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A Comprehensive Guide on Artificial Intelligence: Functions, Types, and Future

Guide on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Meaning and Definition

In a layman’s language, the intelligence exhibited by an artificial or man-made entity is called artificial intelligence. It is the simulation of natural intelligence in machines and gadgets. Artificial intelligence enables machines to learn and mimic human actions. These smart machines are programmed to observe and learn from the experience to be able to perform human-like actions. 

Scope of Artificial Intelligence

Over the years, artificial intelligence has gained so much popularity that it has evolved to become a wide-ranging branch of computer science. This segment of computer science concerns itself with visualizing and building smart machines that can perform crucial tasks that usually require human intelligence.  

Due to its intriguing nature and vast scope, artificial intelligence is becoming one of the most popular career choices in people, especially youth who have an inclination towards tech. The best part is that you can learn about the Artificial Intelligence nuances without taking up a full-fledged take course. Instead, you can go for AI certification courses with a shorter duration. 

Alternatively, you can also opt for online diploma courses. Hero Vired provides an integrated program in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that helps you with all the necessary skills to be a professional in this field.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Function? 

To understand how Artificial intelligence functions, we need to understand the subsects of artificial intelligence and how they are applied to the various fields of the industry. Therefore, let us quickly see the various branches of Artificial Intelligence. 

1. Machine Learning

It enables software applications to get more accurate at foreseeing results without being explicitly programmed for the same. Machine learning algorithms use historical data to understand the pattern. This pattern is then used as an input to predict new output values. 

2. Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing algorithms enable the machine to build cognitive models that can mimic a human brain. The cognitive models weaponise the computer system to analyse text/speech/images/objects in a manner that a human does to render the desired output. This is the most crucial part of the AI certification course.

3. Natural Language Processing

In simple words, it refers to the branch of artificial intelligence that enables machines to decode and understand text and speech in the same way as human beings. The function of NLP is to build systems that can comprehend the text needed to perform a job.

4. Computer Vision

While it’s mostly related to visuals, computer vision algorithms help the machine comprehend an image by breaking it into different parts and studying each part individually. Various ed-techs like Hero Vired offer online diploma courses that cover computer vision in detail. 

5. Deep Learning

It is concerned with teaching a machine to process inputs through layers. This helps the machine to classify, infer, and predict the outcome. It uses statistics and predictive modelling to gain knowledge similar to how a human does. 

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Now, as we have seen above, there are various subsects of AI, each for a different function. Based on the functionality, Artificial Intelligence can be divided into three parts- ANI, AGI, and ASI. Let us delve into the details.

1. ANI or Artificial Narrow Intelligence 

This is the most commonly used type of artificial intelligence that is being used in different industries. ANI has a very limited capability and hence the word narrow. It is designed to solve dedicated problems and does not function beyond those limits. They come close to human functioning but in a very specific manner. Due to their limited capacity, they are also deemed as weak AI, however, they excel and are almost perfect in the few tasks that they are designed to execute. 

2. AGI or Artificial General Intelligence

AGI is a type of artificial intelligence that has the same cognitive abilities as a human being. This is still a theoretical concept, and scientists are working on it. AGI is expected to be equal to human intelligence across a wide variety of domains such as image and language processing, computational functioning and reasoning. 

3. Artificial Super Intelligence

It is the most advanced of all AIs. Although hypothetical at present, ASI is expected to surpass humans in functionality and intelligence. It could advance into realms that we cannot even think of as of now. Every activity that is confined to homo sapiens, such as logical reasoning, decision making, developing emotional relationships, etc., would be easily done by ASI. 

Artificial Intelligence: What the Future Beholds

“[AI] is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity.”— AI oracle and venture capitalist Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, 2018.

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At present, there is no major industry that isn’t already using Narrow Artificial Intelligence in its operations. Businesses across the globe are constantly working towards innovation to provide a seamless experience to their customers. 

In less than a period of ten years, i.e. by 2030, AI is expected to be used in detecting life-threatening diseases in the nascent stage, forecast weather conditions of a large area over several months and become a digital collaborator to the human race.

As per a recent report, there are over 91000 individuals working as AI professionals across industries in India with an average salary of 14.7 Lacs. Despite that, most Indian companies still feel a shortage of competitive AI professionals for their organizations.

Hence, we see that the supply-demand offers immense opportunities for young professionals to enter a rewarding career that will keep developing in the coming many years. A report by Deccan Chronicle states that 21 more jobs are likely to emerge in the world of artificial intelligence, automation, algorithms, bots and big data

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