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How Long Does it Take to Become a Full Stack Developer?

There are a plethora of things that you need to consider before getting enrolled in a full stack development course. It involves choosing the appropriate full-stack web development course online, understanding what the course demands, researching the amount of time and resources that will go into it, etc.

We have got you covered with all the significant details. In this article, we have tried to cover everything that you will need to decide if you should actually take up a full-stack web development course. Read along to find out.

Who is a Full-Stack developer?

Let us understand before we move any further a little about who a full stack developer is. One of the easiest ways to understand what you would be doing as a full stack developer is to look at any app that you use; there is one part of the app with which you are able to directly interact, known as the front end. Along with this, there is another part that interacts with you, which is the back end. Any app is the holistic version of these two interfaces, as a full stack developer, you should be able to work on both these ends.

Earlier when specialisation had not taken over, both the front end and back end were managed by the same professionals. However, over a period of time, the complexity of the business increased forcing  the segmentation of work as front end and back end. Again, with further integration within the software, the demand for full-stack developers has seemed to increase.

Previous Experience

To understand your path and how much time it would take you, it is important to understand and look at your previous experience in the field. Based on the experience, there are various online professional courses that you can choose from to help you enhance your skills.

In India, Hero Vired offers a certification program in Full Stack Development with Cloud for Web and Mobile that will bring you a step closer to your dream. The program is powered by Codecademy and offers classes that are 70-90% live instructor-led.  The program is designed to give a hands-on experience that will  acquaint you with the technical nuances of the subject which is imperative for building a strong base.

Based on your schedule and routine, you can opt for a  full-stack online training that is best suited for you. You can go for full-time or part-time training programs and even look at self-study material to educate yourself and become well versed with code. If you are an absolute beginner, we suggest that you choose a full-fledged program over a short term certification course to understand the technical aspects better. If you have some prior experience in this stream, it is good to pick a certification course as trends and technologies in this particular industry keep changing. You may also know either back end or front-end code but want to learn the other, either way, courses are always helpful!

Short-term courses: A saver of time and money

At this point, you might want to get enrolled in a full-fledged 2-year program, and while this is an option, you may want to consider the time and resources that might go into a long-term course. It all comes down to your preferences and your availability. If you have any prior family or relationship commitments, it may be extremely difficult for you to be a part of a 4-year long full-time program, and this is where more short-term courses come in handy.


Whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience, Hero Vired is the place for you. They offer full-stack development certification for all aspiring developers.  A full-stack developer course online is one of the best choices as it can be accessed from anywhere.  Hero Vired’s full-stack development with cloud for web and mobile certification is a 6-month long program along with a 3-month project experience, and the eligibility for the same is an undergraduate degree. Our program is powered by Codecademy and follows a gamified and interactive learning approach to ensure a better understanding of the subject. The live instructor-led classes backed by career assistance and capstone project is aimed at whetting all the necessary skills that you will require to ace in the industry.


Starting something is always as overwhelming as it is exciting even if it is just a simple shift from one area of work to another within the same field, but you must take it head on. Start your journey towards betterment today under the guidance of professionals who have been in the industry for a long time. Get in touch with Hero Vired today!

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