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Game Designer Salary in India – For Freshers & Experienced

Ever wondered what it takes to craft the virtual worlds we love to immerse ourselves in? That’s where game designers come in! These creative wizards blend art, technology, and storytelling to bring our favourite games to life. And here’s the kicker, not only is it a thrilling career, but it’s also on the rise! According to Recruiter, the demand for video game designers is set to surge by 2.28% annually in India.


 By 2029, we’re looking at a whopping 32,090 new job opportunities nationwide. Plus, let’s talk about the perks; game designer salaries in India are pretty sweet, offering competitive pay and endless possibilities for growth and innovation. 


So, if you’ve got a knack for creativity and a passion for gaming, why not dive into the world of game design? It’s where dreams become realities, and every pixel holds a story waiting to be told.


Table of Contents:



What does a Game Designer Do?


A game designer plays a pivotal role in the creation of a video game, contributing to its design, layout, and storyline. They are responsible for developing characters, defining parameters, and crafting scenarios, either originating from their own innovative ideas or building upon existing concepts. With a keen eye for detail and artistic flair, game designers provide the creative direction that breathes life into a video game, captivating players and compelling them to engage with the virtual world. 


This role appeals to individuals who possess a blend of creativity and technical proficiency, thriving in collaborative environments where they can bring their visions to fruition through the medium of technology. However, aspiring game designers must navigate the challenges of a fiercely competitive industry and the pressure of meeting stringent deadlines, requiring resilience and determination to succeed in this dynamic field.


Factors Affecting Game Designer Salary in India


In the dynamic realm of game design, salaries can fluctuate significantly based on various factors. Understanding these factors is crucial for aspiring game designers seeking to enter the industry or professionals aiming to negotiate better compensation. In India, where the gaming industry is rapidly growing, several elements influence the salary scale for game designers. Here are the factors to gain insights into what determines the compensation for game designers in India.


  • Experience: Experience plays a pivotal role in determining a game designer’s salary. Entry-level designers with minimal experience typically earn less than seasoned professionals who have spent years honing their craft. As one accumulates more years in the industry, their salary tends to increase proportionately.


  • Designation: The designation within the game design hierarchy also affects salary levels. Junior game designers, who are relatively new to the field and have fewer responsibilities, usually earn less than their senior counterparts or lead designers who oversee projects and teams. Seniority often translates to higher compensation due to increased expertise and leadership roles.


  • Skill Set: Versatility and proficiency in various aspects of game design can significantly impact salary. Designers who are adept at multiple programming languages, proficient in popular game engines, and skilled in using a wide array of design tools are highly sought after. Their ability to handle complex projects and adapt to evolving technologies often commands higher salaries in the competitive job market.


  • Qualifications: While formal education is not always mandatory in the game design industry, possessing relevant qualifications can elevate one’s earning potential. A degree or certification in game development or a related field demonstrates a foundational understanding of game design principles and can make candidates more attractive to employers, potentially leading to higher-paying opportunities.


  • Company Profile: The reputation and size of the employing company significantly influence salary brackets. Established companies and renowned game development studios typically offer more competitive salaries compared to smaller or lesser-known firms. This is often due to the stability, resources, and prestige associated with larger companies, which can afford to offer better compensation packages.


  • Location: The geographical location of employment also plays a crucial role in determining game designer salaries. Metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi, which serve as hubs for the gaming industry, generally offer higher salaries to offset the higher cost of living. Conversely, game designers working in smaller cities or towns may earn comparatively lower salaries. Additionally, game designers working in developed countries may command higher salaries than their counterparts in India due to differences in economic factors and industry standards.


So, the salary of a game designer in India is influenced by a multitude of factors, ranging from experience and skill set to company profile and geographical location. By understanding these factors, individuals can make informed decisions regarding their career paths, negotiate fair compensation, and strive towards achieving their professional goals in the dynamic and evolving field of game design.


Game Designer Salary in India for Diploma Courses


These initial average salaries are indicative and may vary based on factors such as experience, location, and company policies.


Courses Job Prospects Job Description Salary (per Annum)
Diploma Graphics & Animation 3D Modeller Design and build 3D models based on game specifications. Create storyboards and visual effects. INR 3.3 Lakhs
Diploma – Graphics & Animation Animator Create moving images in video games using animation software. INR 3.3 Lakhs
Concept Art for Games Concept Artist Design environments, characters, enemies, and other game elements. INR 3 Lakhs
Game Tester Training Course Game Quality Assurance  Ensure overall game quality, identify glitches, and assess game difficulty. INR 2.3 Lakhs
Diploma in Game Design and Integration Gameplay Scripter Plan, execute, and create gameplay scenarios, cinematics, and AI practices. INR 3.4 Lakhs


Game Designer Salary in India for Certificate Course


Below, the table outlines the diverse job opportunities available to candidates upon completion of the certificate course, alongside the average salary for game design roles in India.


Courses Job Prospects Job Description Initial Average Salary (Per annum)
The Ultimate Guide for Game Development Unity 2D and 3D Game Designer Create and apply textures to game characters and items, manage lighting and rendering, visualize effects. INR 2.3 Lakhs
Learn the ART of Video Games Storyboard Artist Create animated narration for the video game, produce visual presentations based on the game script. INR 2 Lakhs
Game Design Arts and Concepts Graphic Designer Develop creative aesthetics, illustrations, logos, layouts, and photos to accompany written text. INR 1.5-2.3 Lakhs
Level Design Master Class Level Designer Design various levels within a game, map out layouts, manage gameplay, and ensure level functionality. INR 2.2 LPA


Game Designer Salary in India for Undergraduate Courses 


Undergraduate courses in game design encompass advanced technical skills and proficiency in programming languages. Admission to these courses is determined by both merit and entrance test performance. Candidates are required to have achieved a minimum of 50% marks in their last qualifying examination.


Courses Job Prospects Job Description Average Salary
B.Des in Game Design and Development Gameplay Programmer Responsible for developing application code for various games, coding complex algorithms and sequences to align with game design. Coordinate with quality testers to rectify glitches. INR 4.7 LPA
B.Des Animation Level Designer Execute missions within the game world based on creative and narrative vision. Construct immersive gameplay scenarios from inception to completion. INR 4.4 LPA
B.Des in Game Design and Development Tools Programmer Design, implement, and ensure the proper functioning of tools that enhance engine potential and improve production team efficiency. INR 5.7 LPA
BA Multimedia Cinematic Designer Responsible for initial setup and creation of obstacles within a game through a coordinated effort with cinematic design leads, animation, level design, and writing teams. INR 4.5 LPA


Game Designer Salary in India for Post-Graduate Course 


Postgraduate courses in Game design have a duration of two years. These programs are research-based, focusing on providing students with extensive knowledge of game design and technology. Admissions to these programs are primarily merit-based, with entrance exams also being a determining factor. Candidates must have obtained a minimum of 50% in their bachelor’s degree to be eligible for this course.


Courses Job Prospects Job Description Average Salary
M.Sc (Game Technology) Technical Designer Responsible for designing the story, characters, gameplay systems, environment, objectives, and user experience of video games. Engages with various gaming programming areas such as Artificial Intelligence, UI, etc. INR 5.1 LPA
M.Sc. (Game Design and Development) System Designer Designs cooperative and social game frameworks, ensuring they fulfil the creative vision of the game while meeting production directives. INR 12 LPA
MSc in Animation Content Designer Manages the creation and implementation of all design content, ensuring gameplay reflects the game’s vision and fully utilises its mechanics. INR 5 LPA
MA in Animation Lead Designer Plans, details, and oversees work by game designers. Develops standards for formal design documentation and tools for the project, ensuring team performance and resolving issues hindering game design creation targets. INR 8.4 LPA
MSc in Multimedia and Animation with Game Art & Design UI Designer Conceptualises and produces high-quality, engaging interfaces that are intuitive, functional, and visually appealing. Responsible for creating the ultimate gaming experience. INR 4.9 LPA


Top Recruiters for Game Designers in India


Top recruiters for game designers in India vary depending on the size of the company, its reputation, and the specific focus of the game design industry. However, some prominent recruiters in the field include:


  • Ubisoft
  • Electronic Arts (EA)
  • Rockstar Games
  • Nintendo
  • Zynga
  • Reliance Entertainment
  • Dhruva Interactive
  • Juego Studios
  • Moonfrog Labs
  • Nazara Technologies


These are just a few examples of the top recruiters for game designers in India, and the list is not exhaustive. Additionally, smaller indie studios, startups, and outsourcing companies also offer opportunities for game designers to showcase their talent and contribute to innovative gaming experiences.


To Wrap Up:


Game designing has emerged as a dynamic and lucrative field with ever-growing demand. As the gaming industry continues to expand globally, skilled game designers are increasingly sought after to create immersive and engaging gaming experiences. With the rise of esports and the constant evolution of gaming technology, there is a high demand for talented individuals who possess the right skills and creativity to excel in this field. Moreover, game designing offers various high-paying profiles, such as gameplay programmers, system designers, and technical designers, among others, providing lucrative career opportunities for aspiring professionals.


To take advantage of these opportunities and embark on a rewarding career in game design, consider enrolling in the Certificate Program in Gaming and Esports in collaboration with NODWIN GAMING at HeroVired. Take the first step towards realising your dreams in the exciting world of gaming and esports today!




The average annual salary for a Game Designer in India stands at around ₹8,01,800. On average, additional cash compensation for this role amounts to approximately ₹99,800 per year, with variations ranging from ₹30,000 to ₹1,15,000. These salary estimates are derived from data provided by 250 anonymously submitted salaries to Glassdoor by individuals working as Game Designers in India.
The Indian gaming sector has rapidly emerged as one of the fastest-growing industries, and it is projected to generate 250,000 career prospects by 2025. It's evident that abundant opportunities await game designers in the near future.
If you find satisfaction in utilising technical computer software, possess an innate artistic or creative flair, and harbour a deep passion for video games, pursuing a degree in game design could align well with your interests and strengths.

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