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Top 5 Components of Video Game Design

Components of Video Game Design

Several books and articles will tell you about the process of video game designing. But to become an expert in video game design, you require an amalgamation of creativity, communication skills and technical know-how. While it is easy to grasp the technical aspect of video game design from books and articles, you can’t take the same route for creativity and communications. Hence, if you want to start a career in game design, online professional courses are the most appropriate option. 

Before you enrol in game design courses online, it is vital to understand the nuances of developing a video app. Just like filmmaking, video game design comprises several crucial parts like programming, sounds, graphics, characters, etc. Once all the different components are put together, you get the desired video game of your choice. Let’s try and understand this better by glancing through the top 5 components of video game design.

Game World

The game world is crucial for any good video game. After all, the game world makes gamers live their gaming experience in the most authentic way. A game design program will help you build a game that will make the players forget that they are not living it. The characters of the game should feel natural and living. Usually, inline game designers, concept artists, etc., are responsible for this part of game design.

Game Storyline

Mission designers are the ones who have the responsibility of developing a storyline for a game. They build the narrative of the game, develop characters and events that will appeal to the gamers and keep them engaged. 

Video Game Characters

You also have character artists and animators who bring the characters of your imagination to life. Character artists and animators work very closely with game designers since they give that unique personality to the characters, making them popular among gamers. The visual aesthetic is crucial to a good video game. Thus, we see that games with heavy graphics and sharp visual appeal are usually the most popular among gamers. 


Another crucial aspect of making a video game popular is its music. Music has the potential to take the video game to the next level by adding a certain mood to it. Music can set the right pace for the gamer and get them hooked on an exciting battle ahead. Without music, a video game is incomplete. 

Quality Assurance

For this step, we see the involvement of game testers. They check the software and look out for any glitches or bugs in the game. Game testers possess exceptionally high technical knowledge and evaluation skills. 

So, if you want to become a game designer, you would be looking into all these aspects while developing your game. A game design certification online will help you familiarise with all these components so that you can become a master in the industry.

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