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Guide to Choosing the Best Full Stack Development Program

14 Jul 2022
Full stack development is an end-to-end development process for building web applications, native applications, and advanced single-page websites. One can also use technology stacks such as MERN to build simple websites but full stack development generally deals with building platforms with immersive UIs and powerful back-end functions. An example of this kind of platform would […]

Full stack development is an end-to-end development process for building web applications, native applications, and advanced single-page websites. One can also use technology stacks such as MERN to build simple websites but full stack development generally deals with building platforms with immersive UIs and powerful back-end functions.

An example of this kind of platform would be an online media streaming platform such as Netflix or a social media platform such as Instagram. With full stack development, developers can build web applications or native applications for Android or iOS all on their own. 

So, what is a full stack developer? A full stack developer is a web developer who is well-rounded in all aspects of web development. Full stack developers can build dynamic immersive UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) with front-end technologies and then can develop the background functions, structure, and server-side roles( actions) of a web application with back-end technologies. 

Full stack developers also set up the databases and work with various SQL and NoSQL technologies as well to model or structure the flow of data. MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database that is used in technology stacks such as MEAN, MERN, and MEVN. By using all of these technologies together, a single full stack web developer can build and deploy a powerful web application on their own. 

Skills Needed for Full Stack Development

To acquire full stack developer skills, you must learn various technologies such as programming languages, frameworks, libraries, scripting languages, database technologies, repositories, and even cloud technologies. 

In your quest to become a full stack developer, you will get the option to pick the tools of your trade. There are plenty of alternatives for the technologies that you can use for developing each section of the website. If you do not wish to code too much, various tools speed up your development process.

An example of this would be using a front-end framework or library such as Angular (a part of MEAN stack) or React. If we talk about React (a part of the MERN stack), the front-end technology allows you to build the user interface and views (the current visual state that loads for the end-user) using components. These React components can then be reused and modified to speed up your development process.

This is why a technology stack such as MERN is always recommended to web developers. MERN combines essential technologies such as MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js to provide a complete platform for developing a web application. This is one of the most well-rounded technology stacks for modern full stack developers. 

To use the MERN stack effectively, you must also have a solid foundation in JavaScript. Unlike other programming languages, JavaScript is both a front-end and back-end language, thus having a holistic set of uses. Also, all the technologies in the MERN stack are JavaScript-based, allowing you to use a single scripting language for the full development process.

The technologies in the MEAN stack are also JavaScript-based, however, the latest version of Angular is TypeScript-based, thus making the MERN stack a much better option for beginners.

Now, to understand how the front-end of a web application or website renders in HTML on the client-side or browser-side, you must also know HTML and CSS. Even though you can remove the need to write HTML or CSS code from scratch with technologies such as React, these technologies are still extremely crucial to possess an understanding of how the front-end functions and how much it can be manipulated.

If you are wondering how to become a full stack developer with no experience, you should opt for a good full stack web development course

If you are wondering how to become a full-stack web developer without the help of a guided program, here are the technologies you can choose to learn for each portion of the web development process:

  • The front-end: For the front-end, you must learn HTML and CSS. Other than these two essential languages, you can learn Angular, a popular front-end framework, or React, a powerful front-end library. You can also learn React Native if you wish to develop native mobile applications or cross-platform apps. You can also learn Vue.js or Bootstrap.

Learning JavaScript can also prove to be extremely useful for front-end development. 

  • The back-end: For the back-end, you must learn programming languages such as Python, PHP, Ruby, or Java. Alternatively, you can also use JavaScript or even the .Net framework. If you feel comfortable with JavaScript, you can learn Express, Node, and other JavaScript-based libraries and frameworks.

You can also learn Linux and other distributions or server-side technologies such as Apache. 

    • Databases: For working with databases, you can either choose to learn SQL technologies or NoSQL technologies. For SQL technologies, you can use MySQL, MariaDB, or PostgreSQL. As for NoSQL technologies, you can learn MongoDB or HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System).
  • Cloud Technologies: Learning cloud technologies is essential for full stack developers nowadays as most organizations wish to adopt cloud solutions for increased scalability and flexibility. You can choose to learn AWS (Amazon Web Solutions), Microsoft Azure, or GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

Picking the Right Course to Become a Full Stack Developer

Picking the right course can be hard, especially with the ample number of options available in front of you. However, here are some factors that you should keep in mind while choosing the best program for yourself.

  • The full stack developer course syllabus and the technologies that are covered in the program. For instance, you might wish to develop native applications and for that, a stack such as the MEAN stack would not be the right choice for you. In a case such as that, the MERN stack would be more suitable.
  • You should also check if the program offers placement assistance as you will be able to get a better ROI from the course. Placement assistance also helps you kick start your full stack career.
  • How interactive the program is and if there are live sessions. Without live sessions, modules will become boring and you will not be able to complete the program on time.
  • Choosing a program with a holistic set of projects is also essential as it helps you gain the necessary hands-on experience. Without hands-on experience, you will not be able to effectively use your skills in the real world.
  • If the course also features guidance and doubt-solving sessions, it is a definite plus. Without guidance, you will always have doubts that will cause you problems in the future. 
  • The stack the program focuses on and if you are comfortable with it. For instance, if you wish to not learn languages such as PHP, you should not go for a stack such as the LAMP stack.
  • The full stack developer learning path that the program offers. A proper learning path helps you achieve your goals faster and removes the chances of you losing track of your progress. 

A solid full stack developer course such as the Certificate Program in Full Stack Development by Hero Vired will teach you foundational technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and also the full MERN technology stack. Even though you will only need MongoDB, the program also teaches you about SQL databases and how you can use them to improve your understanding of how relational databases function. 

You also get to learn Python and with the help of React Native, you will be easily able to deploy your application as a native mobile app for Android or iOS. This is also one of the only web development courses that teach you the foundations of cloud deployments and how to get your project on the cloud. 

With the information you have acquired, it will now be easy to choose the best full stack web development course as per your preferences. However, it is always suggested that you go for holistic guided programs that will responsibly teach you all that you need to know to be a full stack developer. 

With the help of an industry-accredited certification from Hero Vired, you will also attract better prospects and career opportunities. The Online Certification in Full Stack Development also offers placement assurance upon completion of the program. 

So, is web development a good career? Yes, it is rightfully so and talented developers are compensated with extremely lucrative salaries. The future will only keep getting better for skilled web developers as the world around us is getting digitized at a rapid pace.

Businesses are shifting to e-commerce models and digital services from brick-and-mortar shops and offline branches. Full stack developers are in demand like never before, thus, it is highly recommended that you analyze your requirements and go for the right full stack program.

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