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Hero Vired DevOps Certification: The Only One That Matters

99% of the respondents in an Atlassian survey concluded that DevOps positively impacted their organization.

61% agreed that they produced deliverables of considerably higher quality with DevOps.

Long story short: DevOps is effective.

DevOps is a portmanteau of ‘Development’ and ‘Operations.’ It is a collection of best practices, IT culture, philosophies, skills, and routines that help create a high-performance ecosystem in IT development and operations from end to end.

We at Hero Vired, a top-end LearnTech outfit, help your organization reach textbook statistics in terms of DevOps implementation, practice, and output through our inventively designed DevOps certification course.

Hero Vired is a venture of the Hero Group bandwagon. We offer industry-relevant, full-stack learning modules over innovative technology.

We assist the professionals of your organization with skill-building in DevOps and Cloud Engineering using a unique, tech-driven, contemporary pedagogy through our DevOps training Program.

Our DevOps Program is a 7-month exercise that delivers insightful skill-augmentation and honing lessons in DevOps and Cloud Engineering, covering everything from DevOps environment to automation, testing, and product deployment.

We offer this DevOps certification course to help your professionals and teams improve the quality of their products and deliverables using industry-leading methodologies, technology, and practices.

Read on to learn more about the DevOps and Cloud Engineering Program by Hero Vired and how it can make a difference in your growth and career.

DevOps online course and certification by Hero Vired

In two surprising insights revealed by Statista, 38% of IT recruiters are actively looking for DevOps professionals, and 28% are facing difficulties in hiring the DevOps professionals they require.

Although rising from its fledgling stages into propelled growth, the DevOps ecosphere still needs the catalysis of a well-designed DevOps training and certification regime.

It is here that Hero Vired delivers with our meticulously designed DevOps certification course: a 7-month regime that covers all aspects of the discipline, including insights learnings from experts and industry leaders.

With the DevOps certification training course by Hero Vired, you will be able to augment your software skills using industry-leading practices and process methodologies that break all barriers to growth.

DevOps course details

So, what can you expect by signing up for the DevOps training program by Hero Vired? Let us take a detailed look.

Highlights of the DevOps certification course

In a quick overview, here are the key highlights of the Hero Vired DevOps Certification to set your expectations:

  • This course gives you access to over 50 live sessions from professionals in this specific academic circle as well as from veterans and experts of the industry.
  • You learn through an industry-validated curriculum encompassing the latest and the best practices.
  • The course focuses on DevOps training and skill-building in Cloud Engineering as well as industry-validated methodologies and tools.
  • You get access to a wide community of learners and experts to help you along.
  • Regular career assistance and workshops ensure that you polish your learning with application-based use of the knowledge gleaned.
  • With gamification and interactive elements scattered throughout the course, you can retain and recall the learnings better.
  • With 1:1 coaching sessions, you get more value from the lesson.
  • You get access to a learning experience that is global and universal.
  • You get exposure to over 8 job opportunities with interview coaching.
  • A program manager is always available to help you with any queries.

Eligibility criteria

Since this course is a DevOps skill-building regimen, it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree and coding experience to get the maximum benefit intended.

What can you expect at the end of DevOps training?

At the end of the program, Hero Vired provides you with an opportunity to gain real-world experience in DevOps through a project with a 3-month tenure.

You can also build your own brand of DevOps with assistance from a dedicated career specialist who will help you polish your presentation and interpersonal communication skills. Hero Vired also provides career placement assurance at the end of the course.

DevOps certification course curriculum

Hero Vired has composed a holistic learning program for skill-building and knowledge augmentation in the DevOps niche.

Our DevOps training and certification course covers a 360° curriculum to help you understand all the subtle nuances and turn them to your advantage.

Session Subjects
Python Bootcamp You will learn about Python. It is best if you know the programming language beforehand.
Git and GitHub version control systems You will learn about version control, what Git and GitHub are, important commands, branch, merge, stash, rebase, revert, and reset, and using Git and GitHub in tandem.
Project #1 on Git and GitHub Your task will be to create a Python application and push it to GitHub.
AWS Cloud and its Technicalities This session will cover everything you need to know about the AWS Cloud:

Introduction, security, identity and access management, using AWS Compute, networking, storage, databases and monitoring, optimization, and using AWS Lambda to build serverless architectures.

Project #2 on AWS EC2 Your task will be to create a Python code and use CI/CD and AWS to deploy it.
AWS Lambda: Serverless Architecture This module is specifically designed to help you understand serverless architecture and AWS Lambda in detail.
Understanding DevOps In this session, you will cover the basics and principles of DevOps, Agile, architecture, workflows, and organizational models in DevOps.
DevOps x AWS A hands-on session to learn coding practices, building and sourcing branching practices, testing and automation, and building pipelines.
Containerization Using Docker This session is designed to learn Docker architecture, its components, and how to work with containers and the Docker Hub.
Jenkins: Build pipelines using CI/CD This session will help you learn about continuous integration, the architecture and master-slave relationship in Jenkins, building pipeline plugins with CI/CD in Jenkins, using declarative pipelines, and using JIRA to connect Agile and CI/CD pipelines.
Selenium and PyTest for Framework Testing In this module, you will learn about testing lifecycles and types of testing, using the JUnit test-driven approach, and understanding Selenium and PyTest for web testing.
Maven Here, you will learn Maven architecture and plugins.
Releasing and Deploying DevOps on AWS This module is designed to teach you about deployment and CodeDeploy. You will also learn troubleshooting and Infrastructure as a Code, along with extra information on the said topics.
Ansible Configuration Management In this session, you will learn how to configure infrastructure with Ansible commands, playbooks, and roles.
HackAVired Hackathon This session is a project that tests your skills in AWS deployment using Ansible.
Kubernetes continuous orchestration This session is a detailed module designed to teach you about the fundamentals of container management, sectors, labels, and services in Kubernetes, learning about container orchestration, creation of pods and deployments in YAML, working with Jobs, stateless and stateful applications, scheduling applications on a container and using ReplicaSets and rolling updates.
Nagios continuous monitoring Here you will learn about plugins and monitoring different servers in Nagios.
Terraform provisioning This session will teach you about Terraform, and you will get to deploy a full-fledged infrastructure using this platform.
Operating and monitoring DevOps on AWS Here, you will learn about Operations Hub and AWS features for operations. You will also learn how to monitor different areas and the meaning of Operate.
Project #3 on DevOps You will be tasked to deploy a project using Terraform.

Key aspects of the DevOps certification course from Hero Vired

In addition to comprehensive coverage of all the DevOps aspects, tools, practices, and philosophy, Hero Vired adds the flexibility of pacing your course as needed.

The course is 7 months long, which includes a capstone of 3 months. You get a self-paced exposure of 70 hours to the sessions, a full 188 hours for projects, assignments, and the capstone, 168 faculty-led hours, and 56 hours worth of career service.

A weekly effort of a mere 12 to 15 hours will deliver a stellar learning experience in DevOps training with Hero Vired, with placement assurance at the end of the course.

The benefit of capstone learning is that it gives you a reality check of the practices inculcated during the tenure of the course. Exposure to regular project work and workshops helps you solidify a goal-oriented problem-solving approach that also embodies lean DevOps and high efficiencies.

Upon successful completion, you will be able to apply to high-value positions like DevOps Engineer and Senior DevOps Engineer.

Benefits of DevOps training with Hero Vired

  • DevOps training with Hero Vired gives you the opportunity to interact with industry experts throughout the program. Learn from the best and from their experiences.
  • The involvement in capstone projects will help you learn relevant real-life skills and practices, guided by expert mentors and a solid curriculum.
  • We provide a personally assigned mentor who helps you with your specialized internship experience in the industry spanning 3 months.
  • Based on your prior experience, the Hero Vired DevOps certification course will make you eligible to apply for top-rated positions in the industry like DevOps Engineer and specialized roles like Release Engineer.
  • We also provide a personal career specialist to help you become a better professional.

About Hero Vired

Hero Vired is a focused, dedicated company that envisions a better, brighter future through empowering and reimagining learning methodologies.

Part of the Hero Group, Hero Vired delivers a 100% placement guarantee with over 40 industry partners at an average salary hike of over 65%.

We employ technology-powered contemporary pedagogy that focuses on experiential and practical learning. We create programs with learning experiences that are deeply engaging, interactive, high-value, and self-paced. The relevance-oriented modules of each of our programs ensure that learners glean from the latest trends and practices.

Hero Vired also brings onboard the invaluable contributions from leading industry experts for their insights and experiences poured into each program designed for learners.

Why Hero Vired?

At Hero Vired, we believe that everyone is made for big things. With the right knowledge, tools, and methodologies, learners can turn their career trajectory upwards and forward. We deliver value at every step of our learning programs through the following initiatives:

  • Vired Integrated Learning (VIL) – To measure progress in comprehensive professional learning
  • Vired Industry Ready (VIR) – To emphasize an industry-relevant curriculum
  • I Vired – For personalized training and learning
  • Vired Connect – For exposure to international learning experiences
  • Virednomics – For Academic Bank of Credits for the future anywhere in the world
  • Vired Globally – For recognized certifications from world-leading institutions

Hero Vired offerings

Hero Vired provides high-quality programs for skill-building and augmented learning in the following areas:

  • Business Analytics and Data Science
  • FinTech, Blockchain, & Cryptocurrencies
  • Full Stack Development 
  • Finance & Financial Technologies
  • Financial Analysis, Valuation & Risk Management
  • Data Science, Machine Learning & AI
  • Strategic Management & Business Essentials
  • Data Engineering
  • DevOps and Cloud Engineering

DevOps, as opposed to a tool or software, is a set of principles, methodologies, and practices that require time to build and hone. To that effect, we have created a comprehensive, holistic DevOps training and certification course to help learners and professionals alike in their journey to a brighter future.

The course, which is 7 months in duration, covers DevOps essentials like Python, AWS, Git and GitHub, Kubernetes, Selenium and PyTest, Ansible, and AWS Lambda.

Candidates get to learn from capstone projects and industry experts with real-world insights to help develop a practical approach to critical thinking, which is essential in DevOps. It only takes 12 to 15 hours a week for the candidates to fully assimilate the course in 7 months.

Hero Vired also provides a placement assurance at the successful completion of their course, enabling learners to put their skills to the test in real life.

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