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Top Technology Trends reimagining the Gaming Industry

Do you know that global gamers stood at 2.7 billion- more than the population of India and China combined in 2021? Gaming is a booming industry propelled by the penetration of the Internet, the increase in affordable smartphones and the rise of a creator economy. The pandemic led people to spend more time indoors and spurred the adoption of gaming.

A 2021 Boston Consulting Group and Sequoia India report estimates the Indian gaming industry is worth $1.8 billion with 300 million users. It predicts this figure to rise threefold to surpass $5 billion by 2025. A survey by Lumikai Capital and RedSeer found that the average weekly time spent on gaming increased from 2.5 hours per day to 3.6 hours during the lockdown. These statistics indicate the amazing potential of the gaming industry in India. This industry will contribute to higher economic growth and generate more employment in times to come. This has led to the rise of several game design and development courses to prepare the youth for a career in gaming. 

Technology is an enabler of the gaming revolution. High-tech advancements will change how companies design games, boost engagement and remarket them. The best game development courses include the study of these technologies to help you become a pro.

Below are technology trends which will redefine the gaming industry.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence has influenced every sector and gaming is no exception. Companies are now focusing on the customer experience, which implies Artificial Intelligence will play a more pervasive role in future. Until now, Artificial Intelligence has been used in video games, in finite state machines and pathfinding. But now, along with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, it creates an immersive gaming experience. With AI, gamers experience lifelike characters despite the game being set in a fantasy world. Retaining users is the critical challenge that gaming companies face. AI aids in increasing the customer base by personalizing the user experience and offering player acquisition solutions. Popular games such as Civilization, Need for Speed, Minecraft and Counterstrike use AI. A ResearchandMarkets report anticipates the gaming industry to grow at a CAGR of 12% between 2020 and 2025.

Big Data: Like any other industry, gaming generates massive data from players. Companies can also use such data to make much more informed decisions related to customer experience. For instance, an in-game voice message can be saved and analyzed for complaints reported by players. Companies can use in-game interaction among players to develop better immersive features and ensure a more personalized experience. Big Data can maximize the customer experience by analyzing the desired game settings, eliminating the need for players to set them manually. As a gaming professional, one must be adept at using this data to make better decisions. The best game design and development courses include the study of Big Data to prepare you for a bright career.

Cloud-based games: Cloud gaming allows users to play multiple games without downloading or updating them. Most high-end games can be accessed through the browser, minimizing storage hassle. One doesn’t need a gaming console with cloud-based games. All you need is a reliable, high-speed internet connection to enjoy a live experience. The potential of cloud gaming has led many companies to hop onto the bandwagon of cloud gaming.

Nevertheless, challenges remain in its adoption. Cloud gaming depends upon steady Internet connectivity and robust infrastructure, which is far from reality. Moreover, many business models are not designed considering the benefits of cloud services. For instance, gaming companies make more sales through the purchase of newly-released games than a subscription service offering several games. While cloud-based games have not taken off yet, some online video game coding courses are developing curricula which include the study of cloud-based technology and its benefits.

Virtual and Augmented Reality: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality create a stimulating environment and render an immersive gaming experience. For instance, Pokémon Go uses Augmented Reality to simulate an environment via a mobile phone camera, GPS and gyroscope. With the help of a VR headset, gamers can experience the fantasy world of gaming. Augmented reality is a subset of Virtual Reality that overlays a virtual environment in the natural environment. The launch of Oculus Rift as a consumer-friendly and affordable VR headset marked the use of VR in games in 2013. Almost all industries are now using VR and AR to maximize the customer experience. A Zinnov report foresees VR and AR technologies to become more widespread to make up a $26 billion market by 2026. The study of these technologies is being included in the curriculum of the best game dev courses to prepare learners for the long haul.

Esports: Remember the era of video games which were once our favorite pastime. India’s gaming industry has come a long way since then. Esports refers to a multi-player online sporting event which spectators can also watch. It attempts to mimic a physical sport event wherein multiple teams compete against each other to win a trophy. Juniper Research predicts that eSports and the game streaming industry will be worth $3.5 billion by 2025 against $2.1 billion in 2021. The study estimates that eSports and game spectators will breach the one- billion mark by 2025. India won a bronze medal in the Commonwealth Esports Championship, a testament to our potential in this sport. The country is now gearing up to compete for an award in eSports as part of the Asian Games. The best game development courses include the study of marketing strategies, including broadcasting rights, high-value sponsorship and ticketing to make eSports commercially viable.

Blockchains, NFTs and Cryptocurrencies: Blockchain is a decentralized ledger of transactions across a peer-to-peer network. It is called blockchain, as it organizes data in the form of blocks. Blockchain provides a platform for NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is a boon to gaming as it makes in-purchases easier. It offers a secure environment for storing information of gaming companies through highly effective data encryption protocols. Moreover, it provides high interoperability to players across platforms through a unique public address for all games.

NFT or a Non-Fungible Token is a digital asset such as an image, video, meme, avatar, virtual land, etc. Each NFT has a unique digital footprint. Blockchain and NFTs provide various benefits in gaming, such as security, portability and immutability. Each player can have one NFT at a time and derive monetary benefits from it.

Cryptocurrencies consist of a group of decentralized digital currencies which can be traded over a network. They eliminate the need for third-party payment providers for monetary transactions in gaming, and players can use cryptocurrencies to purchase in-game collectables.

Metaverse: Metaverse connotes a 3D virtual world which mimics a natural environment. It has opened a wide gamut of opportunities in online networks and gaming. Global companies are relying on Metaverse to simulate a virtual environment wherein we can socialize, work and play, shop and much more. With Metaverse finding its way into music concerts, it is not long before we will play games in this fantasy world. As the demand for the metaverse surges, best game programming courses will include a dedicated module on this technology to transform the gaming experience.

Enrolling in game design and development courses is advisable for those aspiring for a career in this field. These courses will familiarize you with the fundamentals of gaming and prepare you to become job-ready. The gaming industry has several job roles, from a game developer to a social media marketer. The best game design courses should cover all aspects of gaming and help you become specialized in one of the job profiles.

If you are looking for the best course in game design, consider Hero Vired’s Program in Gaming and eSports. The program is offered in collaboration with Nodwin Gaming. It is among the best game design and development courses. The program is offered in online mode with 90% of live classes and can be pursued along with the job as it is part-time. Updated curriculum, qualified faculty and career services and mentorship are the salient features of the program. The best aspect of the program is a job guarantee which means you will have your first job before completing the program. So, opt for a Hero Vired program for a bright career.

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