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Upskill through Certification Programmes to Be Ready for Post Lockdown Period

The covid-19 pandemic got us days of being locked inside our homes to remain safe and ensure the safety of others as well. While that cannot be questioned, it did lead us all into days of monotony and boredom

The covid-19 pandemic got us days of being locked inside our homes to remain safe and ensure the safety of others as well. While that cannot be questioned, it did lead us all into days of monotony and boredom. Almost everyone experienced lethargy and the diminishing will to do anything. However, we soon realised that it is likely that this situation will take a reasonable amount of time before everything returns to normal. 

And soon, our social media feeds were flooded with baking videos and pictures, paintings, gardening clips, and the like as people all over actively took to exploring their hobbies. While hobbies are essential to keep ourselves creatively engaged, it is also equally important to constantly upskill and continue to learn relevant skills in our respective fields. Hence, enrolment in online certificate courses witnessed a huge jump during the pandemic period. Certification programs online are a great way to upgrade your skills to cater to the latest demands of the industry.

We now have plenty of time to venture into other fields as well. For example, if you are a computer science graduate, you can use this time to explore artificial intelligence (AI) or data science. These departments are in high demand now, and there is a good amount of data to suggest that this will only increase in the upcoming years. 

Professional online certificate courses give a massive boost to one’s career. Apart from making you job-ready, such certificates act as a badge to corroborate your skills and hence, make it easier for recruiters to identify and push for your candidature. 

Today several online learning platforms offer reliable, professional certificate programs that help you with upskilling and reskilling. Hero Vired is one such e-learning platform that provides certificate programs online designed and developed by institutions like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Their courses are developed in collaboration with MIT and include options such as programs in finance and financial technologies, data science, machine learning and AI, full-stack development, game design, and entrepreneurial thinking and innovation. 

Choosing a platform like Hero Vired comes with several unique advantages. With Hero Vired, you have the option of choosing a full-time as well as a part-time program with no compromise on the quality of the course. Every course offered here gives equal attention to the academic and industry part. They have an extensive layout of engagement-driven online courses taught by instructors from world-class universities. With Hero Vired, you get hands-on learning experience through associations with industry projects based on real-time data. Every course here offers and end-to-end learning experience that prepares you for emerging employment opportunities according to the evolving global scenario. 

Hero Vired online certificate courses are offered in collaboration with reputed and renowned names like Codecademy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Singularity University. These are global names that have the experience of working with industry giants such as Facebook, Amazon, and many more, and are masters in the space of robotics, digital biology, coding, and AI. 
If you are also interested in making the most of the lockdown and expanding your knowledge about the latest technologies, visit Hero Vired today and get started. This online learning platform is a part of the Hero group, a household name in India. They have an impressive share in automotive manufacturing, financing, renewable energy, electronics manufacturing, and education. So, do not wait any longer and upgrade yourself with Hero Vired holistic learning

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