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Hero Vired’s Full Stack Development Program: Concepts, Syllabus, and Advantages

Full stack development is a method of end-to-end web and application development that allows one to use multiple technologies to develop the frontend, backend, databases and servers of a web and mobile development project. Fundamentally, full stack developers are able to design, develop and then deploy their applications without the help of other developers.

And this is why full stack developers are in demand across the world and especially in a country like India. Full stack development is a very lucrative domain and businesses across industries and sectors need skilled full stack developers.

Smaller companies and medium-level organizations also require full stack developers due to the growing need for moving to an online business model. Also, due to companies understanding the importance of data and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, smaller firms have also started getting their in-house applications built by full stack developers so that they can effectively use the data they generate or work with.

Full Stack Developer is a software expert who’s equally proficient in frontend (client-side) development and backend (server-side) development. They are multi-talented individuals that every organization and brand desires in the current business world. Full stack developers are self-capable and can cater to any kind of business requirements that involve websites and applications.

What is Hero Vired’s Full Stack Development Certification Program?

The Certificate Program in Full Stack Development with Cloud for Web and Mobile is an immersive full stack web development course that allows you to become an expert in end-to-end web and application development services. 

This program is like no other and features the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node) and a variety of powerful technologies that will help you provide a holistic set of web development services to your employers and clients.

The program also covers Python, and SQL. With this program, you will not just be a master of the frontend (HTML and CSS) but also the backend, databases, and web servers.

Hero Vired’s Full Stack Developer Certification Curriculum

  • Introduction to Full Stack: From this module, you will understand what full stack development is and learn what full stack developers do. You will also find out about the various opportunities for full stack developers.
  • Building Webpages with HTML and CSS: Here, you will learn about HTML, the markup language, and CSS, the scripting language. This module covers how these too computing languages are used together for rendering the frontend of a webpage. You will be taught HTML tags, Responsive Pages, and DOM (Document Object Model) as well as coloring and styling with CSS.
  • Programming with JavaScript: This module will help you acquire a solid foundation in JavaScript, one of the most popular and powerful programming languages for web development. JavaScript is also both a frontend and a backend programming language, making it the perfect choice for full stack development. A lot of frameworks and libraries are available for developing web applications and native applications that are all based on JavaScript. 

Using JavaScript you will learn about loops, functions, unit testing, object-oriented programming concepts, errors, debugging, and classes. You will also learn about server-side communication with AJAX and how to manipulate documents with the help of JavaScript. Finally, you will learn how to create fully-functional frontend pages with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

  • Algorithms and Data Structures: This module is all about providing you with the necessary foundation for applied programming by teaching you data structures and algorithms. In data structures, you will learn essential concepts such as stacks, queues, linked lists, graphs, and many more. In algorithms, you will learn Graph Traversal, Sort, Quick Sort, Searching, DFS Application, BFS, etc.
  • Client-side Programming with ReactJS: ReactJS is a JavaScript-based framework that helps us connect backend services to the frontend of the website or application. This module helps you learn about how you can build front-end applications and make a web environment interact with backend services.

You will learn what ReactJS is and about React components, Virtual DOM, JSX, ES6, Lifecycle of application, React Router, React Testing with Jest and React State. You will also understand what is jamming, function components, and hooks. Finally, you will be taught about what Redux is, after which, you can move on to Advanced Redux and Redux Testing.

  • MongoDB: For full stack web development, MongoDB is the most preferred non-relational database out there. It is a widely used NoSQL database and is known for its horizontal scalability and flexibility. MongoDB enables the quick and easy storage, retrieval, and searching of data.

In this module, you will learn what MongoDB is, how it is set up and how it is used. You will also learn about essential CRUD (Create, Read, Undo, Delete) operations and how to search data. You will also find out how to connect your data to the backend with NodeJS.

  • Web server with NodeJS: In this module, you will learn how to develop web servers with the help of NodeJS. Web servers are crucial for backend services and functions to run and thus, it is necessary for full stack developers to be able to program the backend and set up the servers. 

After this module, you will have an idea of what web servers are and what NodeJS is. You will also learn about request-response, REST API (or RESTful API), NPM (package manager), and Express (Express.js). You will also become acquainted with unit testing, Async programming, and handling form data.

  • Project-Building Application with MERN Stack: The MERN stack involved MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS. There are also alternative frameworks that do not require JavaScript and instead rely on TypeScript, however, JS-based frameworks are still the most recommended ones. For instance, Angular 2.0 or just Angular is still not as popular as AngularJS even though it is newer. 

From this module, you will learn how to build an end-to-end application with the popular MERN stack. By now, you will be able to apply all the technologies you have learned so far in the program. 

  • SQL Databases: SQL Databases are relational databases and are widely used for developing the database structure for websites and applications. In this module, you will learn how to use SQL databases with PostgreSQL and understand how it is different from non-relational databases such as MongoDB.

By the end of the module, you will learn data modeling and how to connect your SQL database from NodeJS. You will also learn the various CRUD operations, setup, filters, joins, and aggregations. You will also be able to secure data by locking data transactions and implementing authorization or authentication protocols.

  • Authentication and Authorization: This module features core security concepts such as authentication and authorization protocols. These protocols are necessary for securing applications and building end-to-end security architectures. You will learn about sessions, cookies, OAuth 2.0, Passport.js, and JWT.
  • Python: From this module, you will be able to learn Python and how to use a Python-based web framework flask for your full-stack application. This module will introduce you to Python and help you understand the flask framework.

You will find out how databases are connected using Flask and about Flask views. Finally, you will be able to use Flask with ReactJS.

  • Build a Project with a stack of your choice: This module is all about letting you build a project of your choice using your preferred technology stack. You will be able to use PERN (PostgreSQL, Express, React, and Node) or you can also use Python and ReactJS. This will provide you with the hands-on experience and exposure needed to choose the right technologies for the right project.
  • Web Security: This module comprises lessons that help you understand the different types of security vulnerabilities that we can face. You are then taught how to ensure that your application stays protected when under cyberattack or against common security threats.

This module discusses web security in-depth and covers various security breaches, threats, and compromising factors. You also learn about Data Validation, Sanitization, Cross-Site Request Forgery, Cross-site Scripting, and SQL Injection.

  • Agile and Continuous Development: From this module, you will gain a better understanding of software development pipelines and lifecycles. You will learn the core concepts of software development management and how you can effectively build code and deploy it for production. 

You will find out about production environments and best practices for the same. You will also learn agile concepts, tasks, stories, epics, JIRA (Agile project management software), and Bitbucket (a repository like Git). Finally, you will learn how to use Jenkins (Automation or CI/CD tool) and Docker (containerization tool) for building and deploying your project.

  • Cloud Deployments: This module will teach you how to deploy your application onto a cloud platform such as AWS (Amazon Web Services). You will learn about cloud deployments, serverless architectures, caching, and monitoring cloud systems. You will also learn how to use load balancers and how to connect to cloud data sources for various utilities.
  • Mobile Applications: With NativeScript, you can use React for developing native mobile applications. What are native applications? These are applications for Android or iOS platforms. 

With React Native, you will be able to design and deploy mobile applications that are running on a cloud backend. You will learn how to create PPK files and how to design responsive and dynamic UIs (User Interfaces). Finally, you will learn how to connect your mobile application to a cloud backend.

Benefits of the Full Stack Web Development Program

If you are from another domain or are versed only with frontend or backend development, you will be able to experience more opportunities and prospects. Also, all the modules are prepared and curated by industry experts and masters in their respective fields, thus ensuring that the program is probably among the best best full stack developer courses online.

This full stack developer program syllabus consists of  lessons conducted by an experienced faculty. Hero Vired’s faculty includes directors, vice-presidents, professors from esteemed institutes, senior software developers, and even chief technology officers. Thus, whatever you learn from the program will be of immediate industry relevance. 

The program also features only the most useful technologies that will make you a truly capable full stack developer. The certification is also up-to-date with the latest industry standards and the most preferred tools by top companies, thus increasing your employability.

Finally, the program also features capstone projects that will help you gain the hands-on experience you will need. Real-world projects are the best way to utilize what you have learned. The program features over 54 days of live online classes and takes about 11 hours of learning per week to get certified. 

Students from non-coding backgrounds also get access to free foundation classes.

Hero Vired’s Placement Assurance and Assistance 

Hero Vired also offers placement assurance with this program where you can have exciting job opportunities lined up for you. Hero Vired helps you get recruited and provides you with guaranteed interviews. After 6 months of the program, you also get to work on a capstone project powered by Codecademy and this further improves your employability. 

You also get access to mini-industry projects and internships. You can also gain some deep industry insights from the faculty and look for jobs on your own after a few personal branding sessions. 

The Full Stack Development Program is for you if your dream is to become a 360-degree web development expert. The demand for full stack developers is only increasing and it is estimated that by 2024, the demand for web developers will increase by 27%.

There are over 1.4 million vacancies for full stack web development, ensuring that you will have an ample number of opportunities if you choose to get into this sector.

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