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Top 10 Uses of AI and Machine Learning in FinTech

Uses of AI & ML in Fintech

In the recent years, fintech or financial technology has rapidly evolved and increased the efficiency and service ability of the financial sector. A portmanteau of the words ‘financial technology,’ fintech refers to the novel technology employed in financial services. Owing to the rampant demand for fintech, more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies.

How are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Relevant in Fintech? 

Like all other technologies, fintech depends upon extensive big data analysis and other related tools for its progress and functioning. Some of the most prominent uses of artificial intelligence and machine learning in fintech are listed below: 

1) Advanced Decision Making 

A predominant part of fintech includes the various applications designed to enhance the decision-making process in monetary institutions such as insurance and investment firms or banks. AI and machine learning techniques actively contribute to data visualization and analysis, thus facilitating accurate decision-making.

2) Customer Experience Automation

AI virtual voice assistants and chatbots are changing the face of customer service. Fintech companies are taking to these AI-powered customer service bots to ensure a convenient and effortless experience for their clients.

3) Virtual Financial Assistants

AI and ML capabilities have been harnessed to develop virtual financial assistants. Through this, it is possible to help users make decisions regarding their financial goals and portfolios, as well as monitor stock and bond prices, and others. 

4) Security 

Digitization of financial assets and services has led to a high risk of cybercrimes and frauds. This warrants the implementation of adequate cybersecurity measures. Through AI and ML online security, users can quickly access any activity related to their accounts/assets and keep track of suspicious activities. 

5) Managing Assets 

Investment firms actively make use of AI to generate algorithms for forecasting trends and patterns. With this, fintech companies are constantly embracing automated asset management tools such that any intermediaries are eliminated, and users can directly oversee and manage their account activity.

6) Loaning

Providing loans through AI and ML technology significantly reduces operational downtime as well as the possibility of errors. Furthermore, through this medium, the candidate reviews and, by extension, the final decision will also be free from human bias.  

7) Accurate Forecasting

Fintech applications can undertake exhaustive calculations and analyses to provide highly accurate insights about the financial performance of an asset in the future. 

8) Increased Personalization 

Fintech, through AI and ML tools, has completely revolutionized the financial services industry. As a result, this sector now has scope for the personalization of one’s finances through platforms such as smart wallets.

9) Client Risk Analysis 

Artificial intelligence is also utilized for automation of the client selection process based on their risk profile. Delegating selection/review procedures to AI always has the added advantage of eliminating human bias.

10) Trading 

This is the most vital application of machine learning in fintech. ML algorithms are deployed to undertake extensive data analysis for hedge funds and investment banks to facilitate trading. 

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