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Top 15 Machine Learning Projects to Work on as a Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Learner

In the rapid development of computer technology, we are currently experiencing the emergence of machine learning. It is an excellent technological field that makes our electronic devices and machines more learned or intelligent. The prime focus of this technology is to restructure a simple machine in such a way that it could possess the ability of the human brain.

How do Machine Learning Projects Assist You in Learning More About This Technology?

If you are willing to understand and learn about this comparatively new technology, working on machine learning projects will help you get some practical understanding of how it works. Y

You can find comparable data sets of machine learning projects on the internet. It will also help you attain a new skill in the machine learning field. Some of these machine learning projects are really beneficial to people who are still amateurs or at the intermediate phase of learning about this technology.

Why Should People Opt For a Machine Learning Project?

With the help of machine learning projects, you will be able to learn:

  • How to insert machine learning algorithms along with a list of particular tags and data input
  • How to transform the input data into text vectors and denote different data features through a multitude of numbers

Through this article, we will learn about various machine learning projects which can boost your understanding of this particular subject. You will then find creating these projects interesting, competitive, and critical. Let us have a look at some interesting machine learning project ideas:

Top Machine Learning Projects

Projects for beginners:

Prediction of home value 

Consider a situation where you want to sell or buy a property or you are now moving to a new city where you are searching for a rented residence. In this machine learning project, you will learn to handle datasets and crop up a home value prediction model with the help of XGBoost. This project will consider factors like crime rate, average income, number of schools, and hospitals.

Sales prediction

As a beginner in this field, your main priority would be to expand your skill set by working on various types of machine learning projects. In this project, you will find a dataset that has sales data for any particular year for a certain number of products in a specified number of cities. Your primary aim in this project would be to construct a regression model which can assist you in predicting the sales figure of all the products included in the project for the subsequent year.

Song and music recommendation system

If you have used an online music streaming platform such as Spotify, then you may have noticed that the platform suggests songs that are very similar to what you actually like. Have you ever wondered how this happens? Well, this song or music suggestion system can be considered as one of the perfect examples of where exactly machine learning can be applied.

The initial objective of this project is to find out the possibility of any single user who is going to listen to a song or music in a loop and that too within a specific period of time. If the user has listened to the same song within a month, then in the dataset, the possibility will be regarded as 1.

In this dataset, you will find the list of songs heard by the individual within a specified time and the recommendation system can be created based on the dataset.

Iris flower classification 

Iris flower machine learning project is one of the most simplistic and beginner-friendly projects. This project is considered the ‘Hello World’ project of the machine learning industry. You can find multiple numeric traits for those who are new to machine learning and they will also learn how to load and handle the data.

Predicting stock prices with the help of time series

Predicting stock prices is one of the best and most fascinating machine learning projects you can find in the domain of finance. With the help of a stock price predictor, the future stock prices of companies and the performance of those companies can be determined. 

TimeSeries is the explanation of different events that occurred during a specific time period. On the basis of past trends, TimeSeries can foretell future incidents by recognizing a specific pattern.

Projects for intermediate level:

Tracking imbalanced data and finding fraud

With the help of AI-powered fraud detection, the growth of financial crime can be exponentially reduced. Similarly, with the help of imbalanced data, financial fraud can be predicted in no time. The predictive models can also increase the real business value from the imbalance of data and the conclusion you will get may be inaccurate. In order to address this particular issue, you can amalgamate three individual things:

  • Undersampling
  • Oversampling
  • A combined approach

Analysis of market basket

In this project, you can learn to use the Apriori algorithm that can help you foretell and explain things like the purchasing behavior of consumers also known as market basket analysis. According to this analysis, if any consumer buys certain products, then he/she is also expected to buy items similar to that of a previous purchase.

Summarization of texts

The whole point of a text summarization project is to encapsulate a text while retaining its complete meaning. With the help of a scoring function, the text is recognized and important pieces of the text are picked up from a particular document. 

Text summarization uses high-level natural language processing methods in order to create a short and new version of the text that implies the same information. To work on this machine learning project, you will need to know Numpy, Pandas, and NTKL.

A recommendation system for movies

If you have used Netflix, then you must have come across the recommendation you receive when you open your Netflix account. In order to utilize its complicated recommendation system, Netflix uses collaborative filtering. 

You can create a similar project with the help of MoviesLens. The consumer preferences, their behavior, and the link between these two can predict what users can appreciate.

Million song analysis

You can utilize a similar dataset of the million song dataset and forecast the release year of the song as well as the audio features of the song. These songs mainly consist of Western tracks of different years. In this machine learning project, the main focus of the data set is metadata and feature analysis that is associated with every track.

Projects for advanced level:

Catching the crooks by hooks, literally

Global Fishing Watch is one of the machine learning projects that is programmed to recognize as well as track all illegal fishing activities across a given region. The mechanism is based on collecting GPS data and relevant pieces of information with neural networks from various ships. 

In line with its machine learning foundation, it then processes the collected data. And, with assistance from algorithms, it is finally able to distinguish between ships in terms of fishing gear, ships, and fishing behaviors.

Uber’s customer support ticket

A remarkable example of machine learning project ideas is Uber which has built an entire system of solving multiple consumer issues with great efficiency and mastery. To enable this level of expertise, Uber has programmed a machine learning tool calling it COTA (customer obsession ticket assistant). 

COTA proficiently processes all consumer support tickets supported by the “human-in-the-loop” architecture. The fundamental function of COTA is to implement machine learning project ideas and natural language apparatus for categorizing tickets, recognizing ticket issues, and recommending solutions.

Netflix’s art-based personalized recommendations

Netflix has created (based on machine learning projects) a system that traces the consumer’s likes and preferences to display similar titles to them. It utilizes artwork and imagery present in the title recommendations to recommend shows, rooted in the convolutional neural network model heavily reliant on visual imagery. 

The company takes the support of contextual bandits, who constantly work to check which artwork has registered better engagement.

Myers-Briggs personality determination

The Myers-Briggs type indicator is one of the most popular character determination tests that distinguish people into 16 variants of personality types. 

Supported by the dataset, you can check the effectiveness of the test and understand recognition patterns that are associated with personality types and the individual’s writing style. Every row in this personality testing dataset includes an individual’s Myers-Briggs personality type which is accompanied by samples of their handwriting.

YouTube comments exploration

If you are looking for machine learning projects catering to the human language, then you may want to explore YouTube comments that have natural language processing techniques. You can begin this by scraping your text data and leveraging it to a library such as Youtube-Comment-Scraper-Python. This facilitates the process by fetching YouTube video comments by using the browser automation tool.

List of Tools You Should Use For Machine Learning Projects

Here is a list of software you can use for machine learning projects:

  • Scikit-Learn
  • Knime
  • Tensorflow
  • Weka
  • Pytorch
  • Google Cloud AutoML
  • Azure Machine Learning Studio
  • Accord.net
  • Google Colab
  • Natural Language Analysis with Python NLTK
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Glueviz
  • Orange3
  • Rstudio
  • Visual Studio code
  • IBM Watson

What Can You do to Advance Your Career in The Machine Learning Industry?

Machine learning projects are the future of the tech industry across the globe. Therefore, employing time to join a machine learning and data science course is invariably a logical career progression for a diehard technologist. 

To facilitate the dedicated technologist’s career graph, Hero Vired has curated this industry-focused data science and machine learning program that includes machine learning for beginners course, advanced learning, and integration into capstone projects for enhancing their ideation, implementation, and delivery of machine learning projects.

Having an immersive curriculum of explainable AI, machine learning, computation applications, deep learning, data visualization, and storytelling with devoted tools and practices, this course is a promising investment for professionals who want to make a difference in their professional life. 

What differentiates the Hero Vired Data Science and Machine Learning program from others in the market is that it is tailor-made to assist the learner to develop relevant experience as well as skills to thrive in an ever-evolving machine learning environment.

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