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Build custom training and development programs with high instructor-led engagement, pre-defined learning outcomes, and integration of premium content.

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Why Vired for Business?
Highly Customized Learning
Highly Customized Learning
Our custom-built learning programs are created in collaboration with the world’s leading universities, and are focused on addressing your organization's specific upskilling and reskilling requirements.
Industry Relevant Learning
Industry Relevant Learning
The program offerings are grounded in being hands-on, domain relevant, and updated to meet your most current as well as all future deployment needs.
Outcome Oriented Learning
Outcome Oriented Learning
The focused 360-degree learning programs are designed to enhance your overall organizational skill sets to drive impactful business growth through meaningful employee training.

Industry Report - Hero Vired Industry Report

Employee upskilling and reskilling are key to attracting and retaining talent in 2022 and beyond. Over 92% of CXOs echo the sentiment, stating that corporate training programs for employees should be a priority for their Senior Managers. And 76% of them believed that the comprehensiveness of the learning program was the most important criterion for selecting a learning partner.

Get more insights from leading HR & Learning Development professionals in our Upskilling and reskilling for future jobs report.

How Hero Vired helps
End to end career journey for your employees
Talent Sourcing and Recruitment
Hire and Train
(Preparatory Joining Programs)
Upskill with Industry-Renowned Faculty
Set Up Internal Knowledge Academies
Continuous Capability Building & Learning
Business Growth and Profitability

Our Learning Pedagogy

In depth gap analysis to understand the learning needs of your employees. We co-create learning methodology to identify and improve the relevant skill gap.
Scoping the accurate solution based on the gap analysis and using a data-driven approach to design a learning experience or a solution based on the enterprise and learner requirements
Guided and mentorship-based learning approach that uses peer and collaborative tools with hands-on application of skills learnt and continuous personalized support
Check the application of learned skills and use learning tools to assess and review learning impact and efficiency testing throughout the training and development schedule.
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