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MEAN Stack vs Full Stack: An Overview and Comparison

19 Aug 2022
Last updated on: March 14, 2023
What is MEAN stack? MEAN stack is a JavaScript framework used to develop web applications faster than ever before. Each...
MEAN Stack vs Full Stack An Overview and Comparison

What is MEAN stack?

MEAN stack is a JavaScript framework used to develop web applications faster than ever before. Each MEAN stack developer needs to know them well in order to achieve desired results. 

MEAN is an acronym for the components used in the stack—MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node. Each piece of the stack has little in common with any other piece.

The qualities that make it so appealing are the consistency and simplicity. Everything is written in JavaScript, which makes coding simpler for developers and debugging simpler for app owners.

What is full stack?

Software engineers typically focus on either the frontend or the backend, but a full stack developer, as opposed to a typical developer, can work within all parts of development. 

MEAN stack vs Full stack

While MEAN stack is an acronym for the tools it is comprised of (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.js), full stack refers to a development framework that is used for creating applications from end-to-end. Full stack development includes frontend development, middleware, and backend development.

1. Front-end development deals with the design of the website and web app and how it looks to the user. 

2. The back end is the inner workings: the programming and coding, which keeps the web application running.

3. Full stack development includes both the backend and frontend development of a web application. 

Benefits of full stack development

1. Time and Money Saver: You can have a full view of what is needed and need to be done when you are an end to end developer. The AI also makes it easy for Designers and Developers to switch their focus between front-end and back-end work, as they can both manage these tasks to ensure the code and design are in sync. 

Furthermore, such developers can resolve complex programming problems in less time and money. This is the reason a lot of companies have a preference for a full stack software engineer. They plan to launch their product by a definite time and budget that helps in adding additional people in the project team, hence reducing the operational and contractual costs. With an AI solution, small and mid-sized companies can now take advantage of a full mental spectrum to run the show. 

2. Rounded Solution: A person with expertise in all tiers can develop a solution that has lesser bugs and is more efficient. An easier debugging tool, to even test the product. The process to create a solution is drastically reduced from years to months.As a result, you can quickly launch it in the market. 

3. Higher Visibility: Hiring a full stack engineer as opposed to a mean stack developer will ensure that you have an experienced team member working on your project. They don’t think from just one perspective, but give you a solution that best fits for both frontend and backend. With a higher visibility of the concepts and code, it creates an improved user experience for developers. 

4. Complete Ownership: If you have ever worked as a quality assurance engineer for a project, you will have an idea of the constant shunting of responsibility between the backend and frontend. Especially when a bug is raised. 

However, if you have experience as a full stack web Developer, then you would be  wholly responsible for development and resolution of bugs in code either through frontend or backend. 

5. More Learning and Greater Opportunity : Full stack web Developers get to learn more than others. This creates a great opportunity to grow their wings. Some of these developers become solution-oriented. They end up having careers where they provide the entire blueprint of the products – both on a functional and an architectural level. 

Besides frontend, developers also get to learn on the backend and enjoy ample opportunities for learning.This allows them to constantly learn, upgrade and polish their skills throughout their careers. 

Tools and skills to learn to become a full stack developer

1. HTML/CSS : HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is used to add content to a website. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is an aesthetic tool that enables you to design and style your site. The combination of HTML and CSS can make or break the decision-making process for prospective customers. 

The certified full stack developer needs to work with both HTML and CSS. The full stack developer must have extensive knowledge in both of these programming languages for creating a front-end for applications.

2. JavaScript : JavaScript is a certified full stack developer skill for web and software development. It's used to add behaviour to HTML and is the most widely used full stack developer language for writing frontend and backend code for servers. 

In addition, JavaScript is the only programming that runs on both the browser and server-side (Node.js). full stack web Developers should have an in-depth knowledge of the latest full stack developer languages and JavaScript, and its features like React and Angular.

One of the best things about JavaScript is that it includes numerous useful features like functions, prototypes, higher-order event delegation, and closure which help create responsive web pages. Hence learning full stack web development is crucial.

It is also necessary for full stack software Developers to be up-to-date with the latest JavaScript frameworks that are released. It is also important for full stack Developers to know DOM and JSON.

3. Git and GitHub : Git is an open-source, distributed version control system that developers use to collaborate on software code. It promises speed and efficiency for both small and large-scale projects. Skilled programmers usually have a GitHub profile, which is compulsory for working in a team. 

Users need to know about the basic Git commands, and to have a thorough understanding of how it works. With Git, full stack software Developers can track every minor modification done to the codebase. This empowers full stack Software Developers as they are able to explore new opportunities for security, workplace productivity, and better management. 

The full stack Developer needs to also be a full stack android developer to bring in the necessary elements to build the control system on the software code. 

4. Backend languages: There are some key programming languages that need to be learned if you want to do a full stack web development course. HTML and CSS (along with JavaScript), are the two most critical frontend languages that need to be learned, while backend programming requires a whole different game of language.

A full stack Developer must know at least a few of these languages for backend development:

PHP – PHP is one of the most popular choices for backend development. Using PHP costs nothing, it has cross-platform compatibility, and works seamlessly on Windows, macOS, and Unix operating systems.

Python – Python’s code is easy to learn, and it can be used on many programming jobs. Plus, it has a vast collection of libraries to work with. 

Ruby – Ruby is a programming language with an active community of developers. It also has excellent documentation, dependencies, and is considered the ideal choice for backend development.

Java – Java can be used with web, desktop, and mobile application development. It offers frameworks that will further simplify backend programming.


5. Web architecture : A programmer with a variety of skills, not unlike the MEAN stack developer skills, is able to use their trade for both front-end and backend development. This is called full stack Development. full stack Developers must know how to set up the code, structure files, and databases.

6. HTTP and REST : HTTP is the protocol for communicating with a client, and REST is a system interface between HTTP communication. HTTP and HTTP are common for back-end development, so the full stack Developer must become proficient in both. 

7. Database storage : All web apps need a database powered by a developer who has skills in relational databases and database storage. Full stack developers need to be adept at designing, understanding, and manipulating Database Queries. They also need to know how to work with XML and JSON. Things that a full stack Developer must know concerning database storage and management are characteristics of relational/non-relational data, knowledge of NoSQL databases and knowledge of web storage. 

8. Basic design skills : It is important for a full stack Developer to have strong design skills in both frontend and backend knowledge. A website will not be successful if they are unattractive and unappealing. As such, it is crucial that the material is user-friendly and appealing to the users with a neat design established. Designers must ensure their code is scalable, as well as UI and UX design.

9. NPM : NPM a source for the installation of node.js packages. It also offers solutions to any dependencies that you may have. It is highly configurable, and can be used in many different projects and tasks, such as publishing, installing, or discovering. 

10. Soft skills : When you become a full stack Developer, you need to have the perfect mix of technical skill and soft skills. Every full stack developer needs to have certain skills such as analytical bent of mind, good time management skills, curiosity for learning, attention to detail, a creative vision and patience. 

The best path to a full stack web developer career

You could become a full stack web developer by acquiring the skills needed to become a front or backend developer. 

It is easier for professionals who are already working with databases or application development to start programming web-based applications. You can supplement your existing knowledge with courses designed to teach you the necessary skills, like the  Hero Vired Certificate Program in Full Stack Development with Cloud for Web and Mobile

The program is designed to equip you with the skills to build applications end-to-end and master the complete technology stack and techniques of web & mobile development.

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