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Everything You Need to Know About Full Stack Developer Salaries in 2024

Full stack development has emerged as one of the most eminent, in-demand skills in the technology space in 2022. Statistics suggest that the industry is bound to grow at a CAGR of 13% through 2026

The career opportunities for a skilled Full Stack Developer are evidently excellent. But who exactly is a Full Stack Developer, and what does the job involve? 

A Full Stack Developer is a web/software development professional with expertise in the frontend (client-side) and backend (server-side) operations of a web or mobile application or website.

The frontend of an application is the user-interactive visual component, whereas the backend, often known as the server-side, focuses on developing and maintaining the application’s hidden, behind-the-scenes configuration.

A Full Stack Developer’s job is to engage in projects that need the development of user interface websites, databases, and server administration. Often, it’s a client-facing job where the developer collaborates with the client during the project planning phase. 

With the world going online, every business wants to establish a robust digital presence. A significant proportion of established ones demand developing the end-to-end components of their products.

This makes the full stack development industry among the hottest tech sectors in 2022. The same is evident from the higher Full Stack Developer salary packages offered to individuals with skills in this domain. 

Let’s learn more about the salaries, roles and responsibilities, and pivotal skills of a Full Stack Developer position. 

What is driving the demand for top-quality Full Stack Developers in 2022?

Businesses across all sectors, ranging from early-stage startups to large multinational firms, are on a persistent hunt for Full Stack Developer talent.

Full Stack Developers consistently outperform experts with restrictive skill sets, suggesting that businesses don’t need to hire separately for frontend and backend positions. A Full Stack Developer also possesses the expertise and aptitude to finish a project independently.

Thus, companies are willing to acquire the best candidates even if it requires spending more on a Full Stack Software Developer salary.

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What are the roles and responsibilities associated with a Full Stack Developer position?

Here are some crucial roles and responsibilities that Full Stack Developers must fulfill:

  • Create innovative, dynamic, frontend, and backend software products and apps that are interactive and visually appealing.
  • Capable of designing entire architecture, responsive design, user interaction, and user experience.
  • Expertise in handling databases, APIs, version control systems, servers, and third-party applications.
  • Make recommendations for ongoing improvements, and add or remove features and functionality as and when required.
  • Devise plans for reliability, scalability, performance optimization, and continuous innovation.
  • Keep abreast of new development-related technologies, frameworks, techniques, and architectures.
  • Conceive, design, and deploy a functional product based on company/client demands.
  • Confirm cross-platform compatibility and resolve any issues during the testing and deployment phase.
  • Manage the development team and facilitate effective communication to build a product roadmap and optimize performance.
  • Organize and direct a team of developers, architects, and network administrators to produce digital deliverables that meet project objectives.

The Full Stack Developer role demands the exhibition of a cost-efficient approach, faster development, and robust technical prowess in day-to-day tasks for long-term project realization. 

What are the top technical skills required before starting a career in Full Stack Development?

A Full Stack Developer must have a solid understanding of several frameworks, coding languages, and databases.

The developer needs to be proficient in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Express, jQuery, and ReactJS to showcase industry-oriented competence in frontend development.

When it comes to backend development, Full Stack Developers should be well-versed in programming languages like Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, and Ruby.

For database management, the developer must be extensively knowledgeable in MySQL, Oracle Database, MongoDB, and SQL Server. Additionally, DevOps requires hands-on mastery of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and associated tools like GitLab and Jenkins. 

Furthermore, you must be proficient in React Native to break into mobile application development roles. Learning Swift and Kotlin is mandatory if you want to work in native app development.

Apart from these, some other vital skills include:

  • Knowledge of UI/UX design fundamentals
  • Project management skills
  • Server and configuration management
  • Implementing the Agile development approach
  • General problem-solving skills.

Lastly, a rich set of soft skills, including outstanding communication, time management skills, creativity, and ingenuity, is equally necessary to land a job and command a high Full Stack Developer salary. 

If you are looking to upskill yourself and acquire the latest, in-demand technical skills, check out Hero Vired, which offers two certification programs in full stack development with placement assurance.

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A comprehensive overview of the Full Stack Developer salary in 2022

Full Stack Developer is unquestionably among the highest-paid professional roles in India. The average Full Stack Developer salary in India in 2022 is reported at INR 6.5 lakhs and ranges between INR 2.5 to INR 17 lakhs per annum.

The full stack web developer salary range is influenced by numerous parameters, including experience, tools, skills, industry, location, company size, etc.

Let’s delve deeper to explore the salaries in each category:

1. Salary based on location

Most of the top recruiters come from the tech hubs of India, namely Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Below are the average salaries per annum in these cities:

2. Salary based on skills

The variety of tools and skills a developer is proficient in has a big impact on arriving at the full stack web developer salary. Simply put, it’s not just about the quantity but also the quality of work.

3. Salary based on experience

There is no denying that experience plays a significant part in determining your compensation. A robust experience with a reputable organization provides you an advantage over many newcomers.

The average Full Stack Developer salary for freshers is INR 4.0 lakhs, while someone with an experience of up to five years gets an average pay of INR 9.5 lakhs, and for 7+ years of experience, the average pay stands at INR 11.5 lakhs.

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4. Salary based on industry

Full Stack Developers serve a plethora of industries. Let’s discuss the pay for a Full Stack Developer position in a few sectors:

  • IT Services and Consulting- The annual salary ranges between INR 3.2- 14.9 lakhs, with an average pay of INR 6.2 lakhs.
  • Banking and Insurance- The annual salary ranges between INR 3.7- 15.2 lakhs, with an average pay of INR 6.5 lakhs.
  • Education- The annual salary ranges between INR 1.9- 14.7 lakhs, with an average pay of INR 5.0 lakhs.
  • Software Product Development- The annual salary ranges between INR 3.1- 17.0 lakhs, with an average pay of INR 7.5 lakhs.

5. Salary based on role

Acquiring full stack development skills opens a door of opportunities across distinct job roles in the technology space. Let’s discuss the salaries in different roles:

  • Project Manager- The salary ranges between INR 6.0-35.0 lakhs, with an average annual salary of INR 16.2 lakhs. 
  • System architect- The salary ranges between INR 7.0-44.0 lakhs, with an average annual salary of INR 21.0 lakhs. 
  • Development operations engineer- The salary ranges between INR 5.0-18.0 lakhs, with an average annual salary of INR 11.0 lakhs. 
  • Database Engineer- The salary ranges between INR 3.0-19.2 lakhs, with an average annual salary of INR 6.5 lakhs.

6. Salary based on the size of the business

The demand for full stack development skills comes from businesses of all sizes. Here are the salaries offered based on the size of the business:


Full stack development enables engineers to be at the forefront of technology and explore new avenues with leading enterprises. Furthermore, a booming number of sectors are providing great professional opportunities and stability to talented developers who want to pursue a lucrative career in the technology sphere. 

If you are looking to level up and acquire skills to prepare yourself for this challenge, an industry-recognized certification is all you need to get started. 

We at Hero Vired offer two extensive certification programs that can help you become a successful Full Stack Developer:

1. Full Stack Development with Cloud for Web and Mobile

This is a 9-month program designed for  industry professionals and freshers aliek, and focuses on imparting project-oriented learning on developing and deploying web and mobile applications from the ground up.

The program includes mentorship and 70+ live learning sessions from global and Indian industry experts. Furthermore, the industry-oriented curriculum emphasizes delivering a hands-on learning experience through a 3-month capstone project. 

2. Full Stack Development with MERN and Cloud Computing

Another top-tier, holistic learning program from Hero Vired, it draws on the fundamentals and moves on to cover the various facets of full stack development, such as programming, collaboration, testing, and cloud deployment, while putting a strong emphasis on scalability and optimal functionality in design.

It is a 7-month full-time program (inclusive of a 3-month capstone project) that offers 50+ live sessions from global and Indian industry experts to allow students to explore and grab industry-relevant skills to develop full stack web applications on the cloud for web and mobile using the versatile MERN stack. 

So what are you waiting for? Visit Hero Vired now and start your full stack development upskilling journey today.

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