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Top 10 Real-Time Finance Projects for Beginners

Finance Projects for Beginners 

Anyone pursuing an MBA in Finance will likely submit research work on finance projects for the duration of their course. Working on such finance projects helps them gain the financial skills and expertise they need to make a brighter career in this field. 


But how can finance projects play a crucial role in their career advancement? Essentially, real-time finance projects help you gain hands-on experience in this field by letting you apply your theoretical knowledge to test or practice your abilities. 


So, if you want to improve your Skills to become Financial Manager, get started with one of these MBA finance project topics. 


  1. Non-Performing Assets (NPA’s)

    Advances and loans with past-due principal and no recent accrued interest are referred to as NPAs or non-performing assets in the financial sector. Most of the time, when a debt or loan is unpaid for 90 days or more, it is deemed to be an NPA.

    MBA finance projects
    Consider this to prepare one of the best finance projects that investigates the numerous facets of NPAs, along with ways to deal with them if you wish to work in the banking industry.

  2. Portfolio Evaluation and Investment Decisions

    Your understanding of a portfolio and how to use one will be improved by carrying out this MBA finance project. It’s a wonderful project for people looking to enter the field of portfolio optimization. 

    That’s because you’ll analyze several growth techniques. It is an excellent finance research area for people who desire to pursue a career in portfolio management.

  3. Studying the Home Loans Indian Banks Offer

    The Indian banking industry is quite distinct and vibrant. By providing loans and describing how they vary from other financing products, this MBA finance project will assist you in analyzing its impact on the Indian real estate market.

    This project will investigate how the Indian banking industry affects the country’s real estate market. One of the most common types of financing in the nation is in the housing market, which is among the assets that appreciate in value.

  4. A Survey of The Preferences of The Salaried Class Towards Various Investment Options Available

    Investments are a popular financial asset for those who have savings and wish their funds to grow. The investor can utilize the investment’s earnings for various goals, including retirement savings, addressing immediate financial needs, returning loans, and buying other assets, among others.

    One of the most intriguing MBA finance projects is one in which the researcher observes the various investment options available to salaried people and determines which investment choice the majority chooses.

  5. Mutual Funds

    This is one of the greatest finance projects you’ll undertake if you’re fascinated by mutual funds, which are growing increasingly popular every day. With every day that goes by, interest in mutual funds increases. 
    finance projects
    This will be a relevant financial research issue for you if they hold your interest. Open-end investment funds run by specialized fund managers are called mutual funds. It combines funds from a variety of customers, including both people and businesses.

  6. The Effect of Different Leadership Styles

    One of the most important management skills is leadership. You will investigate in this project how various leadership philosophies affect sales profits and operational efficiency. You will get knowledge of many leadership philosophies, like autocratic, authoritative, etc., while participating in this MBA finance project.

  7. Performance of Public and Private Mutual Funds

    Your ability to analyze data can be tested by examining the performance of both public and private mutual funds. Excellent analytical skills are essential for several financial positions – like financial analysts, investment bankers, and advisers. You could therefore complete this MBA project work in Finance if you want to pursue a profession in any of these fields.

  8. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance – The Importance of a Strong Brand Image

    This is undoubtedly one of the best finance projects. The success of a firm can be significantly impacted by its branding. For a corporation to thrive and market itself effectively, it is essential to comprehend how to build and advertise a brand. You’ll learn the same thing thanks to this project.

  9. Mergers and Acquisitions

    There have been numerous mergers and acquisitions in the Indian banking industry. It is one of the best MBA finance project topics where you’ll learn about the various M&As that have occurred in this industry. The assignment is appropriate for students seeking to work in banking after graduation.

  10. A Comparison of the BSE and NASDAQ Stock Exchanges

    This is one of the most applicable finance projects if you’re interested in starting a career in fund management. Thanks to this effort, you’ll become more acquainted with these two stock markets. Most of the information needed can be gathered using their websites. 

However, remember that stock investing is a skill that must be studied and honed over time to become more adept. Another useful skill is reading and comprehending the two stock exchanges.


Want to test your knowledge in the finance sector? If so, put it into practice by making one of the best finance projects. If you want to read about the Roles & responsibility of Financial Manager, read the blog by Hero Vired.

Working on real-time MBA finance project topics will help you improve your skills faster and more efficiently. With this comprehensive guide, you now know the various types of finance projects available for beginners. So, get started with a topic of your choice! 

However, if you cannot pursue an MBA – no matter the reason — a better way to work on such finance projects and hone your skills is by enrolling yourself in a Financial management course & certifications.


One of the most popular and best finance project topics is mutual funds. However, if you’re more fascinated by stocks and portfolios, the best finance project topic will be portfolio management. In the end, it depends on what you seek interest in.
Although there is a wide range of finance projects, the few most popular ones include: 
  • Non-Performing Assets & Ways to Deal with Them
  • Studying and Understanding the Home Loans Indian Banks offer
  • ICICI Prudential Life Insurance for Strong Branding 
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Portfolio Management and Making Investment Decisions.
A good MBA finance project topic is an analysis of equity-linked savings plans offered by domestic mutual fund companies.
The various topics for research in Finance include the following: 
  • Applied financial econometrics
  • Capital markets and asset pricing
  • Corporate finance and financial economics
  • Applied mathematics and financial technology
  • Banking and financial services
The finance sector is moving and scaling faster with new introductions such as crypto and DeFi. Amid the latest finance trends, some great MBA finance project topics include:
  • Downloadable Personal Finance Apps 
  • Professional Management of Funds by People
  • Blockchain

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