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What is Palindrome in Java?

Palindrome is known as a sequence, word, phrase, or number of characters which reads the same forwards and backward. But did you know you will find palindromes in Java? In this post, you will gain helpful insight into it.


You will also learn how to check the palindrome program in Java and gain a full understanding of the concept of the palindrome.


Table of Contents

Palindrome in Java Meaning

The palindrome in Java means it’s a phrase or a word, which is spelled out the same way, even backward [avoiding the capitalizations, punctuations, and spacing].


The palindrome program in Java is also known as a sequence or string of characters. This means it has the same type of sequence of letters when you read it in backward and forward directions.


To have a proper understanding of the palindrome in Java, here are some popular examples:

  • Madam
  • Rotor
  • Tenet
  • Racecar

What is a Palindrome Number?

The palindrome number in Java is a number that stays when all its digits are reversed. Some of these numbers are 8888, 5555, 15451, etc. Here is another example:

palindrome in java


“When you take 121 and then reverse it, you will find that after you reverse the number, it still stays the same.”

Steps to Palindrome Number Program

In this section, you will learn about the steps for the palindrome number program in Java. These are:


  • Provide the number from the user
  • Reverse the number
  • Compare the number provided by the user with the reversed number
  • When both numbers are the same, print the number as “palindrome.”
  • Otherwise, if the numbers are not the same, print “not a palindrome,”

Palindrome Number Program in Java

Under this section, you will understand how exactly a number is or not palindrome in Java in a detailed manner. Let’s begin!


class Main {
 	public static void main(String[] args) {
        	int num = 7777, reversedNum = 0, remainder;
        	// store the number to the orginalNum
        	int originalNum = num;
        	// get the reverse of orginalNum
        	//store it in the variable
        	while (num ! = 0) {
        	   remainder = num % 10;
        	   reversedNum = reversedNum * 10 + remainder;
        		num /= 10;
class Main {
        	//check if reversedNum and originalNum are the same
        	if (originalNum == reversedNum) {
        	   System.out.println(originalNum + “is a Palindrom.”);
Here, the output is 7777.

What is a Palindrome String?

The palindrome string in Java is a string that is known to stay the same when read in a backward or forward direction. To check the palindrome string, here is what you must do:


class Main {
 	public static void main(String[] args) {
        	String str = “Radar”, reverseStr = “ “;
        	int strLength = str.length();
for (int i = (strLength – 1); i >=0; --1) {
	reverseStr = reverseStr + str.charAt(i);
If (str.toLowerCase().equals(reverseStr.toLowerCase())) {
   System.out.println(str + “is a Palindrome String.”);
 	System.out.println(str + “is not a Palindrome String.”);
The Output: The radar is the palindrome string

How to Check the Palindrome Program in Java?

When you have gained a proper understanding of the palindrome code in Java, knowing how to check the palindrome program is also easy for you.


There are several methods through which you can check the palindrome program in Java, and you will learn about them from this section:

Method 1: Checking the Palindrome Program with Loop

  • Iterate the string’s characters
  • Compare the characters at the end and beginning of the string
  • Return false when pairs do not match
  • Return true when the loop completes.

Method 2: Checking Palindrome Program with Recursion

  • When the string’s length is 1 or 0, return true.
  • Check the last and first characters of the string.
  • Return false when they are different.
  • When the characters of the string are the same, they call the function through the substring, which excludes the last and first characters.
  • Repeat until it reaches the base case.

Method 3: Check Palindrome Program with Apache Commons Lang Library

  • Utilize the “isPalindrome” technique through the Apache Commons Lang Library. That way, you can check whether or not the string is Palindrome.
  • Be sure to prove the Apache Commons Lang Library in the project to utilize this specific method.

You can utilize any one of these methods to check the palindrome in Java, and all of these methods are pretty simple.

What is a Palindrome Phrase?

The experts of data-warehousing-and-data-mining have said that Palindrome contains a phrase or a sentence. For instance, Mr. Tanaka ate my orange”, Do Jane See God?”.


All spaces, capital letters, and punctuation are typically avoided. For instance, “dogs live on no evil star” and “steps on no dogs” contain spaces.

Uses of Palindrome in Java

There are countless uses of palindrome in JavaScript, but the primary use of palindrome is that it can detect the sequence of letters, strings, and numbers.


All these things can be read from right to left and from left to right effectively to return or match the same characters of the same sequence.

Palindrome in Java Advantages

There are many benefits of palindrome in Java, and some of these are:


  • It can reverse the number or a string, which sounds the same from forward and backward.
  • You can easily check the palindrome in Java through various methods, including loops, recursion, etc.
  • It can traverse through or manipulate the string.
  • It can help you understand by taking a simple thing, which humans can do, and then describing it to the computer through a set of repeated variables.

Challenges Faced in Palindrome Program

When using the palindrome program, you might experience several challenges, which are:


  • At times, not using the right method to check the palindrome program might not provide the results you need.
  • Not checking the reversed and original numbers or phrases might make it challenging for the user to state whether or not they are the same or not the same.


palindrome in java

Palindrome Program Example

The palindrome in Java has many examples, and some of these examples are:

  • Palindrome Numbers: 11, 33, 55, 77, 99, 111, 666, 999, and 777 are some examples of palindrome numbers.
  • Palindrome String: Level, radar, racecar, rotator, pop, noon, Madam I am Adam are some examples of palindrome string.


This brings us to the end of this blog where we have learned how to find palindrome in Java. Palindrome is a combination of letters, numbers, texts, words, and phrases that has the same kind of meaning when you read it both backward and forward.


Once you have a good understanding of what exactly a palindrome is, it becomes easier for you to check the palindrome program in Java.


By following the right method, you will be able to find out whether a string or number in Java is a palindrome.


The time complexity is O(N) => N time, which is needed to check whether or not a string is a palindrome in Java.
In short, yes, it can. Numbers that are the equal reverse of the same number are known as palindrome numbers.
To check whether or not a number is a palindrome in Java, you need to follow these steps:
  • Get the number to check whether or not it's a palindrome
  • Hold the number within a temporary variable
  • After that, reverse the number
  • Compare the reversed number with the temporary one
  • When both numbers are the same, print “palindrome number.”
  • Otherwise, you can print “not a palindrome number.”
String and recursion manipulation is utilized to determine whether or not a particular string is a palindrome while ignoring punctuation and spaces.
Some of the use cases for checking the palindrome in Java are:
  • Number Palindromes
  • Multiple-word Palindromes
  • Single-word Palindromes
  • Palindromes with Capitalization, Punctuation, and Spaces

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