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Hero Vired Integrated Program in Finance & Financial Technologies: Syllabus and Key Benefits

Finance is a vast domain and offers ample career opportunities. One could say that the financial sector is one of the most critical sectors globally, considering how entire nations and economies rely on financial planning and budgeting. 

Also, a business’s financial condition and performance are generally a company’s most significant concern. This is true even for non-profit organisations as they also need to rely on funds and budgets.

Finance professionals are in high demand, and job roles such as Risk Manager, Credit Analyst, and Financial Analyst are well valued. 

Finance professionals increase their employability when they can work with various technologies. These technologies are now assisting financial processes and services, and companies are becoming more data-driven. Thus, the career prospects for professionals skilled in fintech solutions are excellent. 

Fintech is also a critical domain in the finance sector. What is fintech? Fintech stands for financial technologies and solutions that compete with traditional economic methods in delivering financial services. 

Banks and firms are also interested in alternative solutions such as blockchain technologies that promise speed, scalability, and security. This interest is generated because technology is expanding at such a rapid pace. Individuals use smartphones for mobile banking, investing, and cryptocurrency is an example of new technology looking to make financial services more accessible to ordinary citizens. This is why large MNCs and banks all wish to recruit individuals who are acquitted with financial technologies.

Hero Vired’s Finance and Financial Technologies Program

The Integrated Program in Finance and Financial Technologies is currently India’s only industry-focused fintech certification course that is integrated with the MITx MicroMasters Program. The program has been developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and can be your gateway to the lucrative world of finance. 

Whether you wish to be a risk manager, financial analyst, or banking professional, this extensive course will ensure that you become qualified for these roles. There are many finance certifications online; however, this program stands out due to its holistic syllabus with real-world projects and hands-on learning.

For instance, other online finance courses in India would generally not cover programming languages such as Python. Having a deeper understanding of various tools behind financial technologies is essential in today’s world. The benefits of pursuing a fintech course in India are immense, especially as financial firms are delving more into cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and blockchain networks.

However, the program does not just teach you various concepts, skills, topics, and technologies but also helps you get acquainted with the world of finance with placement assurance and career support, with an ample scope for networking. You are also exposed to leading experts and industry professionals from the finance sector. 

The majority of the program (70% to 90%) is delivered via live online instructor-led classes. This allows you to get your doubts cleared and receive proper guidance quickly. You will become a game-changer in any job you join by learning from Hero Vired’s reputed faculty for the fintech certification course.

The options are endless, and there are ample prospects after finishing this program. For example, you can become an analyst, a credit analyst and equity research analyst, or a corporate finance specialist or consultant. 

The program features an updated syllabus that covers the most crucial technologies used in this sector. But, more than anything, getting the much-required assistance from industry practitioners is helpful when deciding upon the specific job role or sub-domain you wish to apply to. 

Students can complete this integrated program in 11 months, and they also get the opportunity to sit for 3 to 5 interviews that Hero Vired’s placement team will arrange. If students wish to join an internship before applying for a job, students get the necessary assistance. 

The only eligibility criterion for this program is that the candidate must have an undergraduate degree. If you love applied learning and financial technologies, this fintech course syllabus will be highly appealing.

The Curriculum of the Integrated Program

The program’s curriculum features essential topics and tools that will enable you to become a finance professional. But first, let us look at the Integrated Program in Finance and Financial Technologies syllabus.

  • Foundations of Modern Finance I: After this module, you will be able to understand the essential concepts in finance. This module covers critical financial theories and introduces you to asset price modelling and valuation. 

The module also teaches you about the capital asset pricing model, value of money, market hypothesis, no-arbitrage theory, and bond valuation.

  • Foundations of Modern Finance II: This module fundamentally delves deeper into the concepts and theories that have been introduced in the first module. Students are introduced to concepts like futures and forwards, real options, financing/capital structure, portfolio theory, and liabilities.

Students will also learn risk management and payout management for corporate balance sheets in this module.

  • Financial Accounting: Students will be introduced to accounting concepts and principles in this module. Various accounting standards will become apparent, and you students will gain the ability to read financial statements effectively. 

Students will understand accrual accounting, balance sheet, cash flow statement, depreciation, marketable securities, accounting in banking, income statement, taxes, and many other core accounting skills.

  • Modelling & Analysis of Financial Statements: This is a crucial module, and this deals with analysing financial statements and forming fact-driven opinions about businesses. For instance, you can model and analyse a company’s financial statement to understand its health and estimate its future performance. 

The module also features 20 deep-dive sessions that involve analysing the financial statements and performance of large-cap companies that are listed with the NSE (National Stock Exchange).

  • Programming: In this module, you acquire programming skills by learning Python, one of the most flexible and powerful programming languages. Python is highly preferred by professionals who work with data-driven financial technologies. It is also prevalent among data scientists, data analysts, and software developers.

With the help of Python, students will be able to work on mini-projects that are a part of the programming module. Once students are finished with the entire module, they will understand how AI is being used to solve problems or how data is analysed and make accurate predictions. They will also learn about investment advisory, banking regulations, and P2P (peer-to-peer) lending.

  • Financial Regulations: This is a crucial module for all financial professionals, especially those who wish to become familiar with the recent changes in financial regulations and new trends in the finance sector.

Students will also learn how to utilise various technologies to solve some of the challenges firms face with regulations. This module will introduce them to BASEL III, a framework that helps firms adhere to international standards that have been set for stress testing, capital adequacy, and liquidity requirements. Finally, they will find out how data science is used for optimising and meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Financial Technology: From this module, students will be able to understand more about the financial sector changes driven by technologies such as data science and blockchain technology. This module covers cryptocurrencies, their technology, potential, and various applications.

Students will also learn about smart contracts, non-fungible tokens, and the various challenges one can face when working with these solutions.

  • Finance, Fintech, Regulations, and Data from an Indian Perspective: This module covers all the various opportunities in the finance sector that are relevant to India. Students will learn about more regulations, challenges, and opportunities from an Indian context. 

The module covers Indian financial markets, Indian banking systems, and financial technologies in India. Unlike other finance certification courses, you will learn more about topics such as equities and debt from different perspectives in this program.

  • Capstone Project: Finally, after you finish all the modules, you will have acquired the necessary skills to participate in any of Hero Vired’s capstone projects. There are projects such as Loan Prediction Forecasting Model Implementation and Product Market Fit & Pricing Model.

Some projects allow you to work with Personal Finance Management, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, or an Education Loan Lending Platform.

The entire program lasts for 11 months, including eight months of learning and three months of capstone project or internshi[. You will easily be able to finish the program if you dedicate 7 hours of effort every week. Multiple live projects have been integrated within the program syllabus.

Benefits of the Program

The advantages of enrolling into the program include: 

  • Hero Vired places a lot of importance on content quality, and thus you will be learning from modules that are incredibly immersive and well-curated. 
  • The integrated program has been designed with the help of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and, also comes with the attributes of the MITx MicroMasters Program. Students are awarded optional transferable credits with which they can get an additional MIT MicroMasters certificate along with your industry-recognized Hero Vired certificate.
  • The finance and financial technologies program faculty are highly skilled and reputed individuals from their domains. The modules are 70% to 90% live classes held by professors, directors, founders, and other industry leaders. 
  • Build a great professional network and gain extensive industry exposure with the help of the program faculty. There is also a lot of hands-on learning in this program through mini-projects, capstone projects, and internships. Students can also get involved with many real-world projects and companies through the program.
  • Students are given a full 360-degree holistic placement assurance and career support, with access to a minimum of 8-10 job opportunities. Additionally, they receive other career services and personal branding sessions as well. 
  • Additionally, students get access to Abundance Digital, the digital platform of Singularity University. 

The Integrated Program in Finance and Financial Technologies is not like other financial certifications or financial technology courses and covers everything you will need to become a top-notch finance professional in modern times.

Banks, firms, and companies are becoming more data-driven by day and rely on many technology-driven financial services. Thus, organisations now require finance professionals who can effectively use various technologies.

Why study fintech? Fintech is the future, and governments and banks have understood that solutions such as smart contracts, blockchain technologies, and cryptocurrencies are going to be the drivers of this future. 

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