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What Are the Benefits of Enrolling in a Data Science Course?

In this modern, rapidly progressing digital economy, data has evolved as the backbone of almost every business domain. With a constant gush of information in the form of unstructured data, the requirement to transform the same into valuable insights is more evident than ever before. 

With a projection of tremendous data points planned to get released in the market for the coming years, you can only speculate the influence of valuable insights extracted from that data. 

Furthermore, progressions in information technology and computer science have stimulated Data Science to drive from datasets and use statistical techniques to evolve as a domain that comprises Data mining, Predictive Analytics, Data examination, Deep learning, Business intelligence, AI, and more. 

Hence it might not be wrong to say that Data Science is rising exponentially in organizations and businesses that obtain massive volumes of data to drive transformations and advancements in their operations. 

Given this increased advancement of data science in the modern world, more and more students are opting for comprehensive data science courses to build a lucrative career as Data Scientists. 

These data analytics courses allow students to comprehend and learn the concept of data analysis and extensive knowledge of Naïve Bayes,  R statistical computing, methods of using the Hadoop framework, and more. 

In addition, extensive data science certification courses assist students in improving their aptitudes and bridging the talent voids to give their careers the much-required boost. Keep reading below to learn more about the perks of pursuing data science courses in modern times. 

So let’s get started, shall we?

Why should you learn data science?

In this technologically advanced world, the data science domain is expanding rapidly, and more companies identify the significance of those trained in data science. 

However, you must note that as the demand for Data Scientists increased, so did the competition, with more and more students enrolling in data science courses. 

Since data science is also a lucrative career option, more individuals are accomplishing what they can to become adept in the data science domain to stand ahead of their competitors. Also, it might not be wrong to say that obtaining adequate training is essential if you wish to build a thriving career in data science.

Furthermore, the initial step in becoming a Data Scientist is to enroll in accredited data analytics courses. These data science courses can train students in all the concepts required to succeed in this domain — from the fundamentals to cutting-edge aptitudes. ‘

In addition, while free online courses can provide some effective tips for understanding data science and analytics, it is more effective to register for well-thought-out. 

These certified data science training courses provide better learning offered by industry professionals and deliver a certificate of completion. 

So if you are looking for comprehensive data science certification courses online that help you remain well-versed with the latest trend and offer better practical exposure, enrolling in data science courses by Hero Vired is an excellent option. 

Registering for these online certification courses makes it more convenient for you to learn new aptitudes and get certified. Moreover, online data science certification courses offer better flexibility, and you can always learn at your own pace anytime, anywhere. 

Demand, market, and scope of data science 

The Data Science domain has glimpsed tremendous advancement over the last decade. In addition, the market for Data Scientists is boosting as more modern companies shift toward big data, ML (Machine Learning), and AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

Data science has attempted to make life more effortless by examining nearby things, improving online transactions’ quality, and more. According to research, India witnessed a  47.1 percent boost in data science-related jobs in 2021 compared to 2020, and this number is sure to expand in the coming years. 

Moreover, when speaking of the global scenario, the data analytics and data science market is sure to expand to $103 billion.

Hence it might not be wrong to say that the data science market is rapidly expanding daily, and individuals worldwide have now stepped into this digitalization era. Therefore, the massive data expansion offers a peek at the future scope of Data Science in India. 

Here are some prominent industries that will have considerable data science scope in the future. 


The transportation domain needs a Data Scientist to examine the data gathered through traveler counting systems, location systems, asset management, fare collecting, and ticketing.


The eCommerce industry is rapidly expanding because Data Scientists examine the data and create customized request checklists to deliver outstanding results to end-users.


There is a tremendous need for Data Scientists in healthcare since they produce a lot of data daily. Handling a tremendous amount of data is not feasible for any inexperienced candidate.

In addition, hospitals and healthcare institutions must document patients’ medical records, bills, personal staff accounts, and other details. Hence Data Scientists are getting employed in the healthcare domain to improve the quality and security of the data.

Skills you need to become a Data Scientist

Skills play an essential part when speaking of data science. Most multinational corporations need applicants with higher expertise in handling practical problems concerning data analysis. Also, we can say that skills and experience in the data science domain matter even more than the certification or degree. 

While it is not that beginners have a lower chance of getting recruited, top multinational corporations like hiring proficient and skillful applicants simultaneously. 

However, note that there is no specific way of becoming a successful Data Scientist, and learners must spend time brushing up on some of the skills below to thrive in this domain. 

Calculus and multivariable linear algebra

Several data science prototypes and machine learning applications are designed with different variables. An in-depth understanding of multivariable calculus is beneficial while developing a machine learning model.

Below are some calculus and multivariable linear algebra topics that will assist you in acquiring data science aptitudes:

  • Cost function
  • Determining values of a function (maximum and minimum)
  • Vector and scalar
  • Tensor and Matrix functions
  • Stepwise function and Rectified Linear Unit Function
  • Gradients and Derivatives

Cloud computing

The approach of data science incorporates cloud computing. Data scientists require the services and products related to computing to process complex data. In addition, the everyday task of Data Scientists comprises examining and visualizing data discovered in cloud storage. 

Moreover, cloud computing has become an indispensable part of data science as it allows Data Scientists to use highly advanced platforms, such as AWS,  Google Cloud, and Azure operating tools, like Programming languages, Databases, and frameworks.

Proficiency in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has become one of the essential prerequisites for any back and front office job. It is the fundamental platform for a specified data algorithm. In addition, Microsoft Excel is the most suitable editor for 2-D data and facilitates a live connection to an ongoing excel sheet. 

This application further makes data manipulation more detailed and easy than any other platform. Therefore, having sound knowledge of Microsoft Excel can expand your data science future without much effort.

How can a data science certification program help?

Data science courses can help you take the first step toward a career in data science, and their benefits include:

Better career development 

Enrolling in a data science certification course should be your first step if you wish to kickstart your career. Even when you are already versed in data science concepts, acquiring a professional certificate can assist you in advancing your career and gaining better job prospects.

Furthermore, according to research, professionals with a data science certificate generally witnessed a salary hike varying from 20% to 40% after certification.

Increased opportunity to learn popular data science tools 

The data science domain is continually growing, and Data Scientists constantly employ new and creative tools to make their work more efficient. So when you learn data science by registering in comprehensive data science training courses, you get a better chance to learn all these prominent tools. 

Also, you must know that diverse corporations use different tools to make their work easier. So when you keep learning about new tools, you eventually diversify your aptitudes and improve your career prospects. 

Remain up-to-date with the latest industry trends 

By learning data science, you will always remain up-to-date with the emerging trends in the domain. In addition, learning new aptitudes is essential to developing your knowledge base.

Also, we can say that by registering for data science certification courses from an accredited institution, you can better enhance your learning experience. 

Things to consider when choosing a data science program

Below are some factors to consider when choosing a data science online course that gets you the right kind of learning experience. 

Industry-relevant curriculum 

A Data Scientist usually remains acquainted with concepts related to machine learning, computer science, Artificial Intelligence, and programming languages like  Python. So before enrolling in a data science certification course online, you must thoroughly examine the curriculum to check if it remains relevant to modern industry. 

Mentor expertise 

Reviewing your mentor’s knowledge beforehand is essential as it assists in gaining the relevant industry understanding. Moreover, you must choose a data science and machine learning course with well-versed mentors in the relevant fields. 

Practical exposure 

While a theoretical understanding of the subject is important to understand the fundamental concepts, you can never overlook the significance of practical exposure. A comprehensive data science training program guarantees that learners obtain the correct amount of practical exposure to confront real-world challenges. 

The bottom line 

Data has become a significant driver of almost every modern business domain and is bound to expand in the coming days. As the need for Data Scientists advances not only in India but globally,  Hero Vired brings you the Integrated Program in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, offered in collaboration with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  

The program offers 80+ live session with global and Indian facult, along with 10+ industry projects, numebrous assignments, and a capstone project to help you prepare for your career in data science. 

The highlight of the program is that it integrates with the MITx MicroMasters Program, becoming a pathway to Masters Programs globally)

This program is one of the most comprehensive data science courses that help you develop the required aptitudes to solve complex business problems and become a successful Data Scientist. So why wait? Enroll in this data science certification course now!

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