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Evaluator/ Grader

Our learners are eager. Help them evaluate their learning by grading their assessments, assignments, and projects. Apply your subject matter expertise to rate their performance throughout the duration of the program.

Live Session Expert

Live online classes is what we are all about. Be the face of Hero Vired and teach our learners in a virtual setting, in real-time and live. If you are an expert in Full Stack Development, Finance, or Data Science, we want to talk to you.

Content Creator

We are known for our quality content. We need experts like you to create dynamic and stunning content for our learners to consume during their online classroom sessions. If you have a knack for content, then you are who we are looking for.

Program Structure Designer

We strongly believe in structured learning. You will create expertly designed and curated programs for our learners across our multiple programs and domain offerings.

‘Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.’


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Here is what our faculty has to say

The sense of ownership given to faculty for the programs they teach, the space and freedom to craft the content and the space and freedom given for different teaching styles to flourish without hindrance are some of the factors that make teaching at Vired a professionally fulfilling experience.

Shivakumar Bavamala Gurunathan
Hero Vired Faculty - Finance, Startup Founder, ex-Barclays, alumni IIT Madras

It is a wonderful and enriching experience working here at Hero Vired. The opportunity to impact careers and lives of so many learners is something to be cherished.

Sanjoy Paul
Hero Vired Faculty - Full Stack Dev, Startup Founder, ex-Cognizant, ex-Infosys

There are many EdTechs striving to keep their curriculum Industry-relevant and provide to learners an unmatchable experience, but HeroVired is amongst the only few who are truly making it happen. The faculty here has a lot of flexibility as there are no pre-decided or set methods of teaching. This provides the required ground for creativity, and freedom to choose and experiment with different teaching styles that work best for learners. Cross-functional interaction of Faculty/SMEs provides avenues to know more and take your own domain understanding to the next level. more

Gaurav Singh
Hero Vired Faculty - Data Science, ex-Axtria, ex-Genpact, alumni IIT Bombay

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What is Hero Vired?

Hero Vired is a premium online learning platform offering industry-relevant programs to early and mid-career professionals, in collaboration with world-class university partners.

What does a Faculty at Hero Vired do?

The Faculty team at Hero Vired is the single most critical element of the learning experience we provide. They are involved in the teaching and designing of all our programs. This includes setting up the curriculum, program structure, setting the academic rigor and planning for career outcomes among other things. Depending on experience and interest, the Faculty can take on different roles of an Evaluator, Live Session Expert, Content Creator, Program Structure Designer, etc.

Do I have to be an academician to be a faculty at Hero Vired?

No. About 70% of our faculty team is composed of industry practitioners. Since our programs are designed to be industry-oriented, our faculty is, therefore, a mix of academic educators and industry professionals. All we need you to be is highly knowledgeable about your domain/field of expertise.

Do I need prior teaching or mentoring experience?

While it would be good to have, it is not a requirement. Our pedagogy and processes will help you quickly get up to speed on how you can best impart your subject matter expertise to our learners.

Which domains do you need faculty for?

Our learning programs are across the areas of Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Finance & Fintech, Management, Gaming, Software Development. If you are a functional expert in any of these, we want to talk to you.

What kind of time commitment is required from a faculty?

We have both full-time in-house faculty as well as part-time and consulting faculty. The commitment to be made is dependent on the specific role you might be interested in with us

I need more information. Where can I find it?

We would love to share any additional information you need. You can go ahead and submit your details on the form above and our team will get in touch with you to explain everything you need to know in detail.