Highest Paying Jobs in the Indian Finance Sector in 2024

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The finance sector of India is made up of businesses and institutions that provide financial services to both commercial and retail consumers. The sector generates mortgage and loan revenue, which rises in value when interest rates fall. Notably, its efficiency is crucial to the economy’s overall health. The stronger the economy, the safer the country becomes. A weakening economy is usually accompanied by a poor financial sector. 


Owing to technology and globalization, the breadth of commerce has expanded, opening up a plethora of prospects for those interested in finance and accounting. Financial vocations provide you with fantastic employment options and pay. Besides, the finance sector also offers roles that are one of the highest paid jobs in the country – and no wonder that professionals are vying for the highest paying jobs in finance in India.


Career Options in Finance 

Here’s a list of careers in finance in India with the highest paying jobs in finance:


    Senior Accountant

    This position includes entering data pertaining to a firm’s securities, liabilities, revenue, and expenses. The top tier is occupied by senior accountants who supervise and analyse financial data and statements, keep balances, and resolve inconsistencies.

    Average Salary: 4-6 LPA


    Hedge fund manager

    This is one of the highest paying finance jobs and is in great demand. A hedge fund manager researches the capital market and develops investment plans for an assortment of investors with high net financial assets. Its goal is to mitigate risks for investors while maximising profits on investment.

    Average Salary: 20–25 LPA


    Information technology auditor

    An IT auditor’s responsibility is to make sure that the company’s technological foundation meets its operational requirements. This entails examining many elements of a company’s technological infrastructure, including its software applications and network security configurations. This is one of the highest paying finance jobs.

    Average Salary: 10–12 LPA


    Financial software developer

    The need for software engineers has grown significantly as the finance sector adopts technology and the internet. These workers create, test, and upkeep software and other programs in accordance with business and end-user requirements. As it aims to supply financial services and related operations efficiently, fintech is a growing finance career for software developers. Apps for trading stocks and making mobile payments are some examples of such apps. The growing need for technology has made this one of the highest paying finance jobs.

    Average Salary: 7-9 LPA


    Financial Analyst

    Corporations and enterprises often owe it to their shareholders and owners to invest generated revenue in ways that increase the value of the company. To assist the organization in making prudent investments, a financial analyst meticulously analyzes market trends, demography, and microeconomic aspects. Financial analysts may also advise businesses on matters such as issuing their own bonds and stock splits.

    One of a financial analyst’s most significant responsibilities is to completely comprehend how and where a firm has spent its resources, as well as how secure and viable that investment will be in the future. An analyst must comprehend not just how present investments affect an organization, but also how future financial interactions will affect short- and long-term growth. This is also considered to be one of the highest paying finance jobs in india.

    An analyst is required to present current financial information and provide suggestions to corporate decision makers. For example, an analyst could advise a company’s executive board on whether expansion is risky or if it should issue bonds to fund capital upgrades. During economic downturns, an analyst may also give advice and analysis on how to safeguard a company’s wealth in the near term.

    Excel, databases, and financial software programs are all skills you will require to be a good financial analyst. Also, excellent communication, reporting, presentation, financial forecasting, and data analysis are all skills that are helpful to someone in this role.

    You need to have a basic understanding of Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Also, you should be comfortable performing a variety of chores on a computer. Leadership qualities are a plus point in this role and knowledge of the financial system and its institution as well.

    If you want to opt for the financial analyst career path in India after your education, then you need to consider a comprehensive finance program that allows you to learn all the necessary skills that will make you job ready. 

    A good course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge that govern the industry and help earn lucrative salaries.


    Finance Manager

    The role of finance managers entails developing and monitoring departmental budgets. They prepare accurate financial estimates for their organizations. They also collaborate with other managers and employees to plan the organization’s future budgets and things like that.

    Their department monitors continuing spending to ensure that they do not exceed the budget. When their departmental spending exceeds the budget, they seek clarification from appropriate supervisors. They are in charge of providing accurate and timely reporting on a variety of topics. 

    Excellent interpersonal skills and leadership qualities are a plus for roles like these. Finance managers must be able to communicate well both verbally and in writing. They must be able to work well with others. They should be comfortable giving presentations and leading various meetings with their team. 

    Finance managers need to have advanced critical thinking abilities. They should also be familiar with the Microsoft Office suite as well as the computer system used by their company. They must be well knowledgeable about a variety of financial apps and other related software.

    A financial analyst usually has a bachelor’s degree in finance, business, or a related domain, however, training plays a significant role. Furthermore, most businesses seek applicants who have both practical experience and a track record of success in this domain. Though CPA qualifications and/or MBAs are preferred by several employers, you can also be a great finance manager by pursuing a related diploma or certification course. 

    Notably, a senior finance manager salary in India is an attractive one.


    Investment Banker

    When a company, organization, or government entity needs to raise funds, hiring an investment banker is one of the great ideas to accomplish it. Investment bankers are highly trained experts who assess a company’s financial health, capital requirements, and objectives. This is also considered to be one of the highest paying finance jobs in india.

    They give their expert advice on how to develop or actualize the financial goals and needs of an organization. An investment banker works as a liaison between the organization seeking funding and those hunting for investment opportunities.

    An investment banker will assess the aims and requirements of an organization looking to acquire funds through investment. The investment banker will typically have access to any financial information held by the firm, including private or sensitive information. 

    They will then assist in the formulation of a plan that may include the sale of bonds, the issuance and sale of stocks, the assumption of debt, or a combination of all of these. After an organization has approved a plan for raising funds through investments, the banker is tasked with finding and working with prospective investors that meet the entity’s risk/reward profile. In this field, the investment banker may primarily serve as a salesperson, generating interest and encouraging others to invest.

    An investment banker must have a wide range of abilities. They must be meticulous and capable of analyzing financial data down to the last detail. They should have the ability to estimate the optimal approach for securing investment for a firm, as well as forecast risk and return to possible investors. Finally, because most of the businesses involve some salesmanship, a banker must have great interpersonal skills. 

    A four-year degree in business or finance is required for most investment bankers. However, MBAs are preferable in this area. In an office setting, these bankers often work 50 hours or more per week. If you talk about the top finance salaries in India 2022, then investment bankers cannot be missed.

    Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

    A chief risk officer generally controls an area for a firm in order to identify all of the hazards that a company may face or is presently facing. They seek to ensure that the company’s revenues come first while laws and regulations are followed. 

    Risks connected to investment, credit, operations, and market events are some of the areas that the chief risk officer will supervise. The company’s rules and the legislation must also be acquainted with the chief risk officer. The officer’s job is to make sure that all departments are following the rules.

    In order to limit the risk to the company’s reputation, a chief risk officer will identify areas that the public may suspect. When an issue is detected, the chief risk officer must collaborate with the right departments to mitigate the risk and prevent it from happening again. 

    In order to comprehend what is going on in the industry, this role also includes conducting research. This way possible dangers may be detected and avoided before they materialize. In order to conduct a risk assessment, this profile may need some fieldwork and travel. These risk assessments may also be something that the risk officer has to establish in order to generate objective criteria.

    A bachelor’s degree is usually necessary, as well as many years of experience in a relevant field. Leadership experience may be required because the post may entail supervising a group of risk management officers. You also can avail this opportunity after doing a certification course in financial analysis, valuation, and risk management and gaining industry knowledge.

    Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

    A chief compliance officer evaluates the product, compliance, and operating risks. They also develop risk mitigation plans for their firm and conduct internal audits on a regular basis. They are in charge of the organization’s financial performance and position.

    When departments wish to start new projects that require sensitive budget approval, chief compliance officers must decide whether or not to approve it. They make certain that their company’s activities adhere to all applicable rules, regulations, and laws. The profile of a chief compliance officer is also one of the highest paying jobs in finance in India. This is also considered to be one of the highest paying finance jobs in india.

    A chief compliance officer drafts and updates all firm rules to ensure that they are safe, ethical, and effective. They analyze their organization’s personal conduct standards to avoid any concerns with compliance and guarantee the organization follows all rules and laws. If a compliance problem emerges, the chief compliance officer will examine the situation with the relevant department. They serve as impartial reviewers in cases of corporate wrongdoing and other comparable issues.


    According to FICCI, the Indian economy is presently regarded as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Many vital industries contribute to its strong growth, including the financial services industry, which is unquestionably one of the most prominent areas of the Indian economy. Finance’s role as a future generator of development and employment, similar to what software services have accomplished, will become increasingly important in global markets as well. 


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The Future of Finance in India

The BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance) industry, which accounts for about 6% of India’s GDP, is a vital component of the Indian economy. The younger generation is getting more involved; therefore, there is a growing need to expand the variety of finance careers and make them more flexible, approachable, and easy. Jobs in finance and financial technologies are in huge demand.


The main prerequisite for the future is digital finance. Innovations like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning are included in all of the most recent financial models in India. This has succeeded in earning the trust of the clients and can greatly transform the financial sector in India, giving rise to more diverse finance careers.




While the highest paying finance jobs can be one of the major reasons to explore the path, making finance careers takes patience and hard work. If you are passionate about learning finance management, you can enroll in programs and courses that can open up career options in finance.


India has the ability to produce financial expertise for global markets, similar to what happened in the software sector. These positions would not be restricted to back-office functions, but would progressively contribute to front-office positions. India can add an additional 20 to 30 lakh front-end employment opportunities in international financial markets in the next 10 years.


Based on all the information given above, if you want to make your career future-proof, then enroll in the financial analysis, valuation, and risk management certificate program or the integrated program in finance and financial technologies course today! 


Here, you will gain first-hand knowledge from industry leaders who will guide you through the nooks and crannies of the world of finance. Click on the links to know more about these financial analyst courses from Hero Vired.


Investment bankers, hedge fund managers, IT auditors, financial software developers, and financial analysts are some of the highest paying finance jobs in demand.
There are some of the high paying finance jobs which are comparatively tough. Controllers, tax managers, senior accountants, and valuation analysts are some of the more competitive finance careers.
A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is the toughest qualification in finance careers.
A bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, or economics is best for finance careers.
A relevant degree such as a BA, BBA, or BCom is ideal for an MBA in finance.

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