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Beginner’s Guide to Best Countries for Artificial Intelligence Jobs

The term ‘artificial intelligence’ or AI was coined in 1955 and since then, it has been on the tongue of every individualits growth and adoption has been massive. We live in a technological era where everyone knows what artificial intelligence is. 

From robotic assistants to self-driving cars to disease diagnoses, we are surrounded by artificial intelligence technology. This has increased the demand for artificial intelligence experts and engineers. And, with further advancements, businesses are opting for more skilled AI experts to handle and manage different applications. Here in this blog, we will explore countries welcoming AI talents with both their hands wide open.

Checklist of Top 10 Countries for Artificial Intelligence Jobs

Artificial intelligence is a technology that is evolving at a very fast speed. The advancement we are observing today may be outdated in the future. The technology looks after the market’s needs and trends and all the AI experts work round the clock to improve it. This is the reason why AI jobs are in demand. Not only for business, but candidates also look forward to it as the field is promising with high returns compared to other jobs. Some of the countries that are goldmines for artificial intelligence job seekers are:

1. The United States

The very first country on our list is the United States which is the magnet attracting Al talents from all across the globe. According to the data released by Pysa, it has been revealed that top companies in the U.S. have invested around $650 million in employing AI talent. Besides, around 10,000 positions are available in the top-notch firms for AI experts. 

Companies that are welcoming all talent in the U.S. are Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Intel, Facebook, and more. The companies in the U.S. are willing to offer over $110K per annum to AI engineers and experts. The field is very optimistic in the U.S. as companies are open to discussion for the right candidate regarding salaries. 

Plus, every day, new technology is emerging, so the chances of the AI market going down are very less. And, that is why, the U.S. is the first choice for AI experts in jobs in the artificial intelligence field.

2. The United Kingdom

The second country on our list is the United Kingdom, another good hub for artificial intelligence job seekers. The demand for AI engineers is reportedly growing at a breathtaking speed.

It has been revealed that the U.K. is the country that is beating countries like Australia, Canada, and even the U.S. when it comes to hiring AI experts. 

There are around 1300 vacant spots for AI specialists in every million, which is comparatively higher than in other countries. Companies in the U.K. are willing to offer £60,000 as an average salary. But, top recruiting firms are offering around £105,500 yearly. 

Not just this, for the right candidate, companies are willing to go above and beyond and pay the desired salary. This is why, the AI job market in the U.K. is very competitive and one of the favorite places for AI specialists to work.

3. Canada

Canada is another major country for job seekers having AI skills. The country is believed to take a chance on AI technology and that is why, it has invested in AI development and science. Not just this, it has been heard that shortly it will invest in AI legal implications, framework, and policy.

According to the stats, the demand for AI engineers has increased by 1,069% in the past decade. Companies that are actively seeking AI experts and engineers include LoyaltyOne, KPMG, Royal Bank of Canada, Amazon, and more. Not just this, companies like Facebook, DeepMind, and Google are also looking to set up their AI research office in Canada. 

The average salary of AI specialists in Canada is between $70,000 and $90,000 yearly. Further, for candidates with impeccable skills, companies are ready to pay $130,000 yearly. 

4. India

Further on our list is India, which is known to be a testing ground for AI technologies and applications. Many innovations related to artificial intelligence, be it in healthcare, farming, or automation, have only been carried out in India. 

With the country heading toward being digital, the demand for AI specialists and engineers has drastically increased. This is why, India is among the top five counties in offering AI jobs. The demand for automation has enhanced the need for AI engineers and it has been forecast that the country is expected to witness a 60 percent rise in AI jobs. 

A candidate with 2 to 4 years of experience can easily get a package of $22,000-29,000 in India. However, the one with 4 to 8 years of experience can easily bag a package of $29,000-73,000. Further, the right candidate can take home $73,000-147,000 based on their skills.

5. Japan

Japan is known for its electronics, but it is not restricted to that; only now the country is spreading its legs in the robotics sector as well. The country has collaborated with various foreign companies for its robotics startups. 

According to various reports, Japan is the hidden gem in AI adoption. Japanese are trying to employ AI technologies to reinvent societies under Society 5.0 to create super-smart communities. 

Not just this, one of the leading companies, Start Today Co, is continuously hiring AI experts and offering $944,000 yearly. The minimum average salary of an AI expert in Japan is 310,000 JPY per month which is $2293.15 per month. 

However, experience plays a crucial role in getting the desired salary in Japan. Individuals with 15 to 20 years of experience can earn $6546.58 per month.

6. China

China is one of the highlighting spots for robotics and AI and is very close to being a global leader in AI technology. It has been reported by 2030, AI would be employed in every sector of China, adding value to economic growth. From finance to retail to technology, China has become a front for AI technology. 

Top companies in China, such as ByteDance and Alibaba, have personalized AI-driven mobile applications. That is the reason why the country is a bright spot for people seeking jobs in the AI field. The average monthly salary of an AI specialist in China is $4917.93. Candidates with desired skills can earn more than that. 

Not just this, in the coming years, the projected market of AI uses will reach $600 billion in economic value.

7. Germany

Germany is the leading country acting at the forefront of AI technology in Europe. The country has so much potential with research universities like Cyber Valley on its side. It also opens the gate for developing top-notch AI machines and sophisticated automated systems. 

With leading giants like BMW, IBM, and Porsche existing in a country, the country aims to create technology that can respond, feel, and coordinate with humans. That is why, Germany is looking for more and more skilled AI laborers. The average salary of an artificial intelligence engineer in Germany is €87,784.

8. Russia

Further, we have Russia on our list, which is paying close attention to worldwide famous AI technology. Russia has a high chance of becoming a potential game player in AI technology in the upcoming years. 

Various Russian companies like Direct Investment Fund and MTS have joined forces to create and promote technologies that have been created in the country itself. This has increased the demand for AI specialists. 

According to a report, the country has around 168 AI-based startups and 400 companies in Russia are working round the clock on developing AI-based systems. The average salary of an AI specialist in Russia is $2195.58. 

The Russian government and major domestic IT companies are working hard to close the AI infrastructure gaps between Russia and advanced countries.

9. Australia

Another country that is a leading magnet for AI jobs on our list is Australia. In 2019, the Australian government discussed the road map to utilize AI technologies to benefit society.

Further, in 2021, they announced $100 million in funding for the same. 

The plan is to launch and support AI technology and make it a part of Australian society. But, the shortage of AI specialists in the country is one of the pressing challenges. That is why, companies in Australia are welcoming AI talents from all across the globe and are ready to pay their desired salary.

A person in Australia with average AI skills can make $105,699 yearly. Further, it has been reported that the country will need 161,000 AI specialists by 2030, which will compel companies to hire employees at competitive salary packages.

10. France

Lastly, France, another developing leader in AI technologies, is on our list. It has been reported that France wants to become a global leader in AI technology. According to a report released by Omdia, AI would bring a 20% increase in productivity in France by 2035.

The ecosystem of AI in France is promising. It has around 520 AI-based startups which hire around 13,459 people and generate over 70,000 indirect jobs in France.

France is paying attention to talent and that is why, it is hiring trained and skilled AI specialists from all over the world. The average salary of a skilled AI specialist in France is €83,700.

Final Thoughts

Here we have listed down all the best countries for artificial intelligence jobs. Undoubtedly, a career in artificial intelligence is promising and opens gateways to new opportunities and skills. There are plenty of well-paid jobs for the right candidate with decent skills.

With that in mind, if you want to learn more about Al technology and gain some skills that can help you land a good job, then enroll in data science, machine learning, & artificial intelligence course from Hero Vired. 

So, what is stopping you now, start your journey today!

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