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Financial Analysis Certification: Get Noticed by Recruiters

21 Aug 2022
Imagine two persons: A and B, working for the same portfolio in a top financial MNC. A is always outshining B with newer ideas and investment opportunities. Although both A and B started together from the same position, A's analytical skills and investment planning will see her escalate the pillars of success faster than B. […]

Imagine two persons: A and B, working for the same portfolio in a top financial MNC. A is always outshining B with newer ideas and investment opportunities. Although both A and B started together from the same position, A's analytical skills and investment planning will see her escalate the pillars of success faster than B.

So, what exactly has A been doing to outshine all her peers and competition, considering they all have similar degrees? Well, this is where a certification course as a Financial Analyst comes in as a great advantage. 

While a college degree in commerce or management may acquaint you with the basics, it is an additional Financial Analyst certification that may empower you to think out of the box and upskill you with the core understanding of finance and how it works in a professional setting. As a young financial professional with a certification, you would also have industry-relevant knowledge and skill that would prompt you to think beyond the periphery of your experience on pen and paper, thus taking your career graph to a soaring high.

Are you still wondering how a financial analysis course may help your career outshine your contemporaries and competitors? Here's all you need to know about how a certification course in Financial Analysis may have a positive effect on your career graph:

Why should financial professionals learn financial analysis?

Gone are the days when the task of a financial team would be to keep a tag on the income and expenditures incurred in a business. The business ecosystem demands a deft financial analysis team in every business -  even the micro and MSMEs.

A financial analyst's responsibilities now require analyzing the cash flow and planning a roadmap for the business for all its future endeavors keeping in mind the company's older performances and operational costs. The financial analyst is also now required to have a thorough knowledge of the kind of products or services the company offers and, after that, chart exclusive strategies for healthy growth. 

A financial analyst course online with a deft institute like Hero Vired envisages equipping the necessary skills to analyze financial data and calculate the risks to fuel a company's growth and business prospects. A degree in finance may help in understanding the basics of finance and finance management. Still, a financial analysis course might help you prune your knowledge further and prepare you to face the industry's challenges.

Demand, market, and scope of financial analysis 

With new players entering the market alongside several financial institutions marking strong growth consistently, India is currently undergoing one of its brilliant stages with rapid expansion in the financial sector.

The private payments bank, like the PayTM, small financial entities, and mutual funds are making their presence felt in both urban and semi-urban areas of India. Along with numerous private and government schemes (like the MUDRA scheme) pushed by the government, India's diverse financial sector is steadily becoming one of the world's most vibrant capital markets.

You would be surprised to know that the UPI alone charted $5.95 billion in transactions in May 2022 (1) alone, worth $132.86 billion in India. And the numbers only tend to increase as India steps into its grand holiday/festive period. 

Finance is one of the most profitable industries in India and even globally. In 2021, the same revenue ticked $4847.9 billion or approximately $4.8 trillion. This graph has been consistently rising since then.

Now, if you're planning to become a part of this highly global competitive market, specialized financial analyst certifications are of prime importance. These certification courses help you master the major industry-relevant skills needed for financial analysts before stepping into the industry itself, thus putting you ahead of your contemporaries. 

Relevant skills to become a Financial Analyst

Open any article on Google, and it will list 100s of "relevant skills" required to become a financial analyst. However, what a person needs to become and excel as a financial analyst are:

  • A degree in management or commerce from a recognized university
  • Industry-relevant knowledge, expertise, and skills can enable your critical thinking capabilities and help you transform your acquired knowledge on pen and paper. 

Now, what does the term "industry-relevant knowledge" exactly mean? Well, the term means to be not only acquainted with but also have a thorough knowledge of the ground realities of the industry. The technology used, the financial regulations to abide by, the knowledge of credible free flow cash analysis, expert management of risk and returns, and many other technicalities enable a person with credible "industry-relevant knowledge."

A good financial analysis course must make the student or the young professional understand the core ideas of finance with theoretical coaching into the fundamental hypothesis of time value, portfolio theory, bond mathematics, accounting, and financial statements. Furthermore, a certificate in financial modeling and valuation is provided after internships or engaging in good projects with some of the leading global businesses. This fuels the student's critical thinking skills and prunes her overall leadership and time-management skills.

How can a course in financial analysis help?

As discussed above, taking a sound financial analyst course online may help you practice your learning as a commerce or management graduate. Apart from making your master the core ideas of finance, it would help you delve deeper into other aspects of financial analysis, such as corporate and financial markets, equity research, risk management, financial regulations, free flow cash analysis, derivatives, and industry-relevant technologies.

This knowledge, coupled with the innovative projects and internships backed by the world's leading financial institutions, will help upskill your knowledge and prepare you to face the industry as a professional financial analyst. A financial analysis course from a reputed institution will help you tick all the boxes in a typical financial analyst job description and will benefit you immensely in the long run.

The Hero Vired's Certificate Program In Financial Analysis, Valuation, and Risk Management is India's foremost finance program aimed to provide a solid base in vital areas of financial analysis. The program is being conducted in partnership with Columbia University's EdX program and is aimed to provide a hands-on learning experience with the industry stalwarts. The 6-month financial analyst course encourages the students to have deep industry connections vis-a-vis the capstone project or internships and mini projects. 

Since having good leadership and interpersonal skills are two of the most vital requirements in any financial analyst job description, Hero Vired's branding sessions for all students alongside 3-5 placement opportunities serve an immense purpose in preparing the students to take on the industry right from Day 1. 

Things To consider when choosing a financial analysis program

Till now, we have discussed how financial analyst certifications can help you in your career as a financial analyst and undertake numerous financial analyst roles and responsibilities with ease. However, with many institutions claiming to provide good financial analyst courses online, finding the right institute for your certification course is arduous. 

But worry not, we're here! 

The first thing you must notice before taking any course - be it financial or otherwise - is the background of the institute or the group of companies that the educational institute is a part of. An institute, when part of a prestigious group, will have a desirable command over the quality of education imparted as well as the quality of internships/placements offered. 

Next, you must check whether a credible University supports the course or certification. Take, for example, Hero Vired, a learning tech company from the prestigious Hero Group, provides a part-time Certificate Program in Financial Analysis, Valuation & Risk Management in association with Columbia University. 

Once you've verified the institute and are sure about its certification, the next step is to see the program brochure in detail to ascertain if the curriculum will help you upskill yourself. Since you will spend a considerable amount of your time, energy, and money on this course, you must ascertain the value it would provide to you to fulfill your career aspirations. 

Last but not least, does the financial analyst course you're keen on undertaking to provide proper placements with the leading businesses? A good internship/project followed by a promising placement is how any good educational institution generally works. As a young financial analyst looking to upskill herself with a certificate in financial modeling and valuation looking into all these aspects of an institution is mandatory before any commitment. 

A financial analyst, as mentioned earlier, has a major role in any business. And with the Indian capital market reaching newer heights every day, the financial analyst's roles and responsibilities are set to increase manifold in days to come. Hero Vired, a premium LearnTech company from the prestigious Hero Group, fills this space by enabling more competitive young minds with industry-relevant skills and technologies that fit perfectly into financial analyst job descriptions provided by the global finance and capital giants.

It is a part-time program with 340 hours of learning curated for students in their final year of studies or young professionals seeking to upskill themselves for better positions as business or financial analysts. Most classes are weekend classes that don't interfere with professional or other educational commitments. 

Apart from the course modules, the strength of the Hero Vired courses is its faculty, which comprises dignitaries from the Finance and Capitals industry aiming to provide the right skills and technologies required in the professional space. Furthermore, Columbia University's (Columbia X) Professional Certificate and Verified Course Certificates (on successful completion of courses on edX) promise to keep you ahead of your competitors and soar your career graph to reach newer heights. 

If you're a young professional or a student looking to make a mark as a Financial Analyst, upskill your knowledge with Hero Vired's specialized Financial Analysis Certification Course.

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