisation of the internet: Web 3.0 will edit webpages to your preferences, thereby enhancing your web browsing experience. Web 3.0 will allow you to browse the internet more productively.
  • Web 3.0 will help sellers to market better: The artificial intelligence and machine learning in Web 3.0 wants to help you, the customer, by finding products that you want and by showing you ads which are more relevant to your needs.
  • Uninterrupted services: When accounts or services are suspended due to any reason, the decentralisation will ensure that all data is transferred elsewhere and no content is lost.

Limitations of Web 3.0:

Without exception, any upcoming technology has limitations which cannot be ignored. It is crucial to be aware of them in order to overcome them with intelligent solutions. 

Some of the current limitations with Web 3.0 are that the technology isn’t ready yet, newbies may have difficulty understanding it, devices that aren’t advanced will not be able to deal with Web3, more time will be spent surfing the web and accessing someone’s private and personal information will be easier without privacy policies. 

Each of these limitations can be managed by technology enthusiasts and engineers by understanding them and their real world implications. For example, the current lack of privacy policy is one of the most important one to address.

 It is essential to address as a top concern and build a framework for policies and implementation that can protect private and personal information of individuals without a data breach.   

Web 3.0, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

As Web 3.0 networks will operate through decentralised protocols, a strong convergence will take place between various processes and technologies which include web 3.0 blockchain technology. These networks are interoperable and easily integrated into other domains. 

When discussing Web 3.0, it’s important to keep in mind that Jeffrey Zeldman had campaigned for the adoption of Web 3.0 back in 2006. Even though he had been talking about it since 2001, and the concept first developed in 1999, the discussions started to gain traction around 2001. 

Careers in Web 3.0

Like every disruptive technology, this is a greenfield for both technology focused and non technology focused jobs. Ranging from creation to promotion, being a full stack web developer or a web3 developer and more, it involves multiple roles. 

It would certainly require the knowledge of the current best programming language for web development. Few of the most prominent roles are 

  • Community Manager: A community manager manages a company’s relationship with its community on major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Posting blog posts such as this one about Copymatic is an example of a task for a company’s community manager.
  • Unity Designer: If you’re into the game development side of web3, the role of the unity designer might be just for you! Unity is a game engine that allows developers to create games and experiences in both 2D and 3D.
  • Blockchain Engineer: Ethereum and Bitcoin are some of the biggest blockchains in existence. The web 3.0 blockchain engineer role will most likely require you to work within these spaces.

    This role involves designing and developing applications through the use of blockchain technology, evaluating blockchain applications, and using web 3.0 and blockchain tech to create a system that would be beneficial for the company they’re working for. 

This would also include a full stack web developer role and the need for a web developer required skills.  

  • Marketing roles: A high-tech world will offer new jobs such as those within the field of web3.0 and blockchain software. If you have experience in marketing, you may want to learn about how it has changed with the help of blockchain and transfer your skills over.

The Web3 Future

Upcoming Web 3.0 will go far beyond the usage of mere cryptocurrencies as it will offer a personalised browsing experience, a smarter assistant that is human-like, and other benefits that will establish an unbiased web. 

Web 3.0 will cryptographically connect data from machines, individuals, and corporations using machine learning algorithms that will give rise to new business models and markets along with a consumer brand relationship.

The next internet will give everyone richer experiences with a less aggressive search assistant and other personalised services in the brand communities. We want a web where every person owns their data, and innovations like this can only help make that happen.

When Web 3.0 inevitably arrives, the internet will become integrated in our daily lives. The internet has changed our behavioural patterns, and as hard as it is to imagine, new technology will make it even more integrated in our daily lives.

There will soon be a digital world where almost every device is connected to the IoT economy. Machines such as vacuum cleaners and refrigerators can now connect to servers that power decentralised applications that advance new ways of doing things in our world, such as blockchain and digital assets.

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